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Kepuhsari Village – Shadow Puppet Craftsmen Village

Kepuhsari Village – Shadow Puppet Craftsmen Village
This village is located in Manyaran Sub Districy, Wonogiri Regency, Central Java. There are 6.000 people who live there and fifty person of them had profession as shadow puppet craftmen.

In front of their houses, there are the tables to encrust and to make hole in the shadow puppet. It is the panorama there everyday that will the tourists see when they visit this village. All ages there do this activity.

One of the senior craftman that still exist until now is Mr. Wagimin. He is 55 years old and he has made the shadow puppet since 1970 until now. His house is be a studio for the people there to make shadow puppet. The people often take the material like buffalo leather to be encrusted and painted at their own homes.

But, if you want to see how they make the shadow puppet directly, so the tourists can visit the Kepusari hall.

Making Shadow Puppet Is Already A Tradition

Making shadow puppet apparently has been ingrained and preserved by hereditary Kepuhsari villagers. He is Dwi Sunaryo who according to him has run for 20 generations. His son, Bambang Riyadi, had been invited by UNESO in China to attend craft and cultural exhibitions. He won the gold medal from the organizers.

What Can You Get When Visiting to The Village of Kepuhsari?

In addition, to see puppet making and capturing the momentum through the camera, you can also participate. The craftsmen are very friendly to welcome and also provide information to visitors. They also gladly accept you to be guests, while looking at the collection of puppets on display at their homes.

On certain days, you can also see the wayang performance at Pak Giri's house, one of the craftsmen who is also the puppeteer in Desa Kepuhsari. Often also staged a puppet show with a small puppeteer who has done well.

Shared puppet activities are useful for improving the morale of life, integrity, responsibility, persistence and caring for others. In menatah for example, craftsmen require patience and motivation to work better. In addition, being a puppeteer and watching puppet shows is also learning to improve morale because the sung are laudable and entertaining stories.

There Are 4 Packages Program

The village offers 4 packages of programs: Arjuna (1 day), Krishna (2 days), Pandawa (3 days), and Pandawa Max. For more information, please visit the official website of Wayang Kapuhsari Village.

From the center of Wonogiri district, you can continue your journey to Manyaran's martial arts south of the city. There is a mini bus with Manyaran District route Rp. 8.000, - ask the conductor to be lowered in Desa Kepuhsari.


Wonogiri regency can be reached by bus for 15-20 hours from Jakarta. If you want to save time, you can fly first to Yogyakarta or Solo. There are taxis that can be rented at a rate of Rp. 300,000 to the center of Wonogiri regency.


There is no explanatory board of the name of Kapuhsari Village installed here so if using a private vehicle then you should actively ask the local people. However, do not worry because this village is so famous, almost the whole population of Manyaran District know it and can show you the way.

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