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Wedang Uwuh - Healthy Drinks Typical Yogyakarta Made from Foliage Like Waste

Wedang Uwuh - Healthy Drinks Typical Yogyakarta Made from Foliage Like Waste
Currently a lot of typical Indonesian drinks are very extraordinary benefits. Typical drinks of Indonesia at this time is a lot of variety and amount.

General description

Wedang uwuh is a drink with materials in the form of leaves similar to the garbage. In Javanese, wedang means drink, while uwuh means garbage. Wedang uwuh served hot or warm has a sweet and spicy flavor with bright red color and fragrant aroma. Spicy flavor due to ginger material, while the red color due to the secang. Wedang uwuh this is a typical drink from Yogyakarta.

Initially wedang uwuh still in the form of intact materials of the original spices, but along with the times and the need for practicality, now wedang uwuh been developed into the form of instant.

The Benefits of Uwuh Wedang for Health

This drink has many benefits for the health of the body and there are many nutritional content. The content contained from this herb that includes iron, protein, carbohydrate and more. The content is believed to have many benefits for the body. Then what are the benefits of wedang uwuh for health? Here are the informations.

1. Lowering cholesterol levels 
Benefits of the first drink can lower cholesterol. One of the ingredients in this wedang is ginger. Ginger is very useful as a circulatory transmitter.

2. Overcoming stomach problems 
In addition to ginger, in the beverage also contains cinnamon that will make the taste of this herbal drink becomes more delicious. Inside the cinnamon contained in the form of antioxidants are very high, so it can ward off free radicals that are now very severe. In addition, this content is also able to make the skin become more youthful.

3. Eliminate tired 
This drink is also able to eliminate the tired that is caused by everyday activities. This drink is also able to increase concentration on the busyness that requires more energy.

4. Rich in antioxidants 
In addition to cinnamon and ginger, in wedang uwuh also contained in the form of wood secang. Wood secang has many benefits such as to overcome various types of diseases such as coughing up blood, syphilis, and inflammation. This secang wood can also give a sense of warmth to the body and able to become antioxidants, anticancer, relieve respiration and blood circulation.

5. Relieves pain 
In wedang uwuh, there is also material in the form of nutmeg. The material has a content of saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols are very useful to launch menstruation, as well as digestion. The content of polyphenols, saponins, and flavonoids, contained in the nutmeg leaves can also relieve pain, relieve stomach heartburn due to colds, overcome stomach disorders and blood circulation.

6. Refreshing the body 
By diligently consume this drink can make the body feel more fresh, not easily tired. In addition, it makes the body more eager to perform activities so it will keep you in high concentration.

7. Boost immunity 
One health expert who has done the research says that the content or material contained in wedang uwuh if described one by one, it will have a lot of benefits. One of the benefits is it can boost immunity and smooth the blood flow.

8. Smooth blood flow 
If the blood flow is not smooth it will cause the emergence of various disorders of the body health which would be very harmful to the body. This drink is well known as an herbal medicine to facilitate the flow of blood clogged.

9. Heal and prevent colds 
Cold winds can strike suddenly. This drink also has benefits to overcome the problem. This is in because one of the content contained in it is very instrumental to prevent and overcome the cold.

10. Warm up 
Besides being able to prevent as well as heal the incoming breeze this drink has the benefit of being able to give warmth. This is because basically drinking is made from one of natural ingredients that is ginger. Usefulness of this ginger that can warm the body especially in cold weather.

11. Overcoming toothache 
12. Treating flatulence 
13. Overcoming headaches 
14. Overcoming obesity

Materials of Wedang Uwuh

1. Ginger 
2. Cloves 
3. Clove Flower 
4. Stalk of Cloves 
5. Clove Leaf 
6. Secang Wood 
7. Nutmeg 
8. Pala Leaf 
9. Cinnamon 
10. Cinnamon Leaves 
11. Citronella Roots 
12. Citronella Leaf 
13. Stone Sugar 
14. Cardamom

The Recipes of Wedang Uwuh

1. Ginger on 6 cm 
2. Secang Wood dried 40 grams 
3. Water 700 ml 
4. 50 grams of sugar 
5. 2 pieces of dried cinnamon 
6. Dry nutmeg leaves 3 sheets 
7. Dry cloves leaves 3 sheets 
8. Cloves 10 grains 
9. Dry clover stalk to taste

How to Make Wedang Uwuh

  • 1. The first step is burning ginger afterwards in the crushed. Do not get too crushed. 
  • 2. Cook water after that, please enter the ingredients such as clove leaves, ginger, cloves, clove stems, cinnamon leaves, shavings secang wood, nutmeg leaves and sugar stones. 
  • 3. After that, cook water along with the ingredients using medium heat to boil. 
  • 4. For cooking duration is at least 16 minutes. 
  • 5. Please lift your wedang uwuh, because your drink wedang uwuh has been completed in the cooking process. 
  • 6. For the presentation you can pour wedang uwuh in the cup or cup in accordance with your wishes, important note is serve the wedang uwuh while still warm.

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