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Enjoying the Soft of Serabi Notosuman Solo Central Java

Enjoying the Soft of Serabi Notosuman Solo Central Java

Serabi (Sunda = sorabi, surabi, Jawa srabi) is a traditional market snack originating from Indonesia. There are two types of serabi, a sweet serab that uses a kinca (melted sugar) and a salty serabi with or without sprinkling oncom that has been seasoned on it.

In Bandung, serabi are usually sold in the morning and cooked using a stove to produce a distinctive flavor. Sometimes chicken eggs that have been whipped are added to the serabi batter being cooked.

Along with the times, many continue to innovate by adding various toppings such as sausage, cheese, or mayonnaise to break down the assumption that the serabi is a lowly-impressed meal. Places that serve pork with a variety of flavors spread in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Bogor.

Serabi Notosuman

Visiting Solo City is incomplete if you do not try Serabi Notosuman. The traveler was much to love the original culinary Solo is typical.

If Bandung has soerabi enhaii is quite famous. In Solo, there are also Serabi Notosuman that is not less legendary. You can get it on Jl Mohammad Yamin No 28, Solo. This serabi has been around since the 1920s.

Indeed, there is a difference in shape between the serabi Solo with serabi Bandung. Serabi Solo tend to be thin and soft. The taste of the coconut feels strong in the mouth. Guaranteed you must be addicted after tasting it.

As a fan of serabi, especially if you are a Sundanese, it seems obliged to stop at the Notosuman area in Solo. Here are two famous peppermills, Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia and Srabi Notosuman Ny. Handayani. So famous for the name Notosuman as a maker of serabis in Solo, both of these factories even embed it in the name of the product.

Both are descendants of the pioneer, the couple Hoo Geng Hok and Tan Giok Lan. Serabi Notosuman whose recipes are inherited from Hoo Geng Hok and Tan Giok Lan to the two unique food conservationists are made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, salt, pandanus, and water.

Although sourced from the same record recipe, there is a distinguishing both of the product Serabi Notosuman. The color of the cardboard used to pack it. Solo residents call Serabi Notosuman Ny. Lidia as a green pack wrapper. Meanwhile, serabi Ny. Handayani famous with packs of orange wrap.

History of Serabi Notosuman

Serabi Solo Notosuman is taken from the name of Jalan Notosuman (now M. Yamin). The pioneers were the couple Hoo Geng Hok and Tan Giok Lan who made the apem cake in 1923. Initially, the couple was asked by his neighbors to make the apem. Step by step there were many people loved with this food. Finally my great-grandfather made serabi. This effort is then passed on by the children and grandchildren.

Roni is the fourth generation of family business inherited from generation to generation. His Grand grand parents were pioneers’ maker of serabi in Solo city. One characteristic of Serabi Notosuman, they keep pounding their own rice to make serabi. Rice, they use Cendani rice, a kind of Cianjur rice with the best quality.

That's why the flavor of Notosuman flavors remains consistent, unchanged from the first time. The quality of taste is always a concern to stay guarded especially the savory taste. Serabi Notosuman made from rice flour, pandan, vanilla, sugar, coconut milk and salt. Serabi still uses traditional ingredients. For this reason, Notosuman's serabi can only last one day. Because they do not use preservatives at all

Price and Opening Hours

You can buy this cake for Rp 1,800 for a plain serabi cake. However, there's nothing wrong as well you buy a chocolate muffin for Rp 2,000. The price is not comparable with a super delicious taste. Notosuman Serabi suitable for propping the stomach or made as souvenirs.

Serabi Notosuman has been open since morning starting at 07.00 WIB. Do not come too late, because Serabi Notosuman has been invaded by culinary lovers since morning.

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