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The Cave at Limestone Hill, Liang Bua!

The Cave at Limestone Hill, Liang Bua!
Liang Bua is a cave in a limestone hill in Manggarai District, Flores. Local people are very familiar with this cave because the size is very large (50 meters long, 40 meters wide and 25 meters tall).

Because the very large size of the cave that was once used as a place of worship and has also been also used for the school.

Liang Bua itself is already known around the world after the discovery of an ancient human skull the size of a short called Homo floresiensis. This fossil was found at a depth of 6 meters.

Frame size brain is only 430 cc (compared to normal human who had a brain size of 1400 cc) Archaeologists found this skull came from 2000000-12000 BC or in the Pleistocene.

Moreover, at a depth of 10.7 meters, ancient animal bones were also found including from Stegodon (ancient elephant), komodo, turtles - turtles and lizards.

Ancient Human Had Lived Here

The Cave at Limestone Hill, Liang Bua!

Besides the famous archaeological findings, no replica or information about these findings is located in Liang Bua.

The visitors can only see a large cave with stalagmites stone or reasoning that ancient elephants, komodo and short humans or the so-called Homo floresiensis ever lived here thousands of years ago.

Near Liang Bua cave - Other caves such as Galang Cave (with bathing stones) and Tanah Cave. You can walk to the cave.


There are no restaurants or food stalls here. The closest restaurant is located in Dublin. Restaurants Merlin on Jl. Bhayangkara that serve a variety of foods such as Indonesia and China food.

Additionally, Agape Cafe which is located on the road Bhayangkara, also serves espresso, beer and western food is not just food China and Indonesia.

Here it seems there is still no souvenir sellers, so to mengenak that you've come here just to take pictures any way.


There is no hotel at Liang Bua. The closest hotel or motel here is in Ruteng. Inn Court, Dahlia Hotel, Rima Hotel and Sindha Hotel is a good choice to stay in Ruteng.


The Cave at Limestone Hill, Liang Bua!

Liang Bua has located 14 km from Ruteng, Manggarai regency capital. Bemo (rural public transportation) and trucks carrying passengers from Ruteng usually pass this site but their schedule is not necessarily.

The best way to visit this cave is by using a rental car or a motor taxi. To reach Ruteng, you can take land transportation from Labuan Bajo, Ende or Maumere. Every day there is a flight from Kupang to Maumere and Ende. There are also daily flights from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo, and a twice a week flight from Kupang To Ruteng.


When traveled here expected you to bring food and drinks alone. Hearts - cautious when using the private car or when using a motor taxi because the road in Liang Bua from Ruteng is very narrow and only passable by one car. Driving conditions are also dangerous because the road is hilly.

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