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Tourism Village of Pujon Kidul - Malang, Zwitserland van Java

Tourism Village of Pujon Kidul - Malang, Zwitserland van Java
Malang is a city located in East Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located 90 km south of Surabaya and is the second largest city in East Java after Surabaya, and is one of the largest cities in Indonesia by population. In addition, Malang is also the second largest city in the southern part of Java Island after Bandung. Malang is located on the plateau which is quite cool, and the whole area is bordered by Malang Regency. The total area of Malang city is 252,10 km2. Together with Batu City and Malang Regency, Malang City is part of unity of region known as Malang Raya (Metropolitan Region of Malang). The Greater Malang area with a population of about 4.5 million, is the second-largest metropolitan area in East Java after the Kertosusila Gate. Malang Raya area is known as one of the main tourist destination in Indonesia.

Another term for this city is a flower city because in ancient times Malang is considered very beautiful with many trees and flowers that grow and grow beautifully. Malang is also dubbed Parijs van Oost-Java because the beauty of the city like the city "Paris" in the east of Java. In addition, Malang also earned the nickname Zwitserland van Java because of the beauty of the city surrounded by mountains and its neat governance, matching the Swiss country in Europe. Malang is also gradually known as a shopping city, because of the many malls and factory outlets scattered in this city. This is what makes the city of Malang is widely known to have uniqueness, that is because of similarities with the city of Bandung in the province of West Java, of which in terms of geography, nicknames, and the development of the city.

The city of Malang is a city that has a variety of unique touris destinations and has always been the target of many local and foreign tourists. In addition to having a variety of splendid tourist spots, the cool air because it is located in the highlands-land the most important is the friendly residents, certainly make anyone who step their legs in Malang to stay for long.

Village Tourism of Pujon Kidul Malang

The typical atmosphere of the countryside will always be the main attraction. Indonesia for example, a country that has a lot of tourist spots scented typical rural and green nature. Places like this that many people need, especially for those whose days are busy with the noise of the city, then the cool rural tourism will be a drug of its own.

Tourism Village Pujon Kidul, District Pujon, Malang regency, continue to preen. Like a girl who was having fun dressing up. No wonder in the last three months many fantastic changes have occurred.

The amount of canopy in the rice field cafes, which spread in the area of semi-organic rice fields began to grow. Similarly, the mini gazebo, as well as the horse stables whose construction is almost complete. No wonder tourist visits now reach an average of 3000 every Saturday and Sunday and 500 visitors on weekdays.

In addition to promoting natural attractions such as rice cafes, but also supported dusunnya which has a number of activities of its citizens are productive.

There is a hamlet that concentrates specifically on cow's milk. So this village is called the village of milk.

There is also a hamlet whose citizens concentrate on cultivation of toga plants. So called the village of Toga.

There is also a village of passion fruit, apple and red guava. For the red guava can be picked for fruit picking tour.

Warm coffee can be found in the area Tourism Village Pujon Kidul Malang because there is a spot Cafe Rice Pujon Kidul Malang which is available for coffee lovers. Fresh air typical in rice fields, combined with the pleasure of a cup of coffee at Pujon Kidul Rice Cafe Malang, is certainly a tremendous sensation that can not be found in other tourist areas. Rice fields are so green will spoil the eye, in addition, mountain landscape also add to the complete beauty of Tourism Village Pujon Kidul Malang.

Access to Tourism Village of Pujon Kidul

Access Towards Pujon Kidul Tourism Village located in Pujon Kidul Village, Pujon Subdistrict, Malang, East Java with a distance of about 29 KM from downtown takes travel time about 1.5 hours. Do not worry access to this location is quite good and easy. At some point, may be found streets, rocky and up and down. Even so, the scenery during a beautiful trip is enough to spoil you.

Because in the wedge by the expanse of mountains and villages around the journey, the cool weather also makes your trip to the location was not boring. For the route itself is quite easy, namely:

1. Through Jl. Raya Ir. Soekarno with 38.4 KM mileage which takes about 1 hour 35 minutes. 
2. Through Jalan Raya Lawang - Malang with 36.6 KM distance that takes about 1 hour 37 minutes. 
3. Through Jl. Trunojoyo with 36.6 KM mileage takes about 1 hour and 25 minutes.

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