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Enjoy The Beautiful Sunset from Telletubies Hill

Enjoy The Beautiful Sunset from Telletubies Hill
When traveling to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, take your time to one of the unique spots in Sleman District. Candi Abang, that is the name of this unique place.

This temple is also popular with another name. That is Telletubies hill. Because of its shape that forms like a hill that is in a telletubies movie, so many people call it telletubies hill. This temple will look green when the rainy season, whereas if the dry season this hill will be colored like a brown mound, because the conditions there is very dry.

Why is it unique?

Candi Abang does not have a shape like a temple in general. In this temple visitors will not find the composition of magnificent rock with relief sculpture, but a mound of soil.

In Javanese the word abang means red. Candi Abang means red temple. Unlike other temples composed of black andesite rocks, the Abang Temple is made of red brick arrangement similar to the temple building in Mojokerto. That's why this temple is called Candi Abang.

Uniquely, the form of this Candi Abang does not resemble the temples in general are magnificent. When found, Candi Abang is just a mound of red bricks that resemble a pyramid, with a base 36 x 34 meters. In the middle of the temple there is a well and entrance steps made of limestone.

Another uniqueness is the form of Candi Abang more like a hill in the cartoon children's series, Hill Telletubies. The green grass covering the surface of the temple makes the impression of the Telletubies Hill stronger. Around the temple there is a vast meadow, complete with flying butterflies on it. The atmosphere is quiet and beautiful makes Candi Abang worthy of a picnic location with relatives and hunting photos. As dusk arrives, visitors can watch clouds that change color from the top of the hill.


This temple is thought to have been built in the 9th and 10th centuries of the Mataram Kuno kingdom. This temple is estimated to have a younger age than the other Hndu-temple look. Named Candi Abang because it is made of red brick.

At the first time found, in this temple there is a statue and the base of yoni symbol of God Shiva shaped octagon with sides of 15 cm.

Like most temples built on hills, this temple is considered a holy place and is a god residence.

On the south side of the temple there is a stone that resembles a frog. By the surrounding community called the Frog Stone. At the top of the temple there is a well that is named Sumur Bandung.


The surrounding community believes that Candi Abang is guarded by a highly respected figure. Kyai Jagal was his name. He was big and had long hair.

In Japanese times, residents often take refuge in this temple. They believe that Kyai Jagal will protect them.

Another story, this temple is often associated with the story of a treasure trove, where to find pesugihan and others.

Location and Access

Abang Temple is located in Dusun Sentonoreji, Jogotirto Village, Berbah Subdistrict, Sleman, Yogyakarta. This temple can be reached by bicycle, two-wheeled vehicles, up to four-wheeled vehicles. To reach this place enough tourists down Jalan Raya Jogja - Piyungan. Arriving at km 8 there will be a pointer to the location of the temple.

Tips to Visit Abang Temple

1. To get the best view of Candi Abang, visit to this place in the rainy season. At that time the grass grows fertile covering the surface of the hill so it looks like a hill telletubies. 

2. The best time to visit this temple is the morning when the sun is not high or late afternoon while watching a fascinating sunset. 

3. Since this place is quiet and there are no sellers or stalls, make sure you bring food and drink from home. If possible bring a mat for a picnic. Is not that an interesting idea? 

4. To avoid the scorching sun sting, bring a hat, umbrella, or other head coverings

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