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Sensation Up the Traditional Gondola at Timang Beach

Sensation Up the Traditional Gondola at  Timang Beach
Adrenaline Tours ??? Why not...!
One more beach in Gunung Kidul that you must visit because of its uniqueness. At first glance, this beach is similar to other Gunung Kidul beaches. Interestingly, on the cliff there is a traditional gondola that is attached to the rope with a wooden stake that is placed on the sidelines of the reef. This gondola is used by fishermen to hunt for lobsters on coral island called Pulau Panjang opposite the beach.

You can try to climb this wooden gondola across the fierce waves beneath it while challenging death and testing your adrenaline. Upon reaching the reef, you can see a collection of lobster fishermen who are busy with their respective nets.

Timang Beach Gunungkidul is one of the beaches spread in Gunungkidul area. The trip to the beach is very challenging. The road to the beach is very steep and rocky. Beach of Timang has a very charming scenery with white sand that lies clean along this coast. Pandanus plants lined up thriving around the beach adds to the beauty of this panorama of Timang Beach Gunungkidul. Visitors this beach has not as many other beaches that have been famous before so if you notice the atmosphere on the beach is still impressed natural.

Cable Car on Timang Beach

Timang Beach Gunungkidul is actually divided into two different areas, the first part is on the east which is a beach with clean white sand similar to most other white beaches. While on the second part that is on the western side of the hills are rocky rocks that are bordered directly to the sea. On this rocky coast, the scenery will be very beautiful because there is a large enough stone standing firmly on the beach. The big rock or island is known as Batu Panjang or Panjang island and Timang island.

To reach the island of Timang tourists must use a kind of traditional or hanging rods made of wood and bamboo are strung with a very strong plastic rope mine that can sustain the weight of someone and then pulled by some people so that the gantole will move towards the island Buckle.

Slides from this gantole about 50-100 me towards the west of Timang Beach. It takes a strong mental if you want to try to cross over there, because along the distance you will slide yourself up a gantole over the deep ocean with big waves. This citizen-made carriage is made of wood with a rope in the form of a rope. The use of the rope is stronger in facing corrosive sea water than slings made of iron / steel.

The wooden gondola in Timang Beach is not a tourist support facility provided by the Gunung Kidul government. The rides are actually the usual means of transportation used by local fishermen to hunt for lobsters which became one of the local excellent products.

For once crossed, the residents set a fee of Rp 200,000. Quite expensive, but please be understood to pull the cable car needed a lot of power and special skills. Guaranteed, the experience gained is more valuable than the nominal money paid.


Timang Beach is located in Padukuhan Danggolo, Purwodadi Village, Tepus Subdistrict, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Travel overland from the city of Yogyakarta to Timang Beach takes about 3 hours. To reach this beach visitors will have little difficulty because there is less adequate signboard. Timang Beach distance from Wonosari city (the capital of Gunungkidul Regency) about 35 km. 

From the direction of Wonosari visitors will go through the road direction to Baron Beach. From T-junction Mulo visitors turn from the original to the Baron beach to Siung Beach to see the Dakbong Market. After passing through the market street, the street began to change from the asphalt into a rocky road. The road is like a road for off-road competition. The use of motors for all terrain will make traveling easier. The beach is flanked by beaches along the coast of the Tepus region. To the west of this beach there are beaches parallel to Timang including Seruni Beach, Pok Tunggal Beach, and Ngetun Beach. To the east of this beach there is Jogan Beach, Siung Beach, and Nglambor Beach.

Route Towards Timang Beach

This beach has a distance from the city of Yogyakarta approximately 80km and can be traveled approximately 2 hours drive, there are two routes to this Timang Beach as follows:

First Route, 
Yogyakarta> Piyungan> Patuk> Gading> Wonosari> Jl. Baron> fork mulo take left> Mentel> Bintaos> Tepus> take the left direction towards the beach of cloves if the right to Indrayanti> Gesing> Ndakbong> after the market Ndakbong about 300meter go to the right (there is a plaque on the beach side of timang) follow The path> then through the road cast block> then continue with the stones road> Timang Beach

The second route, 
Yogyakarta> Piyungan> Patuk> Gading> Wonosari> Take direction to Semanu> Semanu intersection take the right direction towards Jepitu> Sogo> Cuwelo> Giri Panggung> Pringapus> T-junction of piji grab to the right direction of coastal cloves> T-junction Winangun if left to siung, Jogan, Nglambor beach still straight about 200 meter no fork back remember do not take the right but the straight (straight road a little way) then later you enter the road cast block> Then the road in continue the road with rocky road> Timang beach.

Coordinate point if you are using GPS S8 ° 10'36 "E110 ° 39'44"

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