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Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu

Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu
Travelled to the pine forest does have a different impression compared to other tours. Travellers who frequently visit the pine forests because of need peace, excitement, and the beauty of the scenic green natural nan.

In addition to the pine forest with your best friend, this one travel is also very suitable to invite family, especially children. Children who are already introduced and brought closer to nature, growth would be better, intelligence, instinct, and appreciate nature ingrained from an early age.

In Indonesia alone pine forests actually widespread in several islands. Given Indonesia is known as the country of mountains and hills. In general, the pine forests thrive and managed well by the government.

Tourism to Grenden Village

Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu

Travel at Grenden Pogalan is located in the village, district. Ferns, Kab. Magelang. Grenden hill Magelang, Grenden itself is one of the new alternative paths used to reach the summit of Mount Merbabu. Grenden name may not yet be as famous as Swanting Selo and in the case of a climbing lane but this Grenden has its own privileges. Grenden lane is the shortest path to the top Kenteng Songo (3146 above sea levels) or the highest peak of Mount Merbabu. It only took 5 to 6 hours from basecamp to the Kenteng Songo, even locals sometimes only take 3 to 4 hours.

Merbabu Grenden path a new path opened by the pioneering residents Grenden west slope of Mount Merbabu. Mountaineering Merbabu through Grenden Presenting a different scene from the other Merbabu lines. Forest tour with pine forest, moss forest, to the beautiful savannah.

The name of Grenden itself is taken from the name of the hamlet Grenden, located in the village of Pogalan, Pakis subdistrict, Magelang. Or where Basecamp Grenden are, here is what attracted tourists to visit and not to climb the mountain, but to enjoy the atmosphere of pine forest in Bukit this Grenden. Interestingly Grenden Pine Forest is often covered in fog in the morning.

Pine Forest Grenden opened to the public in July 2016 ago. Since opening this new tourist attraction has many tourists began flocking to get there. Starting from motor vehicles, until buses. Residents who manage very seriously to promote this pine forest travel as the number one tourist in Indonesia.

Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu

Located right at the foot of Mount Merbabu. Cool weather, scenic valley, and the beautiful scenery at the foot of the mountains. In addition to their home hobbit / dwarf, during a trip to Bukit Pakis Grenden you will be greeted by another attraction for example the flying fox rides, Batu Rembesan cliff, Spot attractive Selfies

This is why the Grenden Pine Forest could be best travel pine forests in Indonesia. Moreover, from here also recently opened the path for climbing Mount Merbabu. Children of nature began camping in the pine forests Grenden. Reportedly from the pine forest can also see the sunrise

Another uniqueness, Pine Forest Grenden also discount cliff pieces of unique and exotic. Sharp rock that was formed by itself. Pine Forest Committee Grenden call Tebing Batu.

Areas of pine forest here is also very broad, overlapped extent when compared to the Top Selfie Pine Forest and Pine Forest Mangunan. Make the tourists are not saturated at one point locations only.

Many spots to capture the moment, one of which is this observation post. Relay Pandang called liver Bridge is quite extreme for dealing directly with fairly deep ravine. It could be dangerous if too much is at the end switchgear and substations of view can not withstand the load. If you are lucky you will stare directly at Mount Merapi mighty.

Price of admission

Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu

As one of the natural attractions that have managed to enter this area you need to pay an entry ticket of Rp 5,000 / person, whereas if the holiday is Rp 12,000 / person. Ticket Entrance is already with the parking fees, but you will be charged extra if you want to try some of the rides there, such as flying fox and others.

Route to Climbing Grenden Lane

Grenden Hamlet, Village Pogalan, Pakis subdistrict, Magelang 
From Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta - Muntilan - Talun - Ketep Pass - Grenden 
From Magelang: Magelang - Highway Kopeng - Take Directions On Intersection Towards Ketep Pass - Grenden.

Travel Tips to Dwarves Home in Grenden Pakis

Tourism Village Grenden - Gate Peak Merbabu

Try to arrive at the scene during the morning/evening to enjoy the atmosphere is still foggy. Then you need to check the condition of your vehicle. Do not let the strike in the middle of the road, because to get to the location you will pass quite a winding road and find some climbs. So take a vehicle that is still excellent.

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