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KOSAKORA PEAK – Eksokarst Phenomenon from Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta

KOSAKORA PEAK – Eksokarst Phenomenon from Gunung Kidul Yogyakarta
Gunung Kidul is a regency at Special Region of Yogyakarta that has area reach 46% of all area at Special Region of Yogyakarta .

The landscape of Gunung Kidul is consists of highland and mountainous. Dominated by karst mountain that extends south of Java Island. It is divided by three topographies that used to develop by the local government there.

Gunung Kidul’s South zone is dominated by conical limestone hill with height 300 meters above sea levels. At this zone yang see some famous beaches from Gunung Kidul .

At middle zone, you can find some interesting waterfalls and some cultural tourisms from Gunung Kidul

The region on this zone is on 150-200 meters above sea levels. And the last is North zone that located on 200-700 meters above sea levels. At the last zone you can find some interesting place that popular among the travelers.

Kosakora Peak – to enjoy the beauty of the beach, it does not only play with the salty water of the beach and roll over the sand. It is like a couple who fall in love, see the beach from far place can give own happiness. The various and unique of natural tourism at Gunung Kidul will offer you some new tourist destinations. This place will give you the beautiful panorama of Pacific ocean from the top of the hill. Kosakora peak is the name. Now, this place to be hits place and many people visit this place especially the travelers and young people take picture at this peak.

Kosakora Peak is another phenomenon results at Guung Kidul. A karst hill which is in one line with a row of beautiful beaches at Gunung Kidul such as Ngrumput beach, Drini beach, Watu Kodok beach, Sepanjang beach, Kukup beach and lighthouse at Baron beach that its location on the west can be seen from this peak that located on 50 meters above sea level. The hill that very quite at past, now to be trending topic by many people who want to enjoy the beauty of the panorama or just take a photograph with Pacific oceanfrom the highland as the background. It is like take a photograph at Kenawa Savana.


The distance between Kosakora peak with the downtown is almost 75 km or it is around two hours. Kosakora peak that gives the beauty with the slow wind blow will touch your face can pay your tires along the jorney.

The location of Kosakora peak is on Ngestirejo Village, Tanjungsari Gunung Kidul regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. The trip to Kosakora is like the trip to the beach of Gunung Kidul. The way is uphill and winding road especially around “Bukit Bintang” Wonosari.


There are some route to reach Kosakora peak :

  1. Through Piyungan – Pathuk – Gading and Wonosari – Baron and Kukup way until Drini Beach. You can park you vehicle here and continue the trip 2 km on food or almost 30 minuts. You will pass Ngrumput beach before you reach Kosakora Peak. 
  2. Through Bantul i.e. Jl. Parangtritis to Panggang and continued until Saptosari. From there take the way to Baron then Kukup and Drini Beach. From this place, you can continue the trip like the first route. 
  3. Piyungan – Pathuk – Gading. From Gading take the way to Siono – Wonosari then enter the way to Baron, turn left at Mulo junction. After you reach Tepus, trn right ro Indrayanti Beach and continue to Sundak beach – Krakal beach and Drini beach. The next route is same with route above.

The way from Drini Beach to Kosakora is natural and very rugged with rocks scattered. You must be extra careful because it can make you slip or another bad thing that won’t you hope happened. Along the journey you can see the plantation. The walkways with a clump of sea pandan will be as witness our presence at Kosakora peak. The hot sun shine can we feel becuse along the journey you will pass savannas without high trees.

If you are lucky, the beachon low tide, it is more fun to walk along the beach to reach Kosakora peak. Masifan suggests you to come to Kosakora in the morning so you don’t feel too tired when you reach the top of Kosakora. There are two beaches that will you passed after Drini beach. They are Pengilon Beach and Ngrumput beach. Between both eaches there is a separator i.e. hills and coral. But it is not difficult to pass it.

From Ngrumput beach, the trip doen’t need more time to reach Kosakora Peak. You can see clearly the top of Kosakora.


If you want go Kosakora peak by public transortation from Giwangan bus station you must look for the bus to Wonosari (9.000 rupiahs). At Wonosari bus station (Selang), change your transportation with minibus with Kemadang direction (10.000 rupiahs). After you are at Kemadang, continue the journey by taxibike to Drini Beach (30 rupiahs). From here you can continue suitable the route above.

Important Note

If you visit Kosakora peak at dry seasons and you want to do camping there, masifan suggests you not to make camp fire on the top of the hill. The condition of the grass is dry and it is easy tobe burnt. Don’t waste the garbage on the Kosakora peak.

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