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Tips That Can Be Done When Visiting Into Mendut Temple

Tips That Can Be Done When Visiting Into Mendut Temple
Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple. The temple is located on Mayor Kusen street Kota Mungkid, Magelang regency, Central Java. It is located not far from Borobudur Temple. Its only about 3 kilometers from Borobudur temple. So very unfortunate if you are on vacation at Borobudur temple but not all stop at Mendut temple.

Before I discuss about the tips what can be done so that when vacationing in Mendut Temple is funnier, let’ s first check about the making of Mendut temple. This Mendut temple was established during the reign of King Indra of the Syailendra dynasty. In the Karangtengah inscription dated 824 AD.

It is also mentioned if King Indra has built a sacred building called wenuwana which means Bamboo Forest. By a Dutch archaeologist named J.G. De Casparis, the word was then associated with Mendut Temple.

So if you are on vacation to Mendut Temple at least already get a leak from here if the Mendut Temple was founded during the reign of King Indra of Syailendra Dynasty.


Mendut itself is actually a temple building which is actually a brick covered with natural stone. The building lies in a very tall basement, until it looks really sturdy and elegant. The staircase goes up and also the entrance faces southwest. Above the basement there is a corridor that surrounds the body of the temple. Its three-story roof is decorated with small stupas. Which of these little stupas are installed now there are 48 pieces. Height of the building approximately 26.4 meters.


When you specify additional tourist destinations while on vacation to Borobudur temple of course the right additional option is Mendut Temple. You can enjoy the beauty of the temple that is not less interesting than Borobudur temple. Although Mendut temple is not as big as Borobudur Temple but the history is there also said to be no less interesting than Borobudur Temple. But here I do not discuss about the history of Mendut Temple may be in our next post.

Let’s check some places are in Mendut Temple that you must visit.

- The Mendut Temple itself!

The first thing to see the tourists who come is the Mendut itself. But do you know the difference between Mendut Temple and Borobudur Temple? If in Mendut Temple you can really relax while eating snacks that have been provided by the traders who are beside the Temple. You can eat the food while rolling out the mats in the temple yard. Surely this nuance is what makes our mind really can rest and really vacation.

- Mendut is Buddhist Temple

Not only Mendut temple that sometimes makes the curious tourists to come here but also because of the Buddhah Monastery beside Mendut Buddhist temple. This monastery used to be a Catholic monastery that was later distributed to the people in the 1950s. Then the lands that had been distributed to the people were purchased by a Buddhist foundation and later on it was founded Vihara. In the monastery there are dormitories, places of worship, gardens and there are also some Buddha statues. Some of the statues in the temple are donations from Sakura (Japan).

- Come Afternoon

To be able to enjoy the cool air that is in Mendut Temple and also can feel more local wisdom there, just try to come here in the afternoon, guaranteed for you that the atmosphere is really “ tentrem neng ati” (serene in the heart) the Javanese said.

The cool afternoon atmosphere of the breezy breeze can be enjoyed at 03.30 WIB, because if you come at 02.00 WIB the weather is usually still hot and probably will slightly reduce your holiday’s feeling.

- Bid To Succeed!

If you want to shop for Merchandise there REMEMBER !!!, Always bid. Do not immediately want at the price of the beginning, because usually the offer we ask the merchants they will think again, and usually if we offer it is not too much they will remove the goods That we want with the price.

- Do not Forget to Bring Guides

It may be special who really want to understand the history of Mendut Temple, because the guards who are there do not understand the true history of Mendut Temple, so may be the answers obtained if you search for Information will be less complete, so searching or can find a guide Is in Borobudur Temple to accompany and explain about Mendut Temple.

Those are all about the tips that can be done when you go to Mendut Temple, of the many things that can be done fun thing in my opinion is when entering into Mendut Temple, Walk around Mendut Temple and eat culinary or snacks that exist In Mendut Temple, such as Kupat Tahu, Mie Ayam and Tempe Mendoan.

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