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Ngurbloat Island - Paradise Beach with the second finest sand in the World

Ngurbloat Island
Maluku or internationally known as the Moluccas is a province in Indonesia. Tracks history of Maluku has been started since the days of the kingdoms in the Middle East such as Egypt led Pharaoh's kingdom. Evidence that the Moluccan history is the oldest in Indonesia is a record of clay tablets were discovered in Persia, Mesopotamia, and Egypt mention the country from the east are very rich, is a land of paradise, with natural products such as cloves, gold and pearls, the area was none other and nothing but the ground Maluku which indeed is a center for producing Pala, Fuli, cloves and Pearl. Pala and Fuli is easily obtained from the Banda Islands, Clove easily found in countries in Ambon, Islands Lease (Saparua, Haruku & Nusa sea) and Nusa Ina and the Pearl produced in large enough quantities in the City of Dobo, Aru Islands.

The capital of Maluku is Ambon who holds or has a nickname as Ambon Manise, Ambon city stands in the southern part of the island of Ambon, which is in the peninsula Leitimur. There is a discourse that Ambon Manise is getting crowded, cramped, and no longer eligible to hold the number of people over the years increased sharply which is the capital city province will become commonplace as the capital of a planned move to Makariki country in Central Maluku district.

Name History Maluku

Ngurbloat Island

The first opinion states Maluku word is derived from the Arabic word Al-Mulk, Al-Mulk means as land or island or country of kings. This is true because of the Maluku even now consist of small countries are pretty much the king alone.

The second opinion states Maluku word comes from Ternate, the terms Moloku or Moloko, two said Moloku or Moloko equally significant as the homeland. This is reflected in the words of the people of Ternate in the past that mentions the earth's northern hemisphere Maluku as Moloku Kie Raha which means homeland with four mountains. The fourth mountain in question is four great kingdoms or sultanates of Ternate in North Maluku. The kingdoms are Ternate, Tidore, Bacan, and Jailolo.

Tourism in Maluku

Although it is not as popular as Bali and Lombok, but for the affairs of the beach the soothing, Maluku is the place. A series of islands in eastern Indonesia has a variety of places that is fascinating that even no less beautiful with the most romantic island in the world of the Maldives.

Coastal Charm Ngurbloat Southeast Maluku

Ngurbloat Island

Call it Ngurbloat Beach, also known as Pasir Panjang beach or Ngur Bloat Beach. This beach stretches along 5 km with white sand as soft as flour, even Lonely Planet also stated that the sand at the beach Ngurbloat is the finest sand in the world. Ngurbloat Beach is approximately 20 km west of the city, in the village Ngilngof Tual, Kei Kecil Island, Maluku Tenggara, Maluku Province.

This beach is the mainstay attractions in Southeast Maluku even been known to foreign countries because of the fineness of the sand that can only be matched with flour. Waves on the beach are not too large, the flow is not too strong and too sloping beaches making it safe if you want to swim at the beach with sea water clear and blue and the sand glistening in the sun. You can also play over smooth sand or just enjoying the scenery Ngurbloat Beach while waiting for sunset.

The color of Ngurbloat beach sand is bright white and very soft. When it is cloud, the sand on the beach still looks shiny and pretty dazzling. At the time of sweltering conditions, sand beach is not such a hot sand beach in general. At this region, the tourists can also do swimming. The location is quite safe and spacious. Small islands are located opposite to the beach make the ocean waves at the beach is not too big and the flow is not too strong

This Condition that distinguishes Ngurbloat to other beaches. For tourists who bring young children, do not forget to bring the equipment to play sand. Grains of fine sand beach that makes the skin feel comfortable when in contact with him.


Ngurbloat Island

Ngurbloat Beach is located in the village of Ngilngof with the delicate stretch of sand up to 5 kilometers. To get to the beach or Pasir Panjang Ngurbloat this, you take a flight from Ambon to Tual with the long journey of about 1.5 hours. Then rent a car or use public transport to Ngurbloat Beach. Or you can also use a boat from the Port Yos Sudarso heading to Tual and takes about 18 hours.


To get to the Kei Islands, of course, you must first fly to Ambon from your home town. Upon arrival in Ambon, take flight with a small body aircraft heading Tual, Southeast Maluku regency capital, with a total time of Flight

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