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Learning English in Borobudur Language Village

Learning English in Borobudur Language Village
Ngargogondo is a village in Borobudur district, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. Ngargogondo village located in the row of Menoreh mountain range, exactly 3 km south of Borobudur Temple, Some of the region consists of Menoreh Hill. Potential and resources are very supportive for the empowerment and development of Ngargogondo Village in an effort to improve the welfare of the community. Armed with the spirit of society to move forward and build, is the basic capital to realize Ngargogondo village as transit for tourists, with a calm atmosphere and stunning natural scenery, tourists will feel at home. The language village of Borobudur was first established in 1998 and had a suspended animation or no activity more or less for 5 years.

Administrative Limit of Ngargogondo Village:
West : Tuksongo Village
East : Candirejo Village
North : Wanurejo Village
South : Majaksingi Village

Natural Border of Ngargogondo Village
The West : the Small River
East : Sileng River
North side : River of sileng
South : Mount Menoreh

History of the establishment of Ngarggogondo Language Village of Borobudur

Ngargogondo village is now known as Language Village. This can not be separated from the efforts of Hani Sutrisna, who tirelessly introduce English to the surrounding community. The man born in Magelang 1974 did not expect his dream to make his village as Language Village will come true.

Hani initially only worked as a hawkers postcard to tourists around Borobudur, with a decent English. At that time, he was still in junior high school class 1. He wanted to help his mother and intended to finance the school itself.

Selling was not getting his mother's blessing. Finally, Hani moved to Jombang, East Java, to continue his studies at Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Darul Ulum. He claimed that he loves English.

After returning home, in 1998 Hani founded Simple English Course in his hamlet, with 80 enthusiasts. In less than five months, his students were exhausted because of his hard-to-accept teaching methods. Since then he changed the pattern of teaching, from tenses to conversation. As a result, the students returned.

Until finally Hani embraced hundreds of residents in seven villages around Borobudur Temple to learn English free, though still through selection and must follow the rules set. Since then Hani called the seven villages as Language Village.

Ngargogondo village has many advantages, such as Watu Dandang nature tourism, bamboo kerombong craft (basket), food making from cassava, as well as regional art tourism.

The Intent of Village Establishment Language: 

  1. General means of learning foreign languages by society in INFORMAL 
  2. As an alternative tourist attraction for tourists Borobudur Temple 
  3. Improved Communication through language 
  4. Improving the ability of foreign languages in establishing communication 
  5. Utilizing the potential of human resources and natural resources in the village and surrounding Ngargogondo

Forms of Activities in Villages Languages: 

  1. Foreign language learning: English for the student; English for the guide; English for fun; Outbound etc. 
  2. Provision of facilities and infrastructure of learning a foreign language 
  3. Mentoring on sustainable empowerment 
  4. Self-reliance training through Village Language & SPEC cooperative 
  5. Language School

Learning process in Language Village is very different with English language courses in any part of the world, the learning process in this village is listening and drilling (listening and continuous application).

Students are only equipped with theory for approximately 45 minutes, the rest of the practice directly with teachers or other students. The theory here is not to be imagined as just a boring note-taking activity. The intended theory is like the theory of how to use body language when speaking so that more emphasis the purpose of the conversation, to the theory of oral exercises in order to speak with more straightforward and drill.

Magelang Language School learning program includes regular classes, tourism education, and short visits. The regular class consists of 4 levels, from level 1 (beginner) to level 4 (expert).

Each level only takes 1 month. Details of learning per level are: 
Level 1: learning basic conversation and adjustment of body language methods. 
Level 2: learning tenses with “cas-cis-cus” method. 
Level 3: learning grammar and application in conversation. 
Level 4: Conquer TOEFL and get a certificate from Magelang Language Village.

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