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White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised the Comfort

White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised  the Comfort
From a beach on the island of Bangka, This is Sungailiat which has a collection of the most beaches with views that might not necessarily owned by other coastal State in our beloved Indonesia.

One of the beaches must have to be explored in Sungailiat is Rambak Beach. Conveniently located not far from the center of Sungailiat, Rambak Beach offers a wide stretch of white sand. In some corners of the coast, towering some giant rocks that would make a great photo spot mornings.

Sunrise is so charming in this place when seen from the edge of the beach. Morning light reflection behind the stretch of coast produces a perfect blue sky.

The Reasons Why You Must Visit to Rambak Beach

White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised  the Comfort

Bring your best camera if you come to the island of Bangka and Belitung. Coming to the Rambak beach is without exception when you are very interested in the photo - beach photos on these two islands that are phenomenal.

Many photographers capture the panorama of the beach on the island is in perfect condition on the certain month. You will be very lucky if the current stop on the beach - the beach with perfect weather.

The morning is the time when you will get the golden hour to capture the beautiful sunlight radiating yellowish red colour.

Sky with clouds spectacular this place will certainly astonish visitors. We do not need the best photographer to capture moments like a sunrise in Rambak Beach. Everyone will get a result that is not much different when the time is right.

If you like jogging then the beach is also suitable to give you a challenge ran on the fine white sand. Occasionally, you can climb the high stone and jump from rock to rock to test the stamina and agility.

Culinary on the Rambak Beach

White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised  the Comfort

After enjoying the Sunrise at Rambak beach, then walk along the coast that stretches over 3 kilometer's length, you can enjoy the specialties of Bangka. They are small cake, such as otak - otak, wajit, cake talam ubi, bugis, olen - olen, singkulun, kue asin, and also kue cincin.

In addition, try the boiled eggs that can be spiked with white pepper powder is tasty and healthy. Some of Sungailiat coffee shops offer a menu - the menu for a light breakfast. Additionally, Coffee Shops and Toast Tung Tau was always open for dining and drinking opens 24 hours.


White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised  the Comfort

As in other parts of the island of Bangka, Bangka Island community will be more use of private vehicles, both two wheelers and four wheels. Therefore, public transport is very rarely encountered although in fact there. Finding public transportation within the island will be a little harder so I better suggest renting car or motorcycle only.


White Sand Overlay of Rambak Beach that Promised  the Comfort

Seen in some parts of this coast there are a bunch of teenagers and also backpacker who set up a tent at the time the weekend. When setting up a tent here then take it well enough groceries for you overnight.

However, if you want to stay at an inn or hotel in the city Sungailiat it also provides some alternative lodging.

Try to see a diverse menu with specialities of Bangka. You will love the simple and open atmosphere where the coffee shop is run is already more than three generations since 1938 and the first coffee shop opened in Sungailiat.

Another culinary distinctiveness of Bangka crackers material is exactly the same as the so-called Palembang pempek Kemplang. Kemplang made with the same process with a slab pempek. The difference is, when the slab has been steamed, the process of cutting into smaller pieces done and continue to be dried indoors oven so that it becomes the base material kemplang crackers. Try kemplang made in the area Bangka Sungailiat

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