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The Exoticism of Kampung Wisata Kreo Goa - Semarang

The Exoticism of Kampung Wisata Kreo Goa - Semarang
If traveling to the city of Semarang, do not be satisfied just by traveling around the city center. You must visit through the unique locations in the suburbs. One of them is Kreo cave tourist attraction that is now visited by many visitors.

This location is very interesting. In addition to natural treats and hills Jatibarang Reservoir, visitors will be greeted by many wild monkeys there. These monkeys seem to welcome guests who come to the tourist attraction and then rush to ask for food.

But do not worry, the hundreds of long-tailed monkeys are already tame. They like to mingle with humans. They spread in the tourist area as if accompanying the guests.

What is Interesting in Kreo Cave?

Kreo cave Tourism Area is a hilly forest area of 5 hectares located in the hills (Mount Krincing) and Kreo River valley, precisely in Dukuh Talun Kacang, Kandri Village, Gunungpati District.

Kreo cave Semarang is a cave that is believed as ”petilasan” of Sunan Kalijaga when looking for teak wood to build the Great Mosque of Demak. At that time, according to legend Sunan Kalijaga met with a flock of apes who were then told to keep the teak wood. The word "Kreo" comes from the word Mangreho which means keep or keep it. This word then makes this cave called Goa Kreo and since then a herd of apes that inhabit this area is considered as a waiter.

There are two things that become a tourist attraction there are:

1. The cave that became a hotbed of hundreds of monkeys. Here are many long-tailed monkeys. The number is more than 500 tail. Easily, we find monkeys roaming freely. If lucky, visitors can take photos of selfie. But they have to be wooed with nuts or bananas. Otherwise, the other monkeys will shout a sign of dislike of our presence. For those of you who like animal photography, Goa Kreo is a great location for photographing monkeys as much. 

2. Visitors can enjoy the expanse of Jatibarang Reservoir dam of nearly 200 hectares. Two hills where the monkey's nest is also connected with a suspension bridge over the reservoir. You who want to go to the mouth of the cave must pass through the bridge and up the stairs long enough. Along the bridge and stairs will be many monkeys that roam as if not afraid of humans. The baby monkeys that are held by their mothers are unique. There are also who are making out while looking for fleas.

To reach the mouth of cave, visitors must pass the stairs are quite a lot and steep. North of Kreo cave there is a waterfall that comes from various sources of water that is clear and not dry despite long dry season. Besides enjoying the beautiful natural scenery and the cool air and joking with the apes of this region, visitors can also enjoy the cool and fresh river stream at the bottom.

The Legend of Kreo Cave

Kreo Cave legend can not be separated with the origin of the name Jatingaleh, a landing at Gombel Hill, Candisari, Semarang. It is narrated that Sunan Kalijaga can talk with all kinds of animals and plants, and even a tree is believed to move from its origin.

According to the story, one day Sunan Kalijaga was about to take the teak wood that would make him the master of Demak Great Mosque. However, the magic of teak trees on the slopes of Mount Gombel was no / move, until the area was named "Jatingaleh".

Looking at the shifting teak tree, Sunan Kalijaga then searched where the tree went. Until finally found it in a place that was now called the Kreo Goa area. Teak tree that would be made Saka Guru was in a place that was so difficult to take. Then, he meditated in a cave and went to four apes with wirts of red, white, black and yellow. The four monkeys expressed their intention to help the Sunan to get the teak wood. Sunan Kalijaga also accepted the offer of the monkeys to get it and managed to take the teak wood.

When Sunan Kalijaga and his companions were about to take teak wood to be brought to Demak Kingdom, the four monkeys expressed their desire to follow the Sunan. However, the Sunan objected because they were not human. However, as a reward for the monkeys Sunan Kalijaga gave forest area around the cave. They were also given the authority of "ngreho" (Javanese) which means "Maintain". From that word, the name Kreo Cave originated.

Until now, the community around the Kreo Cave was still convinced that the monkeys around the Kreo Cave were descended from the four colored monkeys of Sunan Kalijaga. Plus when there was a cultural celebration in the local area, all residents still uphold the customs and culture that was still sticky and thick in Gunung Pati Community.

Kreo Cave location

The location of Kreo cave currently has fairly easy access. From the direction of Pantura can pass through Jl. Abdurahman Saleh, next to Ronggo Warsito Museum in the direction of Mount Pati, approximately 30 minutes.

If from the direction of Ungaran can follow the path to Pasar Gunung Pati, when reaching the fork of the starch mountain market take the right direction or towards Kalibanteng (if on the signboard of writing Semarang). More precisely the location of this Kreo Cave in the hills Krincing Dukuh Talun Kacang Village Kandri District Mijen.

Entrance ticket

The ticket price is very friendly dikantong. Enough with Rp 2500; each Person and parking of two-wheeled vehicles Rp 1000; On a regular basis, you can enjoy this place.

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