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Enjoying the Beautiful Pura Batu Bolong - Lombok Barat

Enjoying the Beautiful Pura Batu Bolong - Lombok Barat
Pura Batu Bolong reminds of the existence of Tanah Lot Temple in Tabanan, Bali, which is equally located on the beach. It's just Pura Batu Bolong with black sand has a hole or hole in the middle so it is called Batu hollow.

Pura BatuBolong is a small temple located in Senggigi, Lombok. If you travel overland from Mataram to the Bangsal port (where a regular crossing to Gili Trawangan) through the coastal route, you will pass this temple.

Like the temples on the island of Bali, this temple also requires visitors to use a yellow cloth at the waist while inside the temple area, also maintain modesty because the temple is a place of religious worship. In addition, there are regulations that women who are unable to enter the temple area.

Beautiful temple on the beach not only can be found in Bali. Lombok also has Batu Bolong Temple which is located on the edge of a beach in West Lombok, NTB. Not only beautiful, this temple also has a unique stone.


Pura Batubolong located on Jalan Raya Senggigi approximately 13 Km from Mataram City and built estimated in the mid-XV century by Danghyang Nirartha. He came to Lombok for the second time in 1533 AD using Sailboat owned by a Sasak-Lombok Fisherman who washed ashore in Ponjok Batu Village, the border between Beleleng and Karangasem-Bali districts.

At that time a fisherman was found in critical condition because for many days did not eat then his boat was damaged and leaked oscillate currents of sea waves and strong winds eventually the fisherman survived the help of the Rishi and coastal communities.

Then capital of the damaged Boat Sail and leaked the Sang Resi with a fisherman can cross the Lombok Strait by combing the northern coast of Lombok Island.

Strangely during the trip, sea water was really sloping and calm and coupled with the wind gusts of the west so that in an instant the Sang Rishis and a fisherman had arrived at Coastal Beach Enjung Ukur / Bukur Malimbu Village Malacca Village District Winner Lombok-North West Lombok regency.

There, he rested and carried out the tubing so that until now we have encountered Pura Tanjung Ukur / Bukur and 2 km southeast we meet Pura Teluk Sekedik where to date still often visited people.

From Sekedik Bay, he continued his journey towards the north until the Enjung Kaprus because when the tide was there we can find a small cave when hit by the violent waves will be spewing up the water bursts with a height can reach ten meters so that the temple is there called Pura Kaprusan.

Moving from Pura Kaprusan Sang Resi combing the east coast about 3 km and he arrived at Karang Bolong to rest.

In the resting that he founded Pelinggih in Enjung Karang Bolong to carry out Semadi and now we are familiar with the title Pura Batubolong because in the Enjung there is a large stone perforated or hollow.

Large hollow rock / perforated is often used as a road crossing by the local community from the Beach Sit to Ejung Beach Karang Bolong at the time of low tide because in the XVIII century the current highway does not exist yet.

Moving from Karang Bolong Sang Resi again combing the beach to the southeast through kokol meniti (Kali Meninting) and Kokol Jangkok (Kali Jangkok) and then from Ampenan Sang Resi continued his journey to Karang Medain, Lingsar and Suranadi.

In Suranadi Sang Resi, there were many spiritual teachings to the local community about Kalpasastra and Phalakerta as well as life balance teachings known as Sukerta Tata Pawongan, Sukerta Tata Palemahan and Sukerta Tata Pagaman.

It means harmony of relationship between man and man, man with his environment and man with God The Creator of this universe is often called TRIHITA KARANA.

In line with the concept of the teachings of the Rishi until now we can meet in the midst of society Sasak tribe and the tribe of Bali in Lombok still can establish a sense of unity and unity and culture gotong-royong especially during family occasions.

Next, we return to visit Pura Batubolong that its existence is in accordance with the concept of Khayangan Jagad in Bali which always take place in the mountains and on the coast near the sea, because the invisible of the eyes of the mountain and sea gives the feel of beautiful panorama and fresh but able to provide dimensionless spiritual vibration Towards holiness, humility and peace.

At the end, as addition information from the temple we also can see the scenery of the beauty of senggigi beach, at certain times we can see the traditional anglers who are looking for fish by throwing themselves into the sea.

Seeing the sunset (sunset) is a moment that is always eagerly awaited tourists along the west coast of the island of Lombok. Many places to see the sunset with the background of Mount Agung on the island of Bali.

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