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The Beauty of the Natural Lake in Magelang – Bleder Lake

The Beauty of the Natural Lake in Magelang – Bleder Lake
Grabag is one of the districts in the eastern region of Magelang regency, Central Java. Grabag sub-district is directly adjacent to Secang sub-district and Pringsurat sub-district (west side), Tegalrejo sub-district (south), Ngablak sub-district (east) and Semarang regency (north).

In the 80s, this region was famous as a producer of tangerine, although this orange is actually more produced in the region Ngablak. Cooked tofu dishes also come from this district.

With the contours of a hilly region, most of the inhabitants work as farmers. Most of the rice fields get continuous irrigation throughout the year because the Grabag region is also the Elo river upstream on the eastern side of Magelang city. In this Grabag area there is also a big spring named Tuk Mas which is the main water supplier in PDAM Kota Magelang. Near the spring is also the Tuk Mas Inscription which is thought to be a relic of the ancient Mataram kingdom.

In addition there is a natural lake in the District Grabag. Bleder lake. Bleder Lake is a natural tourist attraction of a lake. This natural lake is formed from the ground basin that flowed by water from the surrounding springs. The local government is developing this area to support the tourist attraction on the north side of Magelang regency.


Location Tour of Bleder Lake in Grabag Magelang Central Java is located in Ngasinan Village, Grabag District, Magelang Regency, Central Java Province.


Natural lake that is in the area of slopes Andong Mountain can be said quite beautiful with the natural scenery around it, from here we can unwind and can forget all the routines that make your mind feel saturated can return fress after a visit to this sights. With the concept of nature that is served to make more value for the tour is said to be new in the district of Magelang District.

Vacation with family or friends in this Bleder Lake tour is very impressive in addition to making our hearts and minds become more calm and comfortable. According to information the government will further develop the Bleder lake tourism facilities such as in the wake pool for children and a small waterboom.


We can also enjoy Bleder Lake with some facilities provided as a game of water rides by boarding a rented boat. 

If we just want to enjoy the beauty of nature, we can relax in some gazebos in the lake area.


From the direction of Yogyakarta.
From Yogyakarta take direction Magelang / Semarang. After passing through the City of Magelang straight up towards Semarang to the T-junction Secang. From Secang is still straight around 200-300 meters there is a way to the right (junction of Krincing). Take the right and go straight a few kilometers to Grabag Market. Right front of this market there is an intersection. Take the straight (east) a few kilometers until there is a Ngasinan field. Take the left and straight course. Lake Bleder is on the right side of the road.

From the direction of Semarang.
From Semarang take direction Magelang / Yogyakarta. Get to the left of the Krincing T-junction. Next is the same as the previous route.

If using public transportation, in Magelang or Secang bus station take a bus majoring Grabag. From Grabag continue to ride motorcycle until the location.

Entrance ticket

Admission price for Telaga Bleder on Sunday or Holiday is: Adult Rp. 7,000, - and Child: Rp.6.000, -. 

Other day that is not a holiday, it seems cheaper. 

Parking rates: Car: Rp. 5.000, - and Motor: Rp. 2,000, -

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