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Enjoy the scenery breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset of Widuri Beach Pemalang - Central Java

Enjoy the scenery breathtaking Sunrise and Sunset of Widuri Beach Pemalang - Central Java
Pemalang Regency is a regency in Central Java province. Its capital is the city of Pemalang. The district borders the Java Sea in the north, Pekalongan in the east, Purbalingga in the south, as well as Tegal regency in the west.

Comal River is the biggest river, which flows through seven locations sub in the district, and empties into the Java Sea Edge precisely in Pemalang. With a fertile site conditions make Pemalang has many natural tourist destinations are quite interesting one Moga Baths, Mount Elephant, Samoan Hill, Widuri Beach, Agrotourism Semugih Tea Gardens and more.

Coming to Central Java less complete if not stopped by the tourist beaches. In addition to Ayah beach in Kebumen or Teluk Penyu beach in Cilacap, there's more beautiful beaches are also worth visiting Widuri Beach in Pemalang.

The Beauty Of Widuri Beach 

Widuri beach is the beach located in theWiduri  village then it is called Widuri Beach. Get to know the surrounding communities as Cilincing. Widuri village is located Pemalang District, Pemalang Regency Central Java. West is the Sugih Waras village (Tanjung Sari), east is Dana Sari village, south is Pelutan village and north is the Java Sea.

On the Widuri shore tourists can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the stretch of beach that is not so wide, but on the coast overgrown with large trees that have aged decades. In the vicinity of this beach could have been there most of seating to enjoy the beauty of the beach and enjoy the sunrise and sunset. This tourist spot surrounded by a parapet wall if calculated more or less spacious inside Area 10 hectares only.

At this place also has been a kind of tourist attraction in the form of marine catches culinary, children's playground, a stage for musical performances, tennis courts until the motor racing circuit. The Widuri Beach has a sidewalk for 500 meters. on the waterfront that is often used for jogging, and some specific moment. Beyond that, around the coast of Widuri beach, there is also water attractions that you can visit with family in unison.

Sitting shelter under evergreen trees while enjoying the breeze how exciting. Coupled with cheap snacks or fried Tempe, Tempe Mendoan and a glass of iced tea taste better. Thunderous waves dial-connect add to the thrill of relaxing in the beach.

Widuri Beach also has niqueness that is, besides the beautiful beaches, also offers a view of the sunset (sunset at dusk) and sunrise (when the rising sun in the morning).

The tourists can perceive the natural beauty of the beach and hundreds of trees of large size in raw with age hundreds of years on this shoreline.

The existence of large trees is actually adding a beautiful natural scenery and cool air blows beach any time and more indulgent shade the tourists who come to this location.

In this attraction is equipped with various facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, entertainment stage, gazebo and playground for children.

Location Thistle Beach Tourism Pemalang

Widuri beach is located in the Widuri village, District Pemalang, Pemalang Regency, Central Java Province.

The Legend of Widuri Beach Pemalang

The name is taken from the legend Nyi Widuri  a beautiful who lived in the village that is now known as Widuri village. If you are in the capital city of Pemalang precisely in the town square Pemalang try facing north there will be a straight path from the front of the District to the coast Widuri Beach. It is said that, according to legend Pemalang straight road that they had previously made by a Patih the magic and if the duke governed always answered sampun (Javanese) or already implemented. The duke eventually known as the duke sampun.

Entrance Ticket 

To enter this beach visitors will wear the tariff of Rp 3 000, - each person on Monday-Friday and      Rp.  5. 000, - each person on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays. A moment to enter the location you will wear the Widuri Waterpark costs Rp 15. 000.

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