Cilok is a typical food of West Java which is made of chewy tapioca with additional complementary seasonings such as peanut sauce, soy sauce, and gravy. Cilok round shape like a meatball. It's just different basic materials. There are egg or minced meat in it, because the base material made of tapioca then cilok feels springy when consumed.

Out of nowhere and who first made the meal that has the name "cilok". Cilok have a very chewy texture as it is made from starch. Although somewhat difficult to chew, but rather a chewy texture that makes people addicted to eating cilok.

Cilok Trip


Cilok abbreviation of Aci Dicolok. Aci Sundanese is starch. First cilok is a simple food, which just peddling in the school yard, on the road and in the stalls countryside, the price is very cheap, because the main goal of most children, although not a few adults are also many who love food this one.

Now that era is advancing, more and more creative people who are trying to modify the simple food into the food incredible, both of taste, seasoning, and zoom, so it's been a lot of food which was only sold at roadside but now occupies a menu of great eateries,

Cilok's hallmark is the suppleness and additional seasonings. If you usually eat cilok with peanut sauce, soy sauce, and sauce, there was also another serving of these foods. now many variations by using various kinds of peppers and spices. Another addition is the dumplings, tofu, claw, dumplings, and chicken claw by being given the brush, just like meatballs.

Benefits of Cilok


These foods contain nutrients that can help the body's daily nutritional needs, including: Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates contained within cilok comparatively quite a lot, it could make you satisfied all day, cilok made from tapioca flour is equipped with a variety of additional ingredients. Back on carbohydrates contained therein.

Health experts reveal that the carbohydrates serve as an energy source of the body, no carbohydrates the body will be hung limp and without strength, eat a lot of carbohydrates is not good that the good is to eat appropriate portions exist.

Protein and Calcium
In cilok mixed with meat, have many beneficial nutrients to the body. In addition to carbohydrates cilok also contains proteins that can supplement the protein requirement for the body. In addition to protein also contains calcium which is very good for bone strength.

Just as calcium, potassium also has many benefits for bone health, bone has a lot of potassium and calcium in sufficient will be not easy to brittle bones and healthy. prevent the bones from various kinds of diseases such as bone loss or osteoporosis.

Cilok lot of fat that can provide the adequacy requirement in the body fat, but the fat will lead to increased levels of cholesterol in the body so that it will cause complications with other diseases such as stroke or hypertension.

Staged Digestion
Besides having a lot of content above, cilok also beneficial for the digestive system naturally. The content of spicy chili in side-effects also for digestion which can cause diarrhea and abdominal pain, it is advisable, not excessive eating cilok.

Causes Nausea and Vomiting
Cilok will greatly emergency when consumed by people who do not like the food with kencur smell, this is what will make the nausea and vomiting or because someone is allergic to several foods mixed in Cilok.

Cilok Making Materials


Material :

  • starch 
  • wheat flour
  • pepper powder 
  • clean water 
  • leek pods 
  • garlic 
  • red onion 
  • salt to taste 
  • flavoring to taste 
  • water to boil to taste 
  • Peanut sauce Ingredients: 
  • fried peanuts 
  • green chili 
  • salt to taste 
  • sugar to taste 
  • flavoring to taste 
  • enough water

How to Make cilok Bandung:


a. make the peanut sauce :
seasoning mix all the ingredients into the peanut sauce and then crushed into powder Additional let enough water so that the sauce is not too dense.

b. make cilok :
Mix the flour and cornflour together, stir well then sifted. Enter smoothed seasoning and add salt and flavorings to taste. Enter pods sliced onion and pour water little by little while and "diuleni" by hand continuously knead dough until completely smooth. Round shape dough according to taste (do to finish). Boiled dough that has been shaped into a round boiling water until soft and floating, lift drain. Cilok steamed for 20 minutes and then removed and pierced with a skewer. Cilok serve with gravy smothered in peanut sauce already prepared.