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An Earthly Paradise at Ora Beach

An Earthly Paradise at Ora Beach
Seram is the largest island in Maluku province, measuring approximately 16,000 square kilometres for living to a population of only about 170,000. It lies just north of the smaller and more historically known island of Ambon. The province of Maluku lies between the larger islands of Sulawesi and Papua. Geographical location Seram in the middle of several tectonic plates. An elongated mountain on the island, the highest mountain, Binaya Mountain, peaked at over 3,000 meters. The island is covered mainly in the dense tropical rainforest, bordered on one side by towering cliffs and the other with white sandy beaches, and finally surrounded by clear blue sea.

Hidden paradise

As the country with the second longest coastline in the world, Indonesia is home to many beautiful beaches and has won numerous awards for it. One of these beaches is Ora Beach, hidden on the northern coast of Seram Island. Exotic and secluded tourist destination, Ora Beach is perfect for eco-tourism and honeymooners. A row of wooden cottages lined the white sandy beach overlooking the clear waters of the Sawai Gulf, and against the backdrop of limestone cliffs and majestic mountains, covered in lush, tropical gardens. Seram Island is famous for its abundant bird life. Of the 117 species found on the island, 14 of them are endemic to Seram.

Ora Beach is located in the district of Central Maluku, Maluku, Indonesia. Geographically Central Maluku Regency in general, has tropical climate and climate of seasons. This is because the Central Moluccas is surrounded by vast sea, the tropical sea climate in this region takes place in tune with the climate of the season.

The coastal area of Ora does not have a large land area because the land is a cliff or rock hill that is quite steep, although it can be climbed. Nature around the Ora coast is shaped by towering Sawai cliffs, tropical forests and mountain ranges that form the Manusela National Park. Sawai cliffs and bays that surround Ora beach formed from tectonic processes in ancient times where the volcanic crater formed then submerged in sea water into Sawai Bay. Ora beach itself is quite small, because around the bay area. Beside Ora beach, there are some beaches there as tourist attractions, such as the Dutch Springs, and Bukit Batu.

At night we can hear the waves and also enjoy the beautiful sky decorated with stars. And when the morning comes, of course, we are greeted with the amazing atmosphere of Ora Beach, the clear sea water and the fresh morning air.

Tours on Ora Island

Diving and Snorkelling Activity
Besides enjoying the beach scene with white sand and beautiful blue sea. One of the activities that must be done other is to dive and see the underwater beauty of Ora Beach is so amazing.

We do not need too deep dive, only about 2-3 meters dive we can see the beauty of various coral reefs. We are also greeted with small fish that swim to and fro. But if you want to do snorkelling, should not be done in a shallow water to prevent us not damage the coral, because there are many corals in the shallow waters of Ora Beach.

Across the Salawai River
We can also take a walk and cross Sunga Salawai. While crossing the Salawai River we can see how the process of making sago and coconut fruit. Upon arrival at the estuary of Sulaiman Bay river, we can see various kinds of birds that exist there.

Surrounding Manusela National Park
Just behind the Ora Beach Resort cottages, we can see the hills of Manusela National Park which are the scenic backdrop of the resort. Surrounding Manusela National Park can also be one of the other relaxing activities that can be done in the morning. We can use motor boats and fishing boats around to see and enjoy the scenery while wandering around the Manusela National Park.

Forest Trekking
In addition to enjoying all the activities on the beach, we can also try trekking and see the beauty of the forest in the land of Sawai. Not just going through the forest, but also can visit an animal education and rehabilitation center.

It is located in Dusun Masihulan. There are breeding of Kakatua birds and Nuri birds that can be witnessed by tourists. It also can continue the journey to a waterfall and cave located in the middle of the forest. There is a cottage built by local residents so that visitors can rest.

Although the trip seemed distant and exhausting, but it will all pay off when you get there and enjoy the natural beauty of the Earthly Heaven on Ora Beach. Which of course can provide a wonderful experience for each traveler.

Route to reach Ora Beach

To reach Ora Beach from Jakarta, air travel is made to Ambon City. Some Indonesian commercial flights offer some alternate flight schedule Jakarta - Ambon.

From the city of Ambon, the door to Ora Beach is Hulnara Harbor, Tuleho. In this more known port of Tuleho Port, there is a ferry with a passenger capacity of 350 seats to the port of Amahai, Seram Island with a schedule of 2 (two) times each day. Tuleho - Amahai at 09.00 and 16.00 Monday-Saturday, while Sunday is only one trip at 11.00. To re-schedule Amahai - Tuleho, at 08.00 and 14.00 Monday-Saturday, while Sunday is 15.00.

From the port of Amahai until now there has been no public transportation to the port of Saleman village which connects with Ora Beach. The alternative of land transportation from Amahai Port to Saleman village is via Trans Seram (vehicle rental). The travel time of Amahai - Saleman Village via Trans Seram is about 2.5 hours by walking down the Masohi and Teon, Nila and Serua (TNS) areas and through the beautiful mountain lanes and the Manusela National Park area. After reaching the port of Saleman village, a small-engined boat about 15 minutes will take the tour reveals the beauty of Ora's hidden beach. For the locals, from the village of Saleman to Ora Beach can be done by foot along the cliff with the footpath on the coast of Sawai bay


There is only one resort available on Ora Beach called Ora Beach Resort. Ora Beach Resort has six cottages made of wood and thatched roofs. The location of Ora Beach Resort is also secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, perfect for those who like quietness.


- Make sure to bring enough money from Ambon, because there is no ATM or Bank on the island.
- Since there is only one restaurant in Ora Beach visitors are advised to bring their own food or snacks as well.
- If you plan to go diving or snorkelling, equipment must be rented while in Ambon.
- Snorkeling should be done in deeper waters, because although shallow waters share abundant coral reefs, swimming in these waters can damage coral reefs.

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