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The Mysterious of Natural Baths That is full of Myths - Wendit Malang East Java

The Mysterious of Natural Baths That is full of Myths - Wendit Malang East Java
If you are visiting the city of Malang, of course there is no harm to try mengunjugi Wendit baths located in Malang regency. Wendit bath itself is one of the swimming pool area that presents a blend of natural and modern swimming pool area.

The first time you try to enter this resort, you will be served with a natural atmosphere of shade, not only that in this Wendit Baths you can also see thousands of wild monkeys who ran here and there.

Besides known as bathing and springs location, Wendit is also well known for the many wild monkeys that inhabit it.

The Sensation of Wendit Natural Baths

A large natural pond. Different from the pool in general, this pond without ceramic coated on the bottom will allow you to feel the sensation of swimming from the water source directly,

Not only that, in this Natural Baths Wendit you can also see small fish that seemed to come swim with you.

In Wendit baths you can also find several other types of ponds such as wave pool and currents. In this pool you can swim against artificial currents like sperti disungai. In addition there is also a waterboom pool. Here you can swim while playing various rides of water games provided there in.


Wendit tour is located at Jalan Raya Asri Katon, Mangliawan village, Pakis district, Malang regency, East Java and is approximately 8 Km from Malang city center. 

The location itself is located on the right bank of the main road in the direction of Mount Bromo if through Tumpang (via) Poncokusumo.

The Myth of Wendit

Wendit Bath is the resting place of King Hayam Wuruk. The origin of Wendit occurred due to the shift of Mount Widodaren which is one of the mountains in the cluster of Bromo Mountains. Widodaren mountain shift makes Tengger people difficult to take holy water located in Widodaren springs due to steep slope.

Due to the difficulty, the pendito meditate to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa around Widodaren mountain in order to get a clue where the sprinkling of Widodaren springs leads. Revelation went down, the pendito get the revelation that Widodaren water splashes lead to Malang.

Because of the vastness of Malang, the pendito took the Mangliawan hill as a place of meditation. Mangliawan village name itself comes from the story puppet Ramayana with Hanuman figures. Uniquely, this story is not just a figment. Because in Wendit Water Park is indeed there are several species of monkeys (or monkeys) who inhabit it. These monkeys are believed to be the royal retainers of Tengger to guard the springs. And until now the monkeys are still sustainable.

The spring that came out and flowed after the pendito was meditated was called Wendito or Wendit until now. Location of the springs which is now the largest bathhouse among other tours in Malang Raya is believed to be the rest location of King Majapahit namely Hayam Wuruk. Some local beliefs believe that the water that comes from Wendit spring is as holy and magical as Widodaren spring in Bromo and Sempu Island spring in South Malang. The efficacy is believed to be able to provide healing in the disease, easy mate, easy sustenance and ageless.

Entrance ticket

The admission price to Wendit tourist area is Rp10,000 (adult) and Rp 5,000 (children). To enjoy the facilities in it are charged varying rates. Among the facilities there is a fairly expensive price, namely salon and spa services at a price of Rp 200,000 and entrance ticket Mbah Kabul tomb of Rp 500,000. While for other facilities still a general standard between Rp 5,000 to Rp 25,000.


Existing facilities at Wendit tourist park: 
1. Rowing boat; 
2. Water Technology: in the form of Swimming Waves and Swimming Flow; 
3. Waterboom; 
4. Car Bombs; 
5. Worm Coaster; 
6. Carousel and Water Bike; 
7. Floating Restaurant; 
8. Food Center or Canteen; 
9. Music Stage; 
10. Outbound; 
11. Spa; 
12. The cottages as well as the lined shops that sell Wendit souvenirs.

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