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Sate Sapi Suruh – The Most Delicious Satay in the World is in Salatiga Central Java

Sate Sapi Suruh – The Most Delicious Satay in the World is in Salatiga Central Java
Sate Sapi Suruh is one of the culinary attraction around Salatiga city. Its existence is quite famous in Salatiga and surrounding communities because it has opened several branches, one of which is in the middle of Salatiga city. Suruh is a village in District Suruh Semarang regency, Central Java.

Cuddly beef satay is served with lontong / ketupat that is “pulen” and feels soft in the mouth. Both ingredients are doused with a typical peanut sauce, slightly coarse texture (the peanuts are not ground too smooth) and tastes savory. In each table is provided chilli sauce that you can add to the satay to add spicy flavor.

Named Sate Sapi Suruh taken from the area where this sate comes from, namely Suruh Village located south of Salatiga City. The originator of the recipe originated from a village called Desa Suruh. They have opened Sate Sapi Suruh stall from 1987.

The most prominent taste of Sate Sapi Suruh is the sweet but tasty taste of the meat with its fitting and beautiful, the softness, the seasoning that seeps into the flesh and the chilli sauce itself. Chicken satay is also not less delicious than cow satay. Delish, tender, remain the same on the tongue.

The price of Sate Sapi Suruh is also very affordable in the bag. One serving of cow satay with the ketupat is. 25,000 rupiahs while chicken satay is. 20,000 rupiahs.

The Recipeof Typical Sate of Salatiga

Sate Suruh Material Salatiga consists:
1. 300 grams of meat has inside, cut the box 
2. 150 grams of beef fat, cut the box 
3. 4 pieces of lontong

Seasoning Condiments (mashed): 
1. 2 cloves of garlic 
2. 1 teaspoon coriander 
3. 1 grain of pecan, disangai 
4. 1 cm turmeric, burned 
5. 1 tablespoon brown sugar 
6. ¼ teaspoon salt

Sauce Material: 
1. 100 grams of peanuts, fried, ground roughly 
2. 100 ml of hot water 
3. 25 grams of peanuts, fried, finely ground 
4. 3 tablespoons brown sugar 
5. 3 pieces of red curly peppers, fried, mashed 
6. 2 cloves of garlic, fried, mashed 
7. ¼ teaspoon salt

Complementary Material (mix well): 
1. 6 pieces of green cayenne pepper, sliced 
2. 4 grains of red onion, sliced roughly

The Route Towards Sate Sapi Suruh

From Jogja, can use the Prameks Jogja train fleet - Solo. Besides being cheaper, it is also faster than public bus, the ticket is only Rp. 8,000. Go down at Purwosari Solo Station then walk about 300 meters to the intersection of 3 Wanti's Panti, Kerten Solo. That's where the buses Solo - Semarang ". In addition to walking can also ride public transportation or bus majors Kartasura.

If you do not want complicated, Solo - Salatiga can ride shuttle bus or travel. These two fleets are ineffective and wasteful of costs.

Then get off at Tingkir Station, the only bus station in Salatiga. From Solo, Tingkir Station location before entering the city of Salatiga. Before built the station, formerly known as Pos Tingkir, because at the corner of the road junction (actually intersection, but the road in the west just enough for 1 car) stands a police post office. So in addition to reminding passengers with shouting "Preparation down the terminal", sometimes also "Which descends Pos Tingkir prep," or "Preparation down Ngepos."

Tingkir Station to Suruh
The next trip to Suruh, about 10 km east of Tingkir Station, Salatiga. All Salatiga fleets - Get used to the minibus of most Isuzu Elf. These minibuses do not enter Tingkir Station, so we have to exit the station to get on this transport. For the first time to Salatiga may be a bit confused because the transport between villages here does not write a route in the hull of the minibus.

Transport to Suruh.
Tips for who wants to go Suruh, ride minibus quickly, walk east 50 meters to traffic light. Minibuses that stop near the old terminal for up to 30 minutes.

Tingkir Station Fares to Rp. 4,000. Although the fleet is quite large (Elf fits 17 passengers) but public transport Salatiga - Do not use the kernet because of the lack of passengers. Most of these public transport passengers are school children and market traders.

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