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Islamic Boarding School “Perut Bumi Al-Maghribi” Tuban The Most Unique Mosque and Islamic Boarding School at Indonesia

Perut Bumi Al-Maghribi
After we left Sumenep – East Java and continue the journey to Boyolali – Central Java; #masifan.com come again to visit East Java Province. Tuban Regency is the destination. The regency that located at East Java evidently has some tourist attractions and very important to be explored and known by the people in Indonesia.

Tuban Regency is one of the regency at East Java that located at the northern coast of East Java. This regency has 1.2 million people and consists of 20 sub districts. Tuban regency has strategic location. It is located on the northern coast. The central of the government is 101 km northwest of Surabaya the capital of East Java and 215 km east of Semarang the capital of Central Java. That is the reason why Tuban was made main harbor by Majapahit Kingdom and to be one of the central to spread of Islam by Walisongo.

The History of Tuban

There are some version talking about the history of Tuban. First, it was called Tuban from lakuran watu tiban that had meaning the stone that felt from the sky. The stone was a stone heritage that brought by a pair of birds from Majapahit to Demak and when they passed Tuban the stone felt. The place where the stone felt named Tuban.

The other version was lakuran metu banyu. It means out of water. It was th story when Raden Dandang Wacana (Kyai Gede Papringan) the Tuban Regent – a person who opened the Papringan jungle at the first time and when he opened the jungle the water came out profusely. It was also connected with the old shallow well but the water was overflow.  The idiosyncras was on the water. The water on the old well was plain although the location was near the beach.

The third version, Tuban comes from the word “tubo” or poison that has the same meaning with the name of the sub district there : Jenu Sub District.


There are some potential places at Tuban that can be the destination for the foreign and local tourists to visit here. Below, #masifan.com tries to classify some tourist attraction to be :

1. Natural tourism 
  • Akbar cave, Gedongombo (Semanding) 
  • Putri Asih cave, Nguluhan (Montong) 
  • Suci cave, Leran (Palang) 
  • Prataan hot water bath, Wukiharjo (Parengan) 
  • Nglirip waterfall, Mulyoagung (Singgahan) 
  • Ngerong Rengel, Rengel 
  • Boom beach, Tuban 
  • Mangrove beach, Jenu 
  • Kelapa beach, Panyuran (Palang) 
  • Sowan beach, Bancar 
  • Remen white sand beach, Remen (Jenu)
2. Historical Tourism
  • Tuban Great Mosque, Tuban 
  • Kambang Putih Museum, Tuban sub district
3. Religious Turism
  • Sunan Bonang cemetery 
  • Syeh Maulana Ibrahim Asmaraqandi cemetery 
  • Sunan Bejagung Lor cemetery   
  • Sunan Bejagung Kidul cemetery  
  • Syekh Achmad Cholil cemetery, Rawasan Village, Jenu sub district 
  • Sunan Gesing cemetery, Gesing village, Semanding sub district 
  • Syekh Subakir cemetery, Tasikharjo village, Jenu sub distrcit 
  • Islamic Boarding School Al-Maghribi (“ Perut Bumi” Islamic Boarding School), Gedongombo village, Semanding sub district
4. Tuban Historic Sites
  • Ronggolawe horse monument, Tuban town square 
  • Adpada Pancasila monument, Sugihwaras village, Jenu sub district 
  • Letda Sucipto statue,  Tuban 
  • Kwan Sing Bio temple, Karangsari, Tuban
5. Special Culinary from Tuban
Special food from Tuban:
  • Kare Rajungan 
  • Becek Menthok 
  • Belut Pedas 
  • Sate Bebek
Special beverage fromTuban :
  • Legen 
  • Tuak/Arak alias Saguer 
  • Ice of  Dawet Siwalan 
  • Young coconut ice 
  • Angsle
6. Souvenirs
Special souvenirs from Tuban :
  • Ampo 
  • Gayam chips 
  • Moth soy sauce 
  • Fish chips 
  • Ongkek  Miniatur 
  • Batik Gedog
By seeig some kinds of tourist attraction from Tuban Regency, so #masifan.com will try to explore one by one the kinds of tour from Tuban Regency. The first that will #masifan.com explore is the most unique mosque and Islamic boarding school at Indonesia.

What does the reason why this mosque and Islamic Boarding School to be the most unique of Indonesia? The answer is location. The location of the mosque and Islamic Boarding School are very unique.

It is suitable with the name Islamic Boarding School Perut Bum Al Maghribi Tuban. The location of them are beneath the land -  in the bowels of the earth

May be it is strange if we hear. It is also possible strange in our mind or may be in our sight – bowels of the earth. Bowels of the earth, we will find the great and beautiful  mosque and Islam Boarding School Perut Bumi Al Maghribi. How do you imagine about the arhitecture of both building? Doubtful? Come and see directly the mosque and the Islamic Boarding School Perut Bumi Al Maghribi.

