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Batik Handicraft Center of Sembungan Lendah Kulon Progo

Batik Handicraft Center of Sembungan Lendah Kulon Progo
Batik is one of the typical clothes that we can find in Indonesia. Batik motifs such as geblek renteng, lurik and various other batik motifs can be found on the island of Java, Indonesia. Cities batik craftsmen like Solo, and Yogyakarta are familiar in our ears.

Low is a sub-district in Kulon Progo District, Province of Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Lendah Subdistrict is located south of Wates, the capital of Kulon Progo Regency, bordering with Galur Distric in the south, Panjatan sub district on the western side, Sentolo sub to the north and Bantul regency in the east. The total area of Lendah Subdistrict 3,559.19 Ha consists of 6 villages, 62 hamlets.

Sembungan Lendah Kulonprogo

There are many batik handicrafts businesses in villages in Bantul and Kulonprogo districts. Its production is paid to Yogyakarta City as the marketing center of the industry/ business.

In Bantul Regency there are two centers of batik handicrafts. Imogiri area is better known as traditional batik. While in the Pijenan Hamlet, Wijirejo Village, Pandak District is known for batik cap and batik combination of batik cap and writing.

In Kulonprogo District, the area that became the center of batik handicrafts is in Sembungan Village, Gulurejo Village and Ngentakrejo Lecamatan Lendah Village. Location of the hamlet that became the center of batik in Lendah is located not far from the Progo River or about 30 km southwest of the city of Yogyakarta.

One of the regencies in the Special Region of Yogyakarta producing batik cloth is Kulon Progo Regency. Yes, in the district famous for its typical food of this geblek is one of the producers of batik. Call it District Lendah, there we can find some batik manufacturers. Batik Sembung for example, having address at Sembungan, Gulurejo, Lendah, Kulon Progo.

Sembung Batik is one of batik centers located in Kulon Progo. In the gallery of batik we are presented with various types of batik, namely batik pulo, batik cap, classic batik, and batik tulis combination cap. Various batik clothes are designed in accordance with today's fashion can we find in the gallery sembung batik. Batik sarimbit or clothes or batik couple for couples we can meet here. In addition to batik clothing that has been so, we can also buy batik cloth clothing material there. In addition, visitors can also order batik in accordance with the wishes. Like the making of batik for school uniform, visitors can order it there. In addition, the price offered is quite affordable. Visitors simply spend in the amount of Rp. 100.000, to be able to bring home batik coveted.

The Origin

Batik Low Kulon Progo, never heard before. If we call the batik then what we think of is the big industrial centers such as Solo, Pekalongan, Yogyakarta etc.

Beginning of the village became the center of batik handicrafts when the people who make batik most of the women chose to return to the village to work at home. They still become batik on the sidelines of housekeeping activities. In the village of Gulurejo and Ngentakrejo, Lendah Subdistrict there are batik craftsmen because once many people who wander, work batik in batik-skipper batik in Yogyakarta.

The women work batik or nyanthing. While the man became working as a dye batik cloth. With the expertise they have that, they then dared to work batik themselves in the hamlet.

Although batik artisans in Kecamatan Lendah increasingly reduced, but the village of Gulurejo and Ngentakrejo, Lendah still known as the center of batik in Kulonprogo. There are at least dozens to 20s of batik artisans in the region. Batik produced was diverse, ranging from classic batik motifs to geblek renteng which is typical Kulonprogo. Prices are also priced range from tens of thousands to millions rupiah.

Gebleg Renteng Batik motif

One of the motives are used as a mainstay and batik icon in Kulon Progo is batik Geblek Renteng. Batik Geblek Renteng itself is the result of Kulon Progo Batik Design Competition which took place in 2012, Design Geblek Renteng is a work of Ales Candra Wibawa (students of SMAN 1 Wates).

Batik geblek Renteng is a batik motif that resembles typical food form Kulon Progo. The shape is an eight figure pattern. Geblek processed food from cassava and is a typical food that became the identity Kulon Progo, while Renteng means pruning or bonding to each other when fried.


Batik Geblek Renteng is a batik motif whose inspiration comes from typical food Kulon Progo. Geblek processed food from cassava and is a typical food that became the identity of Kulon Progo, While jointly means mutual or bond with each other when fried.

Geblek form itself resembles the number eight that symbolizes the number of villages and villages in Kulon Progo which consists of 88. Geblek is also a populist food with rentengan (meaning) that the community together and stand together to build Kulon Progo.

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