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SORENG - Javanese Soldiering Dance

SORENG - Javanese Soldiering Dance
A hamlet located between the majesty of Mount Merbabu and Mount Andong apparently save the relics of historic art. The arts are still preserved sustainability, presenting attractive movements, and store the historical values are very thick, namely Traditional art of Soreng.

Not unexpectedly, this art develops in the middle of life of the majority of the population are farmers. As if dancing is their breath. Step from village to village, from one stage to another, from festival to festival. Long journey through the dancers Soreng this, until finally they find the heyday. The period in which they sought various art connoisseurs to win various titles from village to national level.


Traditional Art of Soreng describes the soldier danced that told the Duchy of Jipang Panulan led by a Hadipati named Haryo Penangsang and Patih Ronggo Metahum along with soldiers such as Soreng Rono, Soreng Rungkut, and Soreng Pati.

Haryo Penangsang was a person who had adigang-adigung and adiguna had envy on the position of Sultan Hadiwijaya in Pajang. Then Haryo Penangsang ransacked with frequent rehearsals in the square.

When the exercise took place suddenly came a pekatik who cut off his ears and also gave his neck letter challenger. Once read, Haryo Penangsang ruled all his soldiers to hurry off to the Bengawan Sore river.

A Brief History of the Travel of Soreng Arts Group

Traditional art Soreng, formerly popular name is Soldiering, the form of the show is a group dance. This art is said to be a relic of ancestors who live and thrive between the slopes of Mount Merbabu and Mount Andong, precisely in Dusun Bandungrejo, District Ngablak, Magelang regency.

In the journey, the arts of the army of the 60s came with the role of dancer figure by Mr. Taryono by taking the story from Kadipaten Jipang Panulan led by Hadipati named Hayo Penangsang with all his soldiers, among others: Soreng Rono, Soreng Pati, Soreng Rungkut, Patih Ronggo Metahun and pekatik So this art is called Soreng.

Arya Penangsang or Arya Jipang or Ji Pang Kang is the King of the Duke of Jipang who ruled in the mid-15th century. His followers committed the killing of Sunan Prawoto as a revenge because Sunan Prawoto had killed P. Surowiyoto (Sekar), Father of P. Arya Penangsang to raise Trenggana (Bapak Sunan Prawoto) to become the 3rd King of Demak. Arya Penangsang then became king of Demak to 5 or The last ruler of the Kingdom of Demak and moved his central Government to Jipang, so at that time known as Demak jipang. But in 1554 Arya stimulants were killed rebel forces submissions Hadiwijaya, ruler Pajang.

The history of Arya Penangsang wass contained in several fibers and babads that were rewritten in the New Javanese (19th century) period, such as Babad Tanah Jawi and Kanda Fiat. Arya Penangsang is also famous for its powerfull magic and has a firm and firm personality, for him there is no word of compromise in defending and defending the truth. This nature has provoked many parties. Arya Penangsang is a person who has a bad personality, rebel and murderer, temprament and impatient in doing something. In addition, Arya Penangsang also has a sister named Arya Mataram. Aryo Penangsang Steed is a stall named Gagak Rimang.

In the end Aryo Penangsang died after fighting with Danang Sutawijaya who was the adopted son of Sultan Hadiwijaya. Danang Sutawijaya himself eventually became king of Mataram in Kotagede, Yogyakarta with the title Panembahan Senopati.

It was said that, when the beat was played with a fast rhythm in a rhythmic rhythm, so as to suck the attention of so many people. Hundreds of people instantly gathered within a few minutes. Art Soreng itself is an art that is quite attractive to all people of Java, especially Central Java. Young-aged, even the children spilled the arts it. Unique movement of music accompanied by a lively and played by the Soreng dancers become the main attraction for the community.

In the 80s art a little better organized story line, placement of character dancers, fashion makeup and accompaniment.

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