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The Charm of Putri Island - Bawean Island, Gresik - East Java

The Charm of  Putri Island - Bawean Island, Gresik - East Java
Bawean is an island located in the Java Sea, about 80 Miles or 120 kilometres north of Gresik. Administratively since 1974, the island is included in the area of Gresik Regency, East Java Province where the previous year since the colonial government of Bawean island into the region of Surabaya Regency. The Netherlands (VOC) first entered the island in 1743.

Bawean has two districts namely Sangkapura and Tambak. The population of approximately 70,000 people is an acculturation of several ethnic originating from the island of Java, Madura, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatra including the culture and language. Bawean residents mostly have livelihoods as fishermen or farmers as well as workers in Malaysia and Singapore, most of whom already have permanent resident status in the country, other than in both countries Bawean residents also settled in Australia. The majority of the Bawean population is the Bawean tribe and other tribes.

Their language of speech is Bawean. Instead of the Madurese language as it was proclaimed before.

History of Bawean

The word Bawean comes from Sanskrit, which means there is sunlight. According to legend, circa 1350 s group of seafarers from the Majapahitterjebak storms in the Java Sea and finally stranded on Bawean Island at sunrise.

BAWEAN name appears in the 13th century, this name is given by Majapahit Soldier (one of the largest kingdom in the archipelago) which anchored in Bawean after the ship hit by storm and call it BAWEAN which in Sanskrit means sunrise. Based on the manuscripts that exist in Sangkapura, Bawean island was previously known as Majdi Island because of its round shape like a coin.

Before Islam entered Bawean Island, Bawean people adhered to animism (worship of spirits and supernatural powers), it could be traced from the story of a magic fight between Maulana Omar Mas'od with King Babileono. King Babileono was an animist magician who was magic power

But thanks to the help of Allah Almighty Omar Mas'od could defeat the king babileono. There was also a mention BAWEAN = pig invented, babian ===> this is just a matter of pronunciation, because Bawean language gets an element of influence from the language of Madura where the letter W read into B. Famous story that King Babileono was a king who liked to keep pigs and have cattle Pigs so much so that the king Babileono also known as the King of Pigs in the animist community to raise pigs have become commonplace, even the pigs were also slaughtered into food like the Dayak people in Borneo are still nurturing.

In Negarakertagama mention that this island named Buwun while in the note Prakti Prakiti Wakya Jangka Jaya Baya Bawean population began in the year 8 Saka where previously this island is uninhabited, the Dutch and European Colonial Government in the 18th century named this island as Lubeck, Baviaan, Bovian , Lobok. Beginning of the 16th century precisely in 1501 Islam entered the Bawean brought by Sayyid Maulana Ahmad Sidik or known as Maulana Umar Mas'ud or Prince Perigi as well as running the governance on Bawean Island Bawean Island led by descendants Umar Mas 'Ud like Purbonegoro, Cokrokusumo and so on until the last Raden Ahmad Pashai.

In 1870-1879 Bawean Island became Asistent Resident Afdeeling under Resident Soerabaya at this time Bawean Island was divided into two sub-districts namely Sangkapura and Tambak sub-districts led by a Wedana with the last Wedana named Mas Adi Koesoema (1899-1903).

Putri Bawean Island

Bawean is often called the Island Princess because many young men who migrated to the island of Java or abroad. Bawean people who migrated to Malaysia and Singapore to form a village there. In the neighboring country Bawean people known as Boyan. They call themselves Boyan people, meaning Bawean people. Many of these nomads also succeeded and became famous people in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

In the legend of the island of daughters, the Bawean Island was placed where the family of the kingdom of Campa would go to the island of Java, they anchored because the princess was sick, and supposedly died in Bawean. To honor the island's princess called the Putri Island. Until now the grave is still there in the village of Kumalasa known as the tomb of Campa camp.

Not only the beauty of nature, in this island there is also Deer which type can only be found on the island. The Latin name of this Deer is Axis Kuhlii, this species is rare and classified as endangered by the IUCN. The deer are kept in Deer deer covering 4Ha, visitors can not feed haphazard here.

In addition there are also places worth visiting places, among others

  • Laccar Waterfall 
  • Gili Timur beach 
  • Kastoba Lake 
  • Hot Water Garden 
  • Selayar Island 
  • Noko Island 
  • Kuduk Kuduk Waterfall 
  • Tomb of Cokro Kusumo 
  • Tomb of Purbonegoro 
  • Tomb of Juju Campa 
  • Tomb of Umar Mas'ud 
  • Tomb of Waliyah Zaenab
  • Bunggaran Beach 
  • Labuhan Beach 
  • Jherat Lhanjheng Beach 
  • Ria Beach 
  • Captive Deer 
  • Tanjung Ga'aan Beach 
  • White sand beach 
  • Teluk Kepuh Bay Hot Water 
  • Bed & Breakfast 
  • Island of China 
  • Island of Nosa

Bawean Island is already famous in foreign countries, many foreign tourists who want to see this elegant Bawean Island. In addition to Gili Trawangan in Lombok, Bawean Island is also the right island for snorkelling and scuba diving because the sea is still clean and virgin, perfect for water sports enthusiasts


To go to Bawean Island, this time can only be done by 1 way, that is by sea boat ride.

To board the ship there is only one port that serves to the island of Bawean, namely from the Port of Gresik. Vice versa, from Bawean there is only one destination port, namely Gresik.

Gresik is a district adjacent to Surabaya. From anywhere far from Gresik, to get to Gresik can to Surabaya first. For example from Jakarta, can be the destination of Juanda airport Surabaya, or train with the aim of Pasar Turi or Gubeng station, while the bus ride can be the destination of Terminal Bungurasih.

Schedule of Departure and Ticket Prices

Currently, ships from Gresik to Bawean and vice versa have been there every day, but with different ships and with different travel time was the ticket price.

Fastest to Bawean with 3 hours travel time. The vessel that serves 3 hours of travel is only Maritime Express 1C, a ship that has been serving several years Gresik-Bawean-Gresik route. With nautical Express boat, adult passengers Rp. 131,500 for economy, Rp. 146,500 and Rp. 166,500 for Executive and VIP classes.

The ship with a capacity of 380 people is a regular schedule to Bawean is every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. While from Bawean to Gresik is every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The vessels departing each from the port of origin are at 8 o'clock am.

If you want to travel a little longer, can use the boat Tungkal Samudera. Longer than the Bahari Express, Gresik-Bawean or otherwise take approximately 5 hours drive. Do not worry, the ship with a capacity of approximately 500 passengers is larger than the Maritime Express.

For the price of tickets, Tungkal Samudera has the same price with the nautical Express, the difference of departure schedule From Gresik to Bawean every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday depart at 09.00 WIB. While from Bawean is every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, at 9 o'clock a.m.

There is 1 more ship serving crossing Gresik-Bawean-Gresik, this ship is a program from East Java Province Dishub. Because this is a local government program, so the price is cheaper than the two vessels already mentioned above. Gresik-Bawean or otherwise just need to pay Rp. 75,000 only. The boat was named Satya Kencana the longest ride of the two vessels above. Can be up to 7 hours drive. Special, this ship is the largest ship than Express and Tungkal. Because the ship is large, this ship can accommodate 900 passengers if not bringing the car. This ship is a ship that can simultaneously carry vehicles such as cars and motorcycles.

The schedule of Satya Kencana from Gresik every Tuesday and Friday (especially today transit Paciran Lamongan), while from bawean every Wednesday and Saturday, bernagkat at 7 o'clock a.m.

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