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Sendang Duwur Mosque, Lamongan Evidence Propagation of Wali

Sendang Duwur Mosque
If you pay a visit to Lamongan, East Java, then it should be required to take your time to visit Sendang Duwur Mosque. The mosque is filled with the history of the development of Islam in Java.

Sendang Mosque Duwur an Islamic heritage is much influenced by Hindu culture end. This is evident in the mountains and when the decorative pattern. This mosque is expected founded in the 16th century by moon sengkala that reads 'gurhaning sarira tirta hayu' (1483 S = 1561 AD).

Its founder is the Sendang or Sunan Sunan Rahmat. He was one of the disseminator of Islam in East Java. In 1920, the mosque of Sendang Duwur repaired and in 1938-1940 made the graves. In 1989-1990, Sendang Duwur mosque restored overall by the Preservation Project Utilization of Historical and Archeological East Java.

Sendang Duwur Mosque

The mosque of Sendang  Duwur is located in the Jl. R. Nur Rahmat Sunan Sendang, Sendang Duwur Village, District Paciran, Lamongan, East Java. Sendang Duwur mosque is adjacent to the homes in the east. While in the west and the north bordering the ancient cemetery complex and on the south by a public cemetery.

Sendang Duwur Mosque is measuring 23 x 16 m with the direction toward the East. The building is made of brick and wood. The main hall of the mosque measuring 16 x 16 m, which is limited by the four walls of the wall. The main door is located in the middle - the middle of the eastern wall has two doors. At the door, there is a mirror frame ornate carved and painted red, gold, blue and green.


Meanwhile, the top of the door there is a vine-shaped ornament overlay - ropes, lotus flowers, and crowns are painted red, gold, blue and green. East door has ornaments shaped overlay carving - wood carving in the form of vines - motifs and flowers on top, but the carving - carving is not painted. At the top there sill garnish molding. The main living room window there are ten and made of teak wood that was painted green. Each - each measuring 2x3 m and has two shutters.

The main hall of the Sendang Duwur mosque has 17 pillars, namely a pole in the middle - middle and four poles each - each in the north, east, south and west. In the main room, there is a mihrab, mimbar, and maksurah. Mihrab located on a wall and flanked by two pairs of pilasters that each - each side decorated with ceramics

Sendang Duwur Mosque

Pilasters the outside of the duplex, while the inside of the three-tiered. Among the pilasters the outside with the inside there are adjoining ornate mirror frames decorated with geometric motifs. While the pulpit has three steps. at the end of the stairs, there is a seat of cement. Body dais supported by four for pilasters at the corners - corners plastered with ceramic tiles. Shaped pulpit roof plastered flat ceramic tiles and the peak there is a dome.

The porch of the mosque found on the four sides of the main gallery space east, north, west and south. The entire surface is coated tegal terrazzo floor porch. In the foyer, there are 28 poles fourth round shape. On top of the mast, there is a flat seam decoration. Between the curved cantilever pole connected on the porch.

Sendang Duwur Mosque

In the north of the mosque, there is the tomb of Sendang Duwur - feeding and the gate. The gate total of five, four and a gate gapuran bentar interesting paduraksa shaped wings are expanding. Additionally, at the top of this gate, there is a relief mountains, which form the head when camouflaged, growing - plants and vine motif - ropes.

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