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Kolaka regency is located in the province of Southeast Sulawesi with the dominance of its territory in the form of mountains and hills that extend from to the north and south. The islands and the mainland that are generally under a thousand meters above sea levels have formed this beautiful region beautifully.

Kolaka regency is bordered by Bone Bay in the west and Bombana regency in the south. The northern and eastern regions of Kolaka are squeezed by its own divisions, namely North Kolaka and East Kolaka districts.

If viewed from the perspective of oceanography, Kolaka waters area is very wide which is about 15.000 km2. In addition, Kolaka also has several rivers that can be used as a source of energy for industrial use, irrigation, to tourism.

Kolaka city itself is a gateway that connects the Southeast Sulawesi Province and South Sulawesi if taken by land. The two provinces are connected by an 8-hour ferry from Bone in South Sulawesi and Kolaka in Southeast Sulawesi.

Kolaka District is very superior in plantation sector such as cocoa, coffee, coconut, cashew, and pepper. Also excel in the field of agriculture in the form of maize and cassava. This district is so clean the city, no wonder if Adipura Cup for the category of cleanest small town successfully bagged as many as 10 times.


Extensive waters make Kolaka Regency presents a variety of marine tourism options. Some of them are Tamborasi River, the world's shortest river that is often used as a natural bathing tour or Pitura Beach with beautiful scenery whose sea is lined with flowers and pine trees. Other islands such as Lambasina Island no less fascinating. This location is a place where anglers want to test the physical endurance, because, it takes tremendous patience to get fish here.

You who want to see the underwater beauty of Kolaka then can plunge into the area of Tanjung Kajuangin and Padamarang Island which has a lot of spor diving with various coral and fish species.

Do you want to do an adventure? Reach for Mata Wisata area, a beautiful mountain range that protects endangered species like Deer. Bumpy and challenging road terrain also makes this location suitable for lovers of car rally activities.


Ruko and Sinonggi ducks are two mainstays culinary Mekongga tribe. Rekko duck is processed from duck meat cooked with spices, the dominant spicy taste will really shake the tongue.

Sinonggi is not less unique, this snack is made from sago starch, served separately with vegetables and food made of fish. In the past, sinonggi often used as staple food but now its meaning shifted as a substitute for rice during famine season.

To taste the sinonggi come to Blessing House on Jalan Ahmad Mustin No. 10 km 3 Kolaka. Although this place is very simple but has long been known as the best synapge renderer, visitors even a day can serve 150 customers.


There is one-star hotel and several jasmine class hotels in Kolaka District, including the following: Sutan Raja Hotel Kolaka 
Jalan Khairil Anwar, + 62-405-232118 
It is the best accommodation in Kolaka where there is a shopping center and a park that is part of the hotel area.


Sutan Raja Hotel Kolaka is located on the edge of the beach and the area blends with the shopping center. Also near there, you can find traditional markets, including if you want to buy souvenirs typical Kolaka who are not located with Kendari, the cashew nuts, and various sago handlebar.


Kolaka District can be reached by land, sea and airways. The sea route is taken from Bone Harbor in Makassar to Kolaka Harbor by ferry boat. The sea route can be reached from Makassar Port to Bajo Port in Bone District. Travel time 3 hours and tariff Rp. 60,000 per person. Then proceed from Port of Bajo to Port of Kolaka by ferry boat, the tariff is Rp. 60.000 with 8 hours travel time.

If you choose the air path, you can reach Sultan Hassanudin Airport Makassar first then continue the journey to the Airport Nibandera Kolai Sangai. The Wings Air airline will take you for 50 minutes.

Another option in the form of land route, can be reached through the city of Kendari, the capital of Southeast Sulawesi. It took 3-4 hours from Kendari to Kolaka with good road conditions. To get there, you can use a rental car or private car.

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