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The exoticism of Pentulu Indah Hill of Kebumen Central Java

The exoticism of Pentulu Indah Hill of Kebumen Central Java
Reputedly , the name of Kebumen comes from Kabumian. It has meaning as a place where Kyai Bumi lived after this place was as breakout area by Pangeran Bumidirja or Pangeran Mangkubumi from Mataram on June 26th, 1677, when the authority was by Sunan Amangkurat I. Before this, this region written on the national history map as a place where Mataram attacked Batavia. At that time the name of Kebumen was Panjer. One of the great grand child of Pangeran Senopati i.e. Bagus Bodronolo who was borned at Karanglo Village, Panjer, at the instance of KI Suwarno, the envoy of Mtaram who had job as logistic procurement officer, succeed to collect some food from the people at this region. Becase of His success to make granary, Sultan Agung appointed Ki Suwaro as Panjer Regent, while Bagus Bodronolo went to Batavia as the soldier wh guard food.

Tourism Potential

Natural, culture and artistic value from Central Java is as valuable things. As time goes by and Human needs for having fun, relax and to increase the knowledge and experience has developed to be promising tourism industry. Kebumen is part of Central Java consists of 26 sub districts, 460 villages has some tourism potentials. Kebumen is located 180 km southwest of Semarang or 110 km southwest pf Yogyakarta. Kebumen also has some beautiful panorama and has slogan “KEBUMEN BERIMAN” and brand “ AYO TAMASYA, KENALI dan KUNJUNGI KEBUMEN ( Let’s do outing, identify and visit Kebumen)“
Geographically, the large of Kebumen Regency is 1.281.115 km and conterminal with : 
West Side : Banyumas Regency and Cilacap; 
North Side : Wonosobo Regency and Banjarnegara; 
East Side : Purworejo Regency; and South Side : Pacific Ocean.

Special Culinary

Belows are special culinary from Kebumen that must be tried :
• nasi penggel 
• lanthing 
• sate ambal 
• kethek 
• lenthis 
• thepleng pejet 
• jipang kacang 
• sale pisang 
• Soto Kasaran


One of tourism potential that will masifan.com explores is Pentulu Indah hill, Karangsambung Kebumen. This hill also famoues as PI hill and located on the area of Paras highlands, Dakah Village, Karangsambung, Kebumen Regency, Central Java 21 km from Kebumen downtown. It needs 35 minutes to reach Pentulu Indah hill.

The Charm of Pentulu Indah Hill

Pentuli Indah hill has charm to be enjoyed its natural beauty from hill, fog in the morning or evening, and also when the sun sets or sun rises. This tourist attraction is like Kali Biru from Yogyakarta.

Talking about the history of Pentulu Indah hill, reputedly Pentulu Indah hill at the first time beloged to forestry services and there were many rubber trees. The condition there was so quite and almost no people visited this place. Step by step some juvenile nature lovers explored this place and they had idea to open the natural tourism like Kalibiru Yogyakarta. Moreover, this place was inaugurated by Anji – Drive Band vocalist and be sponsored by one of cigarette factory that has slogan “ Yang penting Hepi “.

Before enter Pentulu Indah hill and climb tree tower, you will enjoy the beauty of pine trees. Beside the panorama, the air at Pentulu Indah hill is so fresh and cool. You can enjoy the sun rises here. Masifan.com suggests you who want to see sun rises in the morning, bring tent and other utensils to do camping here. Pentulu Indah hill has wide and flat camping ground. For attention, you must keep the surrounding here clean.

Actually,the location of Pentulu Indah hill is not too high. It is not reached 300 meters above sea levels. But don’t worry, the beauty panorama here will not make you disappoited. As we stated above that the air is so fresh and cool. Sometimes, in the morning there are some fog and the situation is like on the mountain.

The Route to Pentulu Indah Hill

There is no difficulty to reach Pentulu Indah hill. From Kebumen townsquare you can take the direction to Mertokondo market, turn right (north) to Kl. Karangsambung. After you passed LIPI on the right side you can see alley with blue wood sign board written “ PI 1.5 km”.

After you reached pine forest and there is a gate with letter “WISATA ALAM PENTULU INDAH”, it means that you have on the location. To reach the top of Pentulu Indah hill is not difficult. But, for you who never do exercise may be you will feel tired enough.


To enjoy the beauty of Pentulu Indah hill, it is not expensive. You just pay 5.000 rupiahs and 2.000 rupiahs for parking lot.

So, what do you wait? Visit Pentulu Indah hill soo.

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