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That's chocolate if it is already into the mouth. Dish with a distinctive flavor has a lot of fans around the world. Ranging from children to adults, many are fond of this delicious chocolate flavor.

Moreover, delicious chocolate is also believed to have a high nutritional value tables. Chocolate is believed to generate a positive mood and encouragement. In fact, dark chocolate was said to be able to control your appetite because it can give full effect longer.

There are few countries in the world that are known as producers and processors of the best chocolates. 10 of these countries, among others:

  1. America, the most popular chocolate brand from the United States, for examples Snickers, Hershey, Twix, Milky Way and Dagoba. 
  2. Belgium, Belgium is also known to have the best quality tablets. Brown best-known example Nirvana, Godiva, Neuhaus and Floranne 
  3. Switzerland, Rows popular chocolate from Switzerland include Cailler Nestle, Toblerone, Swiss, Army, Lindt and Glando 
  4. Mexico, some famous chocolate from Mexico like Carlos V, Ibarra, Ricollini, and Taza Chocolate Mexicano 
  5. Spain, some famous chocolate brands from Spain which are Torras, Valor, Trufas and Tirma. 
  6. Germany, Some of the famous brands from Germany, for example Alpia, Milka, Ritter Sport, Sarroti, and Kinder Schokolade. 
  7. France. Brown's andaln France include Valrhona and Rochart. The production of the two types of chocolate is indeed utilizing only the best cocoa beans in the world. 
  8. English, 
  9. Italy, the famous chocolate brands Sutti, Venchi, Perugina, and Ferreo Rocher. 
  10. Denmark, the world's best chocolate brands such as Snickers, Bounty, Mars and Twix
But make no mistake that turns, Indonesia also has the region as producer of chocolate. In fact, the area used as a tourist village cocoa producer.


Not unexpectedly, an area that is synonymous with cassava, a drought, no water and poor in 10-15 years ago is now the largest producer of cocoa. Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta is the producer of chocolate. An area of the village, in the village Baturagung Tourism Nglanggeran, district. Patuk, Kab. Gunung, D.I.Yogyakarta now developed into the Village Chocolate Manufacturers. There are at least 5 Poktan (Farmers Group) is incorporated in Gapoktan (Farmers Group) is developing a cocoa plantation.

According to the chairman Gapoktan “ Kumpul Makaryo” Nglanggeran village currently has 101 hectares of cocoa plantations belonging to the people. Almost all communities have the cacao tree around their home or special land used for growing tree called Theobroma cacao L. It is very proud because now the villagers Nglanggeran not only to grow and gain from the sale of Cacao, but now can process into a powder Chocolate, Chocolate beverages with brand Chocomix, food Chocolate bars and even chocolate.



Role Institute for Agricultural Technology (BPTP), LIPI, and Gunung Kidul regency produce some results processing, among cocomik, dodol, bananas salute, and a chocolate bar, which is sold at 13 thousand rupiahs to 20 thousand rupiahs.

Every day, with eight employees, a new chocolate factory capable of production of 20 kg. Chocolate processing carried out in the building around Embung Nglanggeran PTP. Production is still limited, the new results are sold around Embung Nglanggeran.

Going forward, it will continue improving cocoa production so that the result can be sold at souvenir sales center.

The production of chocolate Nglangeran among others Chocomix, Chocomix-Classic, Chocomix-ffee, Chocomix-Tawa, and Chocomix-Ice.

While there is a chocolate bar Chocomix-Bar, Chocomix-Coconut Milk Praline, Milk Chocomix-Peanut Praline, Milk Praline Chocomix-Dodo.

Other products are cocoa powder, dodol chocolate and chocolate-coated banana.

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