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The charm of Menara Kudus Mosque, Proof of Success Propagation of Wali

The charm of Menara Kudus Mosque
One of the historic mosques in Central Java is Menara Kudus Mosque. This mosque is valuable of historical and propaganda struggle of Wali, especially Sunan Kudus in spreading Islam. Various evidence of the wisdom traditions and Islamic values embodied in the uniqueness of the buildings of historical value.

Al-Aqsa Mosque or Masjid Raya Al Manaryang is known to the public as Menara Kudus Mosque. This mosque is one of the mosques with unique characteristics because there is a tower building in the neighborhood of the mosque with a unique design, make it known to the public as Menara Kudus Mosque.

Al-Aqsa Mosque or Masjid Menara Kudus in Sub Kauman location, approximately 1.5 km to the west of the city center (Simpangtujuh). Located not far from the city center, making Menara Kudus Mosque crowded in the visit of people every day.

The History of Menara Kudus Mosque (STORY OF THE HOLY SUNAN)

Wali Sanga as the others, Sunan Kudus has a way very prudent in his message. Among them, he was able to do the adaptation and indigenization of Islam in a society that already has an established culture with Hindu and Buddhist majority. Mixing Hindu and Buddhist culture in the propaganda carried Sunan Kudus we can see in this Menara Kudus Mosque. The building of the tower, which is one element that stands out, adopt a model of religious buildings of Hindus and Buddhists.

Building the tower, made of brick with a roof-shaped tower head section overlap or canopy of teak with four pillars. At the top of the tower, put the drum and gong as a sign of time and specific events. Not only that, in the Menara Kudus Mosque, there is a gate which is similar to the temple which is composed of bricks without cement and is a hallmark of temples in East Java.

There is also a shower ablution form of eight with a statue placed upon it supposedly adapted from Buddhist beliefs, "Eight paths of truth" or "Asta Sanghika Highways".


The charm of Menara Kudus Mosque

Menara Kudus Mosque has 5 pieces right next door, 5 pieces of the door to the left, and four windows. However, the mosque was not in the original, larger than the original because in the 1918's has been renovated. Holy Mosque tower has a height of about 18 meters to the bottom of a 10 x 10 m. Dihiasai buildings around the plate - a plate display, all of which amounted to 32 pieces.

Twenty pieces of which are blue and painted mosque, people with camels and palm trees. Meanwhile, 12 other fruits painted red and white flowers. Holy Mosque tower is composed of three parts: (1) feet, (2) body, and (3) the peak of the building. The tower is also decorated antefiks (ornaments resembling a small hill).

The legs and body of the tower were built and carved with Hindu-Javanese traditions, including the motive. Other characteristics can be seen in the use of brick material are installed without adhesive cement. At the peak of the roof, there is a kind mustaka tajug (head) as the peak of the roof overlapping the main building of the mosque - a traditional mosque in Java, which clearly refers to the Javanese-Hindu architectural elements.

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