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Traditional Games of Pletokan

Traditional Games of Pletokan
Pletokan is one of the many children's games that exist in the archipelago that is almost extinct or in other words almost lost in the swallows of the times. This game is generally we often encounter in remote villages far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Over time, the game began to fade gradually among the people especially children because of the many products of domestic and foreign toys that are more modern by adopting today's technology.

Called by Pletokan name because the sound produced from this game reads "pletok". This traditional game comes from Jakarta which is a typical game of Betawi society. However, not only known by the people of Jakarta, pletokan game is also known and played in several other areas in Indonesia.

This game is played by boys aged 6-13 years, played individually or in groups. When played individually usually the main target is the animal form of small insects. Meanwhile, when played per group, then the target of this game is the opposite of the group. So, the picture of this game is like playing shoot or war, just the tool used here is not a toy gun or the like but by utilizing small bamboo.

Game History

Pletokan is a traditional game whose popularity is undoubtedly, this one game is a favourite in Indonesian society especially boys. The pletokan name is taken from sound produced by bamboo with size 30-40 cm and diameter ½ cm - 2 cm.

This game reflects warfare, a bygone era that has not used modern weapons like a pistol. This game teaches that it is important, work together and set the strategy to win the game.

How to make

First, prepare a strong and old bamboo so as not to break quickly. Then, the bamboo is divided into two, namely: poker and barrel.

In making the poker, you must split the bamboo to form a long stick, then you should bamboo until round in accordance with the circle barrel and the base of the handle is about 10 cm.

Make sure this poke can fit into the barrel. For the top of the poker is made wide, it is useless to press or punch ammo / pelor to fit perfectly. This is intended, to make pletokan easier to play. And, you can add pandan leaves or coiled coconut shaped like cones, in order to make the sound produced louder.

And, in making the barrel, prepare a small bamboo, 1 cm in diameter with a length of between 15-20 cm. Better to make barrel using old bamboo so as not to break easily.

Second, prepare a paper that has been dampened, or small fruits, or guava seeds, or flowers as a bullet.

Third, pletokan game ready to play.

Rules and How to Play

  • Make two groups and look for places that can be used to hide and shoot. 
  • Bullets are made of paper that is dampened and made round and then input into the bamboo hole. 
  • The player has three occasions, if already hit by a shot for three times then will fall. 
  • Round takes place twice, if the series will be held the second round. 
  • Early games will be no rules that will be carried out for the creation of security and to sportsmanship.

Make no mistake, although made of bamboo stems, the bullet shots when exposed to the skin also feels a bit sick, this is especially when the bullet used in the form of guava. But if the bullet in the form of paper and foliage, certainly not so noticeable. What is clear, no need to worry when playing this traditional pletokan game, because the game is not dangerous and safe to play children.

Today the shape of the pletokan tool is no longer monotonous that is just a bamboo straight lengthwise, now the shape of the pletokan tool has been designed more complicated, but the complexity of the form it actually makes it look beautiful, beautiful and more real shape in the shape of a pistol. Amazingly, this new design still uses bamboo as its base material, as well as for bullets used.

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