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Educational Tour at Tidar Campur Kota Magelang

Educational Tour at Tidar Campur Kota Magelang ( Foto @masifan.com )
Magelang City, is an administrative city located on the crossing line of two major cities in Central Java and even in Indonesia. Magelang city is also a city adjacent to a province in Indonesia. Two big cities and a province are the City and District of Semarang with the Province of Yogyakarta.

Where, with a position adjacent to Special Region of Yogyakarta provide a very significant impact on the number of visitors and tourists who come.

In Magelang District, of course, there are destinations that can attract domestic and foreign tourists.

There is a very famous Borobudur Temple, Mendut Temple and a series of famous temple names. Coupled with natural tourist destinations like Punthuk Setumbu and the like. All this because the Magelang Regency area consists of mountains and also the plains. With the Bukit Menoreh, it is very supportive of natural tourism in Magelang Regency.

Magelang City

Such condition is very reversed 1800 with the City of Magelang. The area of Magelang City is only 18.12 km². With limited potential of natural resources and unlike Magelang Regency, it makes the city of Magelang must be smart in responding to it.

Magelang city which is predicated as a service city continues to improve itself in increasing its revenue from the tourism sector.

Many star hotels scattered in the city of Magelang. This shows that the stretch of tourism in the city of Magelang can not be underestimated.

There are several tourist destinations in the city of Magelang are reliable, among others: Kyai Langgeng, Tidar hill which is a religious tour. Museums such as Diponegoro Museum, BPK Museum, Museum Taruna and so on.

Educational Tour

What is an educational tour? Educational tour is a tourist destination that the purpose of the visit to this place tends to provide knowledge to the visitors. Here the visitors will gain knowledge that they may not get elsewhere. Visitors will gain knowledge and insight in this place.

Although referred to as educational tours, but to be called a tourist village the location must still meet some requirements that one of them must be have arts areas in the area.

Tidar Campur, is a village located on the southern tip of Magelang City. Tidar Campur is located in South Tidar subdistrict, Magelang Selatan District, Magelang Municipality.

That's Tidar Campur, one of the embryo of tourist village in Magelang City. Tourism highlighted in Kampung Tidar Campur is an educational tour although there are other activities that become the agenda remains in this village.

Tidar Campur

That the name of Tidar cannot be separated from the Mantiasih Inscription that supposedly at that time the people of Mantiasih in the time of Queen Dyah Balitung held the worship of offerings / offerings in a plateau (high ground) with various kinds of food and therein then made place to present various Food, to bring up food or dedaharan using a place of wooden crates, so called PETI DAHAR so that the Dahar's Casket along with a very long time later called TIDAR.

After the resistance of Prince Diponegoro can be defeated by the Dutch (War Diponegoro Year 1825-1830) the number of loyal followers who remain around Magelang, one of which is WUNDAR WANGI. He fought along with Prince Diponegoro around the Magelang region. After Prince Diponegoro was arrested and exiled by the Dutch, Kyai Wundar Wangi remained in Magelang and Kampung where Kyai Wundar Wangi and his followers were named TIDAR and until now the identity of Tidar Urban Village.

TIDAR CAMPUR is an area where the inhabitants of that time consisted of various areas who settled and worked as cane laborers in Sawe. So the community at that time gave tetenger Tidar Campur (identity with the occurrence of the intensity of society in the environment that came from various regions.

Educational Tour In Tidar Campur

1. Bank Trash of Soya Mekar
Waste management in Magelang City can be an example for other cities. From the garbage problem, Magelang Mayor Sigit Widyonindito made an innovation of Garbage Bank. The garbage is now economical. Used goods that can be used to be transformed into some interesting souvernir.

There are key chains, brooches, food covers, lampshades and so on. In addition, the activities in this Garbage Bank include sorting and picking the waste. The selection is done in the homes of each resident. Resale goods are weighed and the proceeds of the sale are put into the garbage bank under the name of each house which deposits to the garbage bank.

From here then every home will have an additional income from the sale of waste that can be resold. " Rumah Sampah" is the center of management and as a means of education related to waste to Tidar Campur community and South Tidar community in general.

2. Soya Mekar Organic Village
Organic village is a village that in everyday life every citizen to preserve the natural environment with good and true be it environmental biotic, abiotic, sanitation, economic, social and cultural society. Besides, the residents also cultivate organic farming system in household scale and area scale. The community has been managing water storage systems to sorting and managing to include reduce, reuse and recycle.

3. "KOPTI" Tofu Centre
In Magelang the existence of tofu industry can improve the economy of Magelang society. It can be shown the existence of a tofu industry that quite a lot and compete with each other in the city of Magelang. Central industrial know that is the scope of producers know there are many cities of Magelang.

Besides knowing as the main product, the tofu industry also produces tofu wastewater containing protein and organic material which, if disposed directly into the environment, can be a source of environmental pollution. Liquid waste from the tofu industry can also be used as bio-gas through an aerobic process that can be utilized for cooking. In addition, it also produces solid waste in the form of tofu waste that is used for animal feed and tempe gembus.