Islamic Boarding School Perut Bumi Al Maghribi or also called as Islamic Boarding School Syeh Maulana Maghribi is one of religious tourism and it is located in the cave. The name of the Islamic Boarding School is taken from the name of “wali” who visited Java. Many people visit Islamic Boarding School Perut Bumi Al Maghribi after they visit Sunan Bonang cemetery.


Islamic Boarding School Perut Bumi Al Maghribi is located on Jl. Gedongombo, Semanding, Tuban Regency, East Java, Indonesia.

The History of Islamic Boarding School “Perut Bumi Al-Maghribi”School

The Islamic Boarding Perut Bumi Al-Maghribi at Tuban or the people also call it with Islamic Boarding School Syeh aulanaMaghrobi at the first time was a place to throw garbage like Akbar Cave behind Baru traditional market  at Tuban. Akbar Cave was also  a place to throw garbage at the first time.

One day, Kyai Subhan dreamed. On his dream, he must treat this cave. After that, he insisted to clear  trash on the cave and he wanted to make mosque and Islamic boarding school on the cave. When he built the mosque and the Islamic boarding school he hot some obstacles for example about construction permits. The regent at that time was Drs. Heany Relawaty W.A.

The local government there thought that the cave was state assets although in writing this place belonged to Kyai Subhan. Kyai Subhan meditated for some nights to clean his heart and asked the God about his problem. After he did it for several night, his desire to build mosque and Islamic Boardig School on the cave was stronger. He finally decided to build mosque and Islamic Boarding School on the cave step by step.

What are the Interesting Things from Islamic Boarding School?

Doing tour to the Islamic Boarding School “Perut Bumi Al Maghribi” from Tuban is a tourist attraction that must you visit. It is caused the beauty of this place unbeatable. The local people around the Islamic Boarding School are very friendly to the tourists, both foreign tourists or domestic tourists.

The mosque on the cave is free for everybody. The name of the moque is Ashbabul Kahfi. It is the name of the Islamic figure taken from the Holly Qur’an.

The guard of Islamic Boarding chool said that the people who visit this place are not moslem but also from Hindu, Christian, Confucius. Usually the do meditation for a certain month and the people there are very respectful.

Before you enter the main gate on the cave, you will see the tunnel with very beautiful Arabic calligraphy combine with the javanese font. The narrow entrance in the beginning is very different when you have entered the location in the cave.  The width of the cave is almost 3 hectare and it is composed with stalactites and stalagmites in the cave. There are some places in the location. They are  a room where everyone want to do meditation, living room of Kyai Subhan, ablution room and a mosque that can accommodate 600 people and Islamic Boarding School that used for students to learn about Islam there.

The Access 

To reach the location the mosque and the  Islamic Boarding School “ Perut Bumi Al    Maghribi “, there are some accesses, such as:

1. From Surabaya – East Java 
From Surabaya you will enter Tuban. You must make Jl. Manunggal as your standard. If you are from the Surabaya-Semarang highway and has entered Tuban passing Pakah village you will find junction roundabout and police station on the left side or on the southern of the road. You must turn right to the east and go straight for some meters and you will pass UNIROW University of Tuban, SMA 3 Tuban after that you will see twin road on the left side. From south, take the left. This way is the way to Gedongombo. You can through this way until some meters and you will reach Islamic Boarding School’s cave “Perut Bumi” Tuban.

2. From Semarang – Central Java 
From Pantura route Semarang – Surabaya, after you entered Tuban begins by passing new station f Tuban. Go straight until you find rest area, town square and you stil go straight until you find junction roundabout that east is the way to Pacitan and South to Surabaya. You must turn right to south and through the way and you will find school and university on the right side or the west of te road until you find gaz station on the left side or the east of your way. Take the right way and you will find twin ways. Just through this way for several meters and you will reach the cave, mosque and Islamic Boarding School on the cave.


Wisata Ponpes Perut Bumi Al-Maghribi di Tuban bisa dibilang sebuah wisata religi yang memiliki beberapa akan fasilitas dan pelayanan di antaranya sebagai berikut :

Tourist attraction of Islamic Boarding School “Perut Bumi l Maghribi” at Tuban can be said   as a religious tourism that has some facilities and serving like thi :
  • - Parking Area  
  • - Mosque 
  • - Islamic Boarding School 
  • - bathroom / lavatory 
  • - Etc 
There is no special ticket entrance. There is just a box and masifan.com suggst you to enter some money to the box .

Tips and Suggestions

Before you go to Islamic Boarding School “Perut Bumi Al Maghribi “ Tuban you must prepare anything that you will need for example camera to papertuate some beautiful moment, beautiful place there. Don’t forget to bring health supplies likes soap, wet tissue, medicine, and antiseptic. Also prepare yur physic and your vehicle. Take care your condition and always becareful.

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