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Enchantment The Beauty of Wisata Alam Sewu Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java

Enchantment The Beauty of Wisata Alam Sewu Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java
Ngadirejo is a sub-district in Temanggung District, Central Java, Indonesia. Location Ngadirejo District approximately 22 km north of Temanggung City. Some villages in Ngadirejo sub distrct is on the eastern slope of Mount Sindoro.

The main livelihood of the population is from agriculture. Rice, vegetables and tobacco are the main agricultural products of Ngadirejo sub-district. Rice farming is planted throughout the year, occasionally interspersed with palawija or vegetable crops.

While tobacco farming began planting around January for moor land and around April-May for the land of field. Harvest of tobacco at the same time between moor land and field that is starting at the beginning of August until early October.

Although the city of Ngadirejo is on the slopes of the mountain but the automotive activities in Ngadirejo classified advanced, from the affairs of drag race, free style, motor cross, off road, modif motor to extreme modification car in this small town, and now began to grow downhill bicycle sport and MTB (Mountain bike).

Tourism in Ngadirejo

Jumprit is a spiritual tourist attraction on the slopes of Mount Sindoro with a panoramic view of the mountains and the campground of cool air. This place is closely related to the legend of Kyai Nujum Majapahit written in Chentini fiber.

Near the jumprit spring there is the tomb of Ki Jumprit. JUMPRIT (Holy Water for WAISAK) pilgrims do meditation which is usually continued with “kungkum” bath, throwing underwear, bra as symbols eliminate shit. The water of Jumprit is also used as a Blessing Water for the Holy Ves Waisak ceremony each year.

Located west of Ngadirjo subdistrict, the distance from the town of Temanggung 28 km. The road until the location has been paved so the trip is quite enjoyable while enjoying the potential of Agro Tourism. Provided the guesthouse to stay and you can enjoy the air and can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunrise views.

Besides there is Pringapus temple which is located not far from Ngadirejo city. Pringapus Temple is a temple in the village of Pringapus, Ngadirejo, Temanggung 22 Km northwest of the district capital Temanggung. Hindu statues berartistik kaitanya with Lord Shiva signifies that Pringapus Temple is Hindu Sect of Shiva.

In Ngadirejo, there are bustling tourist attractions with tourists on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and can give a different sensation to our daily activities. Wisata Alam Sewu Ngadirejo Temanggung.

Sunrise And Sunset In Wisata Alam Sewu

Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java. This place has a charm of beauty that is very interesting to visit. It is unfortunate if you are in Temanggung and does not visit the natural attractions that have a beauty that is second to none.

It is named Alam Sewu because this place is right above the village of Pring Sewu. To enter this place is not charged, but keep in mind the shortcomings of this Sewu Nature attraction is a very steep and dangerous way, be careful extra super ride. Ride to this place can only use the motor.

Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java is perfect for filling your holiday activities, especially during long holidays such as national holidays, or other vacation. The beauty of Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java is very good for all of you who are near or in the distance to get close to visit the Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java in Temanggung city.

This tourist attraction is fairly new in the ears of the tourists. Adorned with a vast expanse of Ngadirejo plains and blue skies without blind hills. In this place, we can see the view of Mount Ungaran, Sindoro, Kendil, and others.

Wisata Alam Sewu is perfect for a visit by nature lovers and traveling enthusiasts because to achieve Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java is need of extra energy and also need a hard struggle to reach Wisata AlamSewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java.

Location / Address of Wisata Alam Sewu

Wisata Alam Sewu is located in the Ngadirejo Village, Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. Approximately 35 km from the center of the town of Temanggung. To access the natural attractions needs a little struggle. You will pass a fairly steep road because it is located in the altitude, but it makes the excitement when visiting this tour. To reach the peak, if from the center of the city you aim your direction towards SMPN 2 Ngadirejo (you can use google maps / ask the local villagers) from the SMPN you continue by straight up the road somewhat uphill. About 2 Km of your trip, you will see a tower on the street, from there you just follow the way up, do not worry There is already a signpost to the Wisata Alam Sewu Temanggung.


The most convenient means of transportation that you can use to travel to Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java is by private vehicles such as: Personal car or motorcycle.

You can request a guide to Alam Sewu Tour at Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java on Google Maps installed on your smartphone. Because using a private vehicle will be more fun than using public transport.

But if you use public transport such as: public bus or other transportation is also not a big problem, because you can stop at the city bus terminal or village of your destination. After that proceed by using motorcycles taxi to the location of Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java.

Suggestions and Tips

Suggestions and tips before go to the Wisata Alam Sewu in Ngadirejo Temanggung Central Java, you need to prepare the necessities that will need. And some additional items such as cameras because you will want to capture the moment with your family or friends - your friends.

Do not forget to bring health equipment (eg soap, wet tissue, shampoo, antiseptic). Prepare your physical and vehicle so that your vacation runs smoothly. Keep your condition and always be careful.

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