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Ungaran Beautiful Panorama at Umbul Sidomukti

Ungaran Beautiful Panorama at Umbul Sidomukti
Ungaran is the capital of Semarang Regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia. The city is located south of Semarang City. Ungaran urban areas include the district of West Ungaran and East Ungaran. Some areas of the City, is a densely populated area along the road protocol road of Jenderal Gatot Subroto, road of Jenderal Sudirman, road of Diponegoro, and road of Ahmad Yani.

Ungaran is known as Kota Seribu Restaurant. This is because Ungaran is the main line for vehicles from Semarang which will go to Solo and Yogyakarta, so along the way there are many restaurants for passenger vehicles. One of Ungaran's special food is "Pak Kempleng" cow satay. It is said that all the cow satay sellers in Ungaran claimed "descendants" Pak Kempleng who popularized cow satay in the 1960s until the 1970s. In addition, other typical food Ungaran is Tofu Bakso which is sold in many souvenir shops along the main road.

Ungaran City has relics of buildings, such as the Yellow Building and Diponegoro Fortress. Also in this city there is also a grave Gatot Soebroto located in Sidomulyo Village, East Ungaran. The city is also a center of large and medium scale industry. Along the main road there are many big factories such as Ungaran Sari Garment, Pepsi, Nissin, Batamtex, and others.

In Ungaran, there is also a typical batik with the motif name Kopi Pecah. There is a Pramoedya Classic Batik Room at Jalan M.T. Haryono.

In West Ungaran area there is Natural Swimming Pool which is quite famous among Ungaraners, namely Siwarak.

Not far from Ungaran, there is an interesting sights called Bandungan. Bandungan is located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran. Currently there is a very challenging outbound racer named Umbul Sidomukti who has the highest Flying Fox in Indonesia as high as 70 m.

That's some of the tourism potential in Ungaran Semarang regency, but this time, masifan.com will not explore the sights above.

Umbul Sidomukti - That's the goal of masifan.com

Umbul Sidomukti

Tourist area umbul Sidomukti is one of Nature Tourism Mountain in Semarang, located in Sidomukti Village District Bandungan Semarang District. Swimming Pool Umbul Sidomukti flowing natural water that continues to flow and clear water. It has 3 pools to choose from by depth and flanked by two ravines. You can imagine the sensation of swimming while looking at the vast green landscape that lies beneath us. It is said that the water is in Umbul Sidomukti contains kasiat youthful.

Located in Sidomukti Village, Bandungan Sub-district, Semarang District, this tourist area has adequate facilities for family vacation or office gathering.

Located on the slopes of Mount Ungaran, Umbul Sidomukti has a perfect panorama because from here we can see Rawapening in the distance as well as expanse Ambarawa area, mountains, hills and rice fields guaranteed to freshen eyes and soul.

There are four storied pools and can be selected according to the desired depth. The water is very cold, clear and refreshing. In addition, plus some sports facilities challenge courage at the side of the pool.

There is a flying fox trajectory with two tracks, marine bridge in the valley, raple down the valley side of the pool, and ATV, natural swimming pool and trekking track. Umbul Sidomukti's natural umbul swimming pool is located on the slopes of an ungaran mountain with an altitude of 1200 above sea level, flanked by ravines on both sides.

Flying fox with 110 meters long trajectory, with a distance of altitude from the lowest point of the valley about 70 meters. The flying fox crossed the valley, so it seemed to move from the hillside to the hill on the opposite side by relying on two ropes of string and safety and a helmet. As always, flying fox can be done by choosing an enclosed style like superman flying, or sitting style usually.


In Umbul Sidomukti, there are inns ranging from, pondokan, 2-room villa, homestay for families, and camping ground. This inn is certainly to support the interesting activities in tourist sites Umbul Sidomukti include:

1. Outbound Training 
2. Adrenaline Games 
3. Natural Swimming Pool 
4. Camping Ground 
5. Pondok Wisat 
6. Pondok Lesehan 
7. Meeting Room etc.


Umbul Sidomukti can be reached from the direction of Semarang to Solo, to find the petrol station Lemah Abang on the left side of the road, turn right into the direction of Bandungan. Arriving at Jimbaran Market on the left side, there will be a small road of Sidomukti inscribed on the right side with an uphill path. Along the lane there are several signboards to get to Umbul Sidomukti Natural Swimming Pool, Sidomukti Village, Bandungan, Semarang. Large buses can not enter this area because the narrow streets, mini buses or small buses to get in need a driver with very good ability.


Ticket parking car 2.000 IDR. Entrance fee for 4,000 rupiahs each person and 5,000 rupiahs on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Do you ant to try marine bridge? Prepare 7,000 IDR for the ticket. 6,000 IDR for rapeling, and 15,000 - 20,000 IDR for 3x ATV rounds. In addition to regular tickets, the manager also offers packages for groups of at least 20 people for corporate events such as trekking. Fare tariff flying fox valley is only Rp 20.000, -

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