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Egrang (Walking on Stilts) is an Indonesian traditional game that is not known exactly yet where it comes from, but can be found in different regions with different names. To play it is by doing race to walk using the stilts from one side of the field to the other side. The quickest and the least is the winner. This game can train and develop the ability of the right and left brain of the child. As well as long-term memory, sportsmanship, balance and others that can form a certain character.

Part of West Sumatera with the name of Tengkak-tengkak from the word Tengkak (lame), Ingkau which in Bengkulu means bamboo shoes and in Central Java with the name Jangkungan derived from the name of long-legged birds.

Stilts themselves are derived from the Lampung language which means spindles made of long bamboo beads. In Banjar in South Kalimantan is called batungkau. The stilts are made of bamboo rods with a length of approximately 2.5 meters. Approximately 50 cm from the bottom, made foot legs flat with a width of approximately 20cm.

The History of Egrang

Egrang is traditional game that made from 2 bamboo sticks with adult sleeve size, while for pedestal under bamboo rather large. This game is familiar for anyone, although in different regions and known with different names.

Now, it is beginning to be hard to find, both in the village and in the city. Egrang itself has existed since time immemorial and this game also requires skill and balance the body.

Stretch game emerged before the independence of the Republic of Indonesia, during the Dutch colonial era. It is Said egrangan-egrangan interpreted dolanan by using a tool called egrang. Many sources mention that this game’s stilts come from the Java region. But it is not known exactly where it came from.

This game is very unique because it takes the skill and balance of the body when up, so not all people both adults and children can play Egrang.

The shape of the stilts is adjusted to the wearer according to the age of the wearer, when the adult play then the making is long and tall, while for the child shape and ukuranya too short.

Place and Equipment of the Game

This strait game does not need a special place (field). It can be played anywhere, as long as it is on the ground. So, it can be done on the beach, on a clearing or on the road. Wide arena tilako game is only along the 7-15 meters and width of about 3-4 meters.

The equipment used is two relatively straight and old bamboo bricks (volo vatu) with a length of between 1.5-3 meters each. How to make it is as follows.

At first the bamboo is cut into two halves each about 2½-3 meters long. After that, cut another bamboo into two pieces with each size of about 20-30 cm to be used as a footrest.

Furthermore, one long bamboo segment is perforated to insert a short bamboo. Once the bamboo for the footrest is attached, then the bamboo is ready for use.

How to Make Egrang

The stilts are made of bamboo or wood with a footrest for easier movement. While how to make it is as follows:

1. Choose two strong and straight bamboo sticks. Bamboo commonly used to make stilts is bamboo apus or wulung. 
2. Cut the bamboo as long as 2 meters or adjusted with the desire. 
3. Next membuata hole in bamboo. The height of the hole is adjusted to the height of the desired low stilts. 
4. After that, the bamboo stalk for the footrest is inserted in the hole. 
5. To be stronger, usually bamboo foothold is nailed. After that, stilts are tested in strength by way of climbing. When strong enough to hold the body load, then stilts ready for use.

How to Play Egrang

If the game is just a speed race (race run), then begins with the establishment of 3-4 players in the starting line while climbing each bamboo. For children who are less tall or just learning to play stilts, they can climb from a somewhat tall place or use a ladder and just walk toward the starting line.

When ready, others who do not play will give a signal to start the game immediately. Hearing the signal, the players will run towards the finish line. The player who first reaches the finish line is declared the winner.

Meanwhile, if the game aims to complain about each player's bamboo, it begins with the selection of two players who performed by deliberation / consensus. After that, they will stand face to face.

When ready, other participants who have not had their turn to play will give the signal to start the game immediately. Hearing the signal, the two players will start complaining about the bamboo they climbed. A player who can knock the opponent off the bamboo he or she picks up is declared the winner.

Culture value

Cultural values tucked in from this Egrang game are: hard work, sportsmanship, tenacity, self-confidence, high courage, full concentration, do not be afraid to fall and the last is sportsmanship.

All the values are gushing from the making of stilts that require tenacity and hard work, while playing it takes full concentration because it is required to balance the body and after clever play it takes sportsmanship, especially when it is following the race, because this stilts are very easy to kick the opponent then it is needed Sportsmanship in all circumstances.

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