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Tour to the Nature of Ciwidey White Crater Bandung

Tour to the Nature of Ciwidey  White Crater Bandung
Bandung is the largest metropolitan city in West Java Province, as well as being the capital of the province. The city is located 140 km southeast of Jakarta and is the largest city in the southern part of Java Island. While the area of Bandung Raya (Metropolitan Region of Bandung) is the second largest metropolitan in Indonesia after Jabodetabek.

In this city recorded a variety of important history, among them as the foundation of a first technical college in Indonesia (Technische Hoogeschool te Bandoeng - TH Bandung, now Institut Teknologi Bandung - ITB), the location of the battle arena in the independence period, and once the venue of the Conference Asia-Africa 1955, a meeting that voiced anti-colonialism, even Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru in his speech said that Bandung is the capital of Asia-Africa.

In 1990 the city of Bandung was selected as one of the safest cities in the world based on a Time magazine survey.

Flower City is another name for this city because in ancient times the city is considered very beautiful with the many trees and flowers that grow there. In addition, Bandung was formerly also called Parijs van Java because of its beauty.

Bandung is also known as a shopping city, with malls and factory outlets are widely spread in this city, and now gradually the city of Bandung is also a city of culinary tourism. And in 2007, a consortium of several international NGOs made the city of Bandung a creative city pilot project in East Asia. Currently, the city of Bandung is one of the main destinations of tourism and education.

Puncak is also a favorite weekend destination for residents of Jakarta and surrounding areas. To be able to reach the city of Bandung, Jakarta residents simply use toll roads only, so it is very easy to access the city in this mountainous area. For citizens of Jakarta who do not have a vehicle, no need to worry because a lot of travel services that provide transportation from Jakarta to Bandung.

The Beauty of Ciwidey White Crater

Located in Ciwidey, West Java, approximately 50 KM south direction of Bandung, Ciwidey is a lake formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha. As the name implies, the land in this area is white due to the mixing of sulfur elements. In addition to the white soil, the lake water Kawah Putih area also has a greenish-white color and can change color according to sulfur content contained, temperature, and weather.

Ciwidey White Crater is located in a mountainous area that has a height of more than 2,400 meters above sea level. With these altitudes, the air temperature in the Ciwidey White Crater area is cold with a temperature of 8 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, therefore do not forget to bring a jacket or wear thick clothes.

In addition to the beauty enjoyed by tourists, Ciwidey White Crater is also often a place of other activities, such as film shooting, painting, wedding photos, up to climbing and horseback riding.

In the past, the people around thought that Mount Patuha is very haunted because many dead birds found near the top of the mountain until finally in 1837, a German named Dr. Franz Wilhelm did the research and found the White Crater.

In the White Crater of Ciwidey, it will feel like being in a fairy tale world because of its very beautiful natural panorama, a crater mostly white with greenish water plus the surrounding hills and dead tree twigs is very unique and you probably will not find a similar place all over Indonesia. The White Crater landscape is like a winter in a four seasons country.

Ciwidey White Crater’s History

In 1837, a Dutch heredity German named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809 - 1864) traveled to South Bandung. When arrived in the area, Junghuhn felt a very quiet and lonely atmosphere. No one animal passed by. He then asked the locals, and according to the community, the peak of Mount Patuha was very haunted because it was considered the place of the spirits of the ancestors and the central kingdom of the Jinn. Therefore if any birds were presumptuous flying across the area would fall and die.

Nonetheless, this one Dutchman was not so confident in the public utterance. He then continued his journey through the wilderness on the mountain to prove what happened in the region. But before reaching the top of the mountain, Junghuhn was amazed to see the beauty of nature was so beautiful in front of him, where lies a large lake with greenish-green water. From the lake, it came out bursts of lava and the smell of sulfur piercing the nose. And it was answered why birds would not fly across the area.

