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Jailangkung - Supernatural Traditional Ritual Games

Jailangkung - Supernatural Traditional Ritual Games
Jailangkung game is generally performed as a ritual to summon supernatural entities. The medium used to accommodate spirits or supernatural entities called up in the Jailangkung game is a water scoop made mostly of coconut shells dressed in clothing and wooden handles.

For the game itself is done so many rituals at first, If the jelangkung is moving - the motion itself means that jelangkung has been entered by the genie or other spirits. This jelangkung game has also been rarely done by some residents, more young children who really curious and willing to prove whether the jelangkung really able to enter by the spirits. On average when it has moved, the jelangkung is able to write a lot of writing on paper.

History of Jailangkung

Jelangkung is derived from the word "jailangkung" which is allegedly associated with the traditional beliefs that exist in Tionghoa which has become extinct. This ritual itself is the ability of the god "ancestor" and even "Poyang" which is like a grandmother miyang / god basket is always called the Cay.

Ritual Cay State Administration Institute of Gong in China itself is extinct, but this ritual name is allegedly absorbed by Indonesia so jailangkung. What makes the difference itself is jailangkung wearing coconut shell as well as the head of the doll, after that for the ritual wearing the incense of any kind of ordinary flowers for the grave.

Initially the game was only considered a game, but it has grown and evoked the myths of the spirits who possessed the jelangkung doll and can penetrate the person playing the jelangkung game which is the impact, beyond that there is a mythical game jelangkung which states if this game does not end with Say goodbye and release the creature from the jelangkung doll, so that later the creature can be angry and can also be a problem for the person who called him.

But the truth is still not able to be guaranteed, if really want to know whether the game is really capable of summoning the spirits and also can communicate through the jelangkung dolls, so you can prove yourself.

Some Versions of Jailangkung

Java version
By the Javanese, the game Jailangkung known as "Nini Thowong" or "Nini Thowok". This game is not only known as a traditional game of children, but also done as an attempt to maintain the safety of the village and reject the reinforcements. For this purpose, this ritual is performed not by a small child, but an adult person.

Minangkabau version
A similar ritual known to the Minangkabau people is called "Lukah Gilo". This game develops in the form of performing arts in Lumpo Timur Village, Ampek Balai Juran Subdistrict, Pesisir Selatan Regency. The show is played by a handler or "Dukun Lukah" and one to four players who are in charge of holding the "paint".

"Lukah" is a tool for catching freshwater fish made of bamboo woven, resembling a vase of flowers. This "Lukah" basket is used for Lukah Gilo's performances by dressing him up like a puppete just like in the game of Cay Lan Gong. His hands are made of straight wood or bamboo, and his head is made from a squash or a coconut shell. "Lukah" is also self-made with cloth, shirt, scarf, corset, and face like women.

"Lukah" is then whispered by his handler mantra to become "crazy" because moving around here. The movement will become more and more every time the handler reads a mantra. The spectacle in this show is the players holding the painting. The audience will cheer on the players to make the atmosphere more crowded. The "paint" movement will stop if the handler stops the spell or someone puts a "ijok", the inside of the tail of the paint.

This "Lukah Gilo" show is usually performed at weddings or special occasions for the local Minangkabau community. Showtimes are generally performed at night which is believed to be easier to summon spirits.

How to Play Jailangkung

This jelangkung game really is a game to call spirits. The ritual to call is also to communicate with the creature that has possessed this jelangkung doll.

Inside the ritual. God "ancestor" and also "Poyang" is called so that later will enter into a basket doll which hand will be moved also to the end of the hand is associated with a single media note and dikalungi key.

While lit incense and perform rituals, later when the doll has become heavier and moving, so admitted to have been possessed by the god. Afterwards the teenagers will ask anything and later the doll can answer it through the board that has been in front of the doll by writing it.

Just as in Chinese culture, the purpose of this jelangkung game to ask the many questions that later can be answered by the jelangkung itself. For example just like the name of the creature that the contents of the jelangkung, then the number of gambling luck, fortune time to come and more. Basically, the origin of the jelangkung which is a game of nuanced occult is derived from the Chinese which has become extinct and absorbed by Indonesia.

Soon to summon his own spirits continue to use the spell but in the form of Indonesian more or less like "jelangkung, jelangset, here there is a party, the party is small, come uninvited, home not delivered" and spell the jelangkung caller is spoken many times until the creature Smooth enter the jelangkung doll.

But do not ever want to play this jelangkung game alone or with your friends who are still weak in the face of jelangkung, because of the game and the risk of jelangkung inflicted will be able to make the caller possessed spirits and even brought the jelangkung to Mount Merapi to account for his behavior.

Some Reasons Why Never Play With The Soul Calling Game

1. By just chasing after the fun, unwittingly there will be uninvited guests who enter the house. 
2. The fad that is considered only a trivial game turned out to have a long impact with the appearance of things afterwards. 
3. The lack of faith accompanied by physical weakness will make easily possessed by spirits. 
4. In addition to disrupt the life, other consequences to be borne is the furniture ruined homes by itself. 
5. Not fun but more complicated conditions than ever 
6. Playing by calling the spirit has committed a major sin by associating God 
7. It may be possible to act recklessly by ending his own life

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