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Majapahit Kingdom is one of the kingdom that succeed to unify almost all regions of Nusantara. The effect of Majapahit until the countries on mainland Asia. Now, the former capital of Majapahit can be found at Trowulan. It is a region that located on Mojokerto Regency 13 km to Jombang direction.

On the region around Trowulan, there are many remnants of Majapahit. There are temple, gate, pool, building foundation, statue, yoni, inscription etc.

Wringin Lawang temple, Bharu temple, Segaran pool, Princess Campa’s tomb, Tralaya tomb complex, Minakjinggo temple, Upas well, Kedaton temple, Tikus temple, Klinterejo sites and other things that saved on Trowulan archaeological museum that built on 1920.

But, there is an interesting place that always visited by many tourists. This place is not the former of Majapahit kingdom.

The name of the place is Mahavihara Majapahit – Sleeping Budha statue. For additional information that the Sleeping Budha Statue is the third biggest sleeping Budha statue in the world after Thailand and Nepal.

Evidently, the carm of this complex is not only at Sleeping Budha Statue but also the journey to the location. We can see some interesting sites and the monk dwellings. Take some picture here. At this place you can see some statues that appeared on serial TV program “Kera Sakti “. i.e. Kuan In Godess and other monks. We can also see the miniatureof Borobudur temple there that put on the centre of the pool.

Little History of Sleeping Budha Statue

Sleeping Budha Statue is made on1993 by a professional sculptor from Trowulan named YM Viryanadi Maha Tera. The statue described how Sidharta Budha Gautama passed away when he was sleep. This statue at the first time only for Buddhist but as the time goes by this place is open for public as an aternative tourist attraction.

The statue is made of concrete with 22 meters length, 6 meters width and 4.5 meters height.

In the below section, there are some reliefs that describe how life of Budha Gautama, Karmaphala law, and law of tumimbal born. Around the statue, there is a pool with many fishes there. And on the surface of pool there are some lotus as the symbol of life and Buddha's teachings.


Sleeping Budha Statue in on the Mahavira Majapahit Complex at Bejijong village, Trowulan, Mojokerto Regency. To reach the location is not difficult because it is on the way Surabaya – Mojokerto – Jombang or the west of Trowulan cross road. There is a placard of Sleeping Budha Statue enter 200 meters to north.


From Surabaya
If you take the direction to Jombang, when you reach cross road of Trowulan on traffic light, go straight on . Until you find police station or Trowulan sub district office on the left side you will find the junction and the road marker to the location of monastery. Turn right on the junction and enter the village. On the first junction, turn left and then you will find juction more and turn right. Go a head little and you will see a building that surrounded by high wall . That is Mahavihara Majapahit.

If you will go to Mahavihara Majapahit by bus from Surabaya direction take bus with direction Solo-Tulungageng/Trenggalek. You can also take any direction to Jombang and stop on Trowulan Sub district office. Cross the road and walk to the village on the right side and follow the routje. IT is 300 meters from high way.

From Jombang
Take the direction to Mojokerto – Mojoagung bus station – junction take to the direction to Wonosalam. It is the place to do the durian party. You can enjoy the delicious of durian free. But you cannot stop here. Go straight until you find new bypass (bypass Mojoagung) on the left side. Go straight on slowly and look at the right side. There is Trowulan sub district office. On the left side there is a minimarket and turn right to enter the village and turn left. On the first junction turn right and your destination is closed to you on the right side.

Ticket Entrance

Although this place opens for everyone but remember that this place is to pray the Buddhist. SO keep calm and don’t make noise. Don’t disturb the monks pray.

The visitors just pay 5.000 rupiahs for local tourists. Near the Sleeping Budha statue there are some hotels and motels provided for the tourists who want stay at night.

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