From here, the beginning of the establishment of White Crater sulfur plant with the title in the Dutch era: Zwavel Ontgining Kawah Putih. In the Japanese era, the factory business was continued by using the title Kawah Putih kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey, and directly under military control

Stories and mysteries about the White Crater continued to evolve from one generation of society to the next generation of society. Until now, they still believe that the White Crater was a gathering place of the spirits of the ancestors. Even according to Kuncen Abah Karna who is now ± 105 years old and residing in Kampung Pasir Hoe, Desa Sugih Mukti; In the white crater, there are tombs of the ancestors, including: Eyang Jaga Satru, Eyang Rangsa Sadana, Eyang Camat, Eyang Ngabai, Eyang Barabak, Eyang Basin and Eyang Jambrong. One of the peaks of Mount Patuha, Puncak Kapuk, believed to be the meeting place of the ancestors led by Eyang Jaga Satru. In this place the people occasionally see (unseen) a collection of white haired sheep (sheep lukutan) which is believed to be the embodiment of the ancestors. Franz Wilhem Junghuhn has long since disappeared, but its inventor known as Kawah Putih is still gracefully dazzling to date.

Route Towards Ciwidey White Crater

1. Head south on Fruit Stone Road to Jalan Adhyaksa Raya 400 m 
2. Continue to Bojongsoang Highway 2.9 km 
3. Turn left toward Jalan Raya Dayeuhkolot 700 m 
4. Slight right onto Jalan Raya Banjaran 1.1 km 
5. Continue to Jalan Banjaran Raya 3.6 km 
6. Turn right onto Jalan Bojong Waru - Bojong Malaka 150 m 
7. Turn left towards Jalan Bojong Pulus - Sukasari 1.4 km 
8. Continue to Jalan Kampung Rancaenggang 400 m 
9. Continue to Jalan Kampung Kalapatilu 650 m 
10. Turn left onto Jalan Rancatungku 1.1 km 
11. Turn right onto Jalan Sukamaju 400 m 
12. Turn left toward Jalan Gandasoli 2.0 km 
13. Turn left onto Jalan Gandasoli 350 m 
14. Turn right to stay on Jalan Gandasoli 250 m 
15. Turn right onto Jalan Gandasari 800 m 
16. Slight left onto Jalan Raya Soreang 3.2 km 
17. Turn right onto Jalan Raya Soreang - Ciwidey 3.2 km 
18. Continue to Ciwidey Highway 9.8 km 
19. Slight left onto Jalan Ciwidey - Rancabali 4.2 km 
20. Continue onto Jalan Ciwidey - Babakan Jampang 1.0 km 21. Continue onto Jalan Babakan Jampang - Cibuni 4.7 km 22. Turn left toward Jalan Kawah Putih 190 m 23. Slight right to stay on Jalan Kawah Putih 5.3 km

Ticket Price of Ciwidey White Crater

The price of Kawah Putih entrance ticket on weekdays and holidays and weekends is the same that is Rp, 18,000 Rupiah for each person, while for vehicle tariff is as follows: 

  • Top parking (car) : Rp. 150,000 
  • Ontang-anting : Rp. 15,000 
  • Parking down (car) : Rp. 6,000 
  • Parking below (motor) : Rp. 5,000 
  • Parking below (bus) : Rp. 25,000

What is meant by the top parking is bring your vehicle up to the crater location, the bus can not park on top. The purpose of parking downstairs is to park your vehicle at the entrance gate and then you can ride ontang-anting to get to the crater.

What are the earrings? Ontang-anting is derived from Sundanese language which means 'pacing back and forth' and is the designation for a typical vehicle Kawah Putih Ciwidey. This vehicle is a mini bus that has been modified to be open and equipped with a safety. Maximum capacity for 1 ontang-anting is 12 people, but do not worry do not get the place because there are many ontang earrings operate in this area.


To make your trip to Kawah Putih more comfortable, here are some tips:

  • Cold air temperature does not mean you are safe from sunburn, use sunblock before the activity in White Crater
  • If you are not strong with the smell of sulfur, mask down
  • If you do not have a mask, you can buy it at the location 
  • Do not stay in the crater too long because it can make your breathing disturbed, you can go up briefly and then back to the crater if you still want to see the Kawah putih view 
  • If your group consists of few people, it is better to park the vehicle at the gate and then continue using the earrings because it is cheaper, besides with the earrings you can enjoy the view of mountain debt clearly

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