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Testing Andrenalin at Rafting Elo Blondo Magelang Central Java

Testing Andrenalin at Rafting Elo Blondo Magelang Central Java
Blondo is a village in Mungkid sub-district, Magelang District, Central Java, Indonesia. Blondo Village is the urban village of Mungkid (the capital of Magelang regency) and all of its area in Soekarno Hatta Road Mungkid City will be developed into an urban center from Kota Mungkid. The plan, the construction of city facilities such as bus terminals, shopping centers and new stadium Persikama team will be built in this region. Blondo is famous for passing the State Road that connects Yogyakarta-Semarang and vice versa stretching from north to south from kilometers 7 to 9 km, and Soekarno Hatta Road from kilometer 0 to 1 kilometer connecting to Kota Mungkid and Tourism of Borobudur temple and its many Shops built to become Blondo will grow into a service and trading city.

Blondo is a very potential area. The village is traversed by the Elo river so it is possible to be developed into a tourist destination.

The boundaries of Blondo Village are as follows:

1. North of Danurejo village 
2. South of Ambartawang village 
3. West Bumirejo village 
4. East of Mungkid village and Senden village

Test your Adrenaline at Rafting Blondo

When you visit the Magelang area of Central Java for a tour visit areas such as Borobudur temple and other exotic tourist attractions, you also must have to enjoy the extreme tour that adrenaline.

Rafting or rafting is a rafting activity of the flow of the river rafting / cascade, using certain rides. Definition of rides in rafting river rafting / cascade is a tool / tool that consists of inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes and oars. The purpose of rafting can be seen from the side of sports, recreation and expedition. So we can define that White Water Rafting is a sport rafting river, using inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes and oars for recreation or expedition purposes.

The village traversed by the Elo river, makes the parengisor area a lot of Rafting effort to wade through the Elo River which is perfect for rafting. So that Pare Ngisor become a natural rafting tour that is suitable for holidays or graze test to wade through the Elo River rapids starting from Pare Ngisor Blondo and ending in the Mendut area of Mungkid City. With the culture and diversity of its inhabitants in this village There is the Blondo kauman Raya Mosque and the Blondo Church near the T-junction of Blondo and the Wesleyan front church. Wesleyan is where Pastour education holds Bachelor of Theology.

In Magelang, one of the extremes of the adrenaline racing tour is rafting (Arung Jeram) down the Elo river. The location of the Elo river is located in the village of Pare, Blondo Mungkid, Magelang.

Rafting Elo River is a package of tourism activities along the Elo grade II + river, beginner category, along the 11 km by rafting boat, accompanied by professional guides on each boat. Start from Blondo Bridge, finish at mungkid bridge of Magelang regency, with long activity of 2.5 hours.

What will you get at Blondo Rafting?

Enjoying the Rafting on the Elo River, you will feel the sensation of excitement. What would you get with rafting on the Elo River:

1. Distance far enough that is 12 KM, when on the rubber boat you can enjoy the beauty of natural panorama in the river. River with a wide expanse of forests on the right left we enjoy a cool natural atmosphere nan beautiful. 

2. After starting to walk using a rubber boat, you can see a variety of animals around the river, like birds. If you are lucky the fish as big as a human hand is sometimes seen jumping to the surface of the water, and unexpectedly also the fish can get into your rubber boat. 

3. Around the river you can also interact with the surrounding people who are fishing by the river. Not infrequently the view when their hooks on sambar fish into an interesting. 

4. If rafting in the afternoon, the light of the sun began to yellow, penetrate the gap of the trees and hit the cliff walls around the location of the river, an exotic scene. In addition, small water flows flowing on the cliff wall of the hill around the river, adding to the beautiful atmosphere around the river. 

5. Entering the extreme locations in the river you become your own excitement. Rapid water flow with large rocks will make your rubber boat shaken. Laughter and joyful expression of the visitors will look and add to the excitement as it passes through the rapids. 

6. In the middle of the journey you will be invited to stop for a moment to stop at the resort post. At the resort post, fresh young coconuts as well as traditional snacks traditionally become tired and thirsty releases.


If you are interested in following this Elo River rafting tour package, you can contact tour operators who offer the Elo River rafting tour package. There are many operators that provide the Elo River rafting package. The price varies from Rp 750,000 to Rp 1,500,000 per boat (one boat is filled with 6 participants).

Package prices vary depending on the facilities you get such as lunch, pick-up at the location of the stay, documentation, insurance, and certificates. The type of food you choose also affects the package price. Anyway back to the old term "there is a price there is a way". If you've chosen the Elo River rafting package, then you just have fun.

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