4. Waste of Tofu Biogas
The process of waste treatment into biogas is very simple, that is liquid waste from the tofu factory is supplied to the control basin. This control tub serves as a dregs filter from the process of pressing the tofu waste. Once from the tub the control goes to the diserter pool. Due to the continuous flowing of waste then this waste collection basin becomes overwhelming. This slot is put into the sprinkler tub. Biogas then flowed into home by using a paralon pipe that is connected with a furnace.

Tofu waste and household waste can produce biogas with better quantity and quality than livestock manure. Besides being more accessible, tofu and household waste can encourage people to use biogas.

5. Tofu Chips
In addition to getuk, also known as a typical cracker souvenir Magelang. Crackers made of tofu is not less in demand with good getuk on weekdays as well as crowded like Lebaran holidays.

It's been 2-3This year Magelang City there is a new model of crackers. Namely crackers from skin to know skin brown. Know the skin is selected which is round and cut in half right in the middle so looks good after be oven then fried

6. TPS3R
The 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) waste treatment site, hereinafter referred to as TPS 3R, is a processing place with sorting, reduction, recycle and reuse of waste generated by a residential area, commercial area ( Ruko, mall), social facilities (hospitals, places of worship), education areas (schools) and the like.

With a gasification reactor called Gasifier - a gasoline by means of thermochemistry - in an integrated manner with a biogas digester and composter, will complete urban waste management. All types can be completed close to the source of their generation (TPS), without leaving a significant residue for disposal to landfill.

Cultural Tour In Tidar Campur

In addition to educational tours that can be used to add insight, visitors can also enjoy the beautiful and unique cultural tourism in Tidar Campur. Cultural Tour in Tidar Campur can only be enjoyed every year in Ruwah (Sha'ban).

In this month, all Tidar Campur and Tidar Sawe residents have a big duty. This duty can be one of the main attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

1. Nyadran
Nyadran is a series of ceremonies performed by the people of Java, especially Central Java. Nyadran comes from Sanskrit, sraddha which means belief. Nyadran is a tomb cleansing tradition by Javanese society, generally in rural areas. In the Javanese language, Nyadran comes from the word sadran yang meaning ruwah syakban. Nyadran is a series of cultures in the form of cleansing the ancestral tombs, sowing flowers, and the peak of kenduri selamatan in ancestral graves.

But in Tidar Campur tomb cleaning was carried out before nyadran event. Nyadran in Tidar Campur is done with a joint prayer for the ancestors, performed in the mosque. The people come to the mosque and bring food as they want.

After a joint prayer is done, then nyadran event closed by eating together by all citizens known by the name of kembul bujana.

2. Merti Desa
Merti Desa, often called clean village, is essentially a symbol of public gratitude to the Almighty over the abundance of the gifts He gave. These gifts can be anything, such as the abundance of sustenance, salvation, and tranquility and harmony of life. Even the Javanese believe when it was hit by grief and stricken disaster, there are still many things to be grateful for. There are still lessons and positive lessons to be learned from the occurrence of a disaster.

In addition, gratitude can also be a consolation as well as a suggestion that brings peace of mind. Merti Desa is usually done on a particular month, in a Java calendar.

Merti Desa in Tidar Campur followed by 2 villages, namely Tidar Campur and Tidar Sawe. Merti Desa in Tidar Campur is packed with very interesting so interesting to be enjoyed.

Merti Desa is done with a series of Javanese traditional ceremonies where the participants of the ceremony and invited guests must wear the Javanese traditional dress. The ceremony is conducted in an open field so that anyone can see the way of the ceremony.

The army of ceremonial participants is called bergada. Each of them lined up in accordance with their own characteristics.

Another interesting thing is the "Gunungan Tahu " and "Gunungan Palawija " that are typical of Tidar Campur Tourism Village which is the center of businessmen know. While the gunungan palawija containing vegetables symbolizes the gratitude to the Creator over all the abundance given so far.

In addition to the two great gunungan, each of them also prepares several small gunungan.

3. Grebeg Tahu
Grebeg tahu is a series of ceremonies of the Javanese traditional ceremony. After the Javanese traditional ceremony is completed, the " gunungan tahu" and "gunungan palawija" along with the small gunungan are paraded around the village followed by each bergada.

Throughout the journey in 2 villages, many people who stood and witnessed how the mountains parade.

After finished paraded around the village, then gunungan tahu, gunungan palawija and some gunungan each bergada brought in the middle of the field. And after the ceremony of the ceremonies gave the sign then the mountains that exist in the middle of the field contested by the audience and the berada.

In this grebeg event, before the ceremony is done and after grebeg finish, the audience is still treated to the cultural attractions of Topeng Ireng and Reog Ponorogo. Foreign tourists are delighted to be involved in the activities and even proud to wear and take pictures together by using "Kuluk" hat used by Dayakan dancers or Topeng Ireng.

4. Shadow Puppet Performance
The all-night shadow puppet show is the highlight of the “ Merti Desa lan Sadranan” event which is a cultural tourism in Tidar Campur.

The plays are usually told about the conditions or the Tidar Campur village trip. The puppet show at Tidar Campur is played Ki Triyono Lebda Carita.

In two appearances, Ki Triyono Lebda Carita took the title of Semar Mbangun Kayangan and in 2017 he takes the title of Wahyu Makutharama.

There is an implied meaning that can be taken wisahnya in the wayang kulit performances. All are aimed at prosperity, prosperity and safety of Tidar Mix and Tidar Sawe people.

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