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There is a paradise in Banda Naira

There is a paradise in Banda Naira
Banda Neira or Banda Naira is one of the islands in the Banda Islands and the administrative centre of the District of Banda, Central Maluku district, Maluku, Indonesia. Administratively, Banda Neira divided into six villages, namely Dwiwarna, Kampung Baru, Merdeka, Nusantara, Eagles, and Tanah Rata.

Neira Banda Islands consists of eleven islands, namely Neira (often called Banda Neira), Banda Besar, Ai, Rhun, Hatta, Sjahrir (also called Banana Island), Volcano, Nailaka, Manukang, Batu Kapal, and Karaka.

The topography of the island tends to be flat, thus allowing the establishment of a small town. The island of Banda Neira has government offices, shops, docks, and airports. The island population numbered 14,000.

Banda Neira was once the centre of nutmeg and mace world trade, because of Kep. Banda is the only source of the spice of high value until the mid-19th century. The modern city was founded by members of the Company, who massacred the people of Banda to get nutmeg in 1621 and bring the left to Batavia (now Jakarta) to be used as slaves.

Fun Things to do in Banda Naira

There is a paradise in Banda Naira

1. The diving or snorkelling
It's no secret that the underwater scenes were cross-eyed Banda Neira really! Do not hesitate to play the water and snorkel or dive at the Lava Flow, full of coral reefs! But, not to step on coral, yes! To you who snorkel, but not too strong to swim after a long time, should wear life jackets (life jackets). There are plenty of spots for snorkelling and diving, such as in the dock area of the Neira overlooking Volcano Island, Hatta Island, and much more.

There is a paradise in Banda Naira

2. History
In addition to its natural beauty, Banda Neira also full of historical values. Call it Bung Hatta's Home Exile, Banda Old Church, House of Captain Cole, Perigi Rante, and more. If you are interested in the history of spices, you can join a tour of the history of spice to the island of Banda Besar. You will be invited to walk past the old well, walnuts and nutmeg plantations, direct view of the cinnamon tree, and also interact with the surrounding community.

Old Church "Hollandische Kerk" is one of the destinations that tourists often hunted while on vacation to Banda Neira. Built in the 1600s, this historic building has long been the pride the people of Banda Neira. However, this church was devastated by an earthquake devastating.

Instead, the community again worked together to establish the church again in 1852.

There is a paradise in Banda Naira

3. Travel Fort
Fort of Belgica impossible to miss if you visit Banda Neira. This fort stands at a height of 30 meters above sea level. Fort of Belgica very well maintained and is a fun place to see the sights of the Neira. Some people suggest to enjoy a moment of sunset from this fortress, reputedly beautiful.

Besides Belgica Fort, there is also Nassau Fort in the Neira, the fort was built by the Portuguese in 1607. The fort was built earlier than Belgica Fort. It is unfortunate condition Fort Nassau far when compared with the Belgica Fort because it is not maintained.

Banda Besar Island no debris Fort of Hollandia. Although in ruins, visited there quite exciting. From the front of Hollandia Fort, you can see a view of the island of Banda Besar, blue ocean, and also the island volcano that stands firmly in front of her.

4. Climbing Volcano
Volcano Island is one of the uninhabited islands in the Banda Islands Neira. If you like your hiking, climbing volcano on the island's volcano which has erupted in May 1988 can be selected. Ascent Volcano, with a height of 666 meters above sea level, it is not too difficult. It only takes about 1.5-2 hours from the dock and uses katiting, a kind of small boat ride just enough to reach the summit of 3-4 people. However, Climb to the preparation and with friends, so if there is anything not bother alone.

There is a paradise in Banda Naira

On the weekend, there are many local young people climbing the volcano. From the top of the Mountain of Fire, you can see the runway and Belgica Fort in the Neira. We recommend a hike in the morning so as not to overheat. If you are strong, early risers, climbing can be started at 5 am so he could see the remnants of the moment of sunrise at the top of the Mountain of Fire.

5. Culinary Tourism
There would be intriguing streets without eating, right? If a visit to Banda Neira, do not forget to try the menu typical of this area, namely eggplant walnut sauce. It was delicious all! Melt in the mouth! In addition, a variety of fresh seafood is also not to be missed. Oh yes, one more, the warm bread with butter nutmeg. Nutmeg jam is one of the souvenirs for tourists who visit Banda Neira.


There is a paradise in Banda Naira

If you want to visit Banda Neira, travellers must first fly to Ambon, Ambon and then boarded the plane propeller consuming travel time of 50 minutes or speedboat takes about five hours. Moreover, it can also be reached using Pelni but would require more time

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