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Graha Bhinneka – Tidar Campur Warna Warni Unity in Diversity

Kampung Pelangi, Semarang
“Kampung Pelangi” at Semarang City

If we hear about rainbow village, our memories will float to the city of Semarang. According to news spread in cyberspace, rainbow village in Semarang City can attract the attention of the world and spend Rp. 3 billion.

Where exactly is “Kampung Pelangi” Semarang location?
Gunung Brintik Village - A few months ago was an unorganized slum with heaps of wild plants and unplastered red walls. It is Located right on the edge of Kali Semarang with approximately 325 houses. But in recent weeks, the village has been transformed, and also renamed to be “Kampung Pelangi” which filled with colors.

Warna-Warni Village of Malang
What about Malang With its Kampung Warna - Warni? 

Warna-Warni Village of Malang

Jodipan Village our in Malang City, East Java is now known as the colorful village. This village was once also a 'slum settlement'. The village is now a popular tourist destination. Each weekend is estimated the number of visitors who come to hundreds of people. This village is located in the Brantas River Basin.

Actually, this concept has appeared in several regions in Indonesia. In Balikpapan and Lubuklinggau for examples. Even foreign mass media has been reviewing news about Warna Warni Village and “Kampung Pelangi”. Call the British media, The Independent and Mirror to social media content sites like BuzzFeed and BoredPanda.

What's Going on with Tidar Campur of Magelang?

As discussed earlier in the link: 

That, Tidar Campur was cleaning himself towards Village Tour. Many potential tours are presented here. More precisely referred to as Educational Tour. Visit the link to find out what kind of educational tours are in Tidar Campur.

As time goes by, in addition to educational tour of Tidar Campur it does not just stop. Working together and united with RW. 02 Tidar Sawe, Tidar Campur successfully for the second time held a cultural tour "Sadranan Lan Merti Desa".

Religious activities that are collaborated with cultural values are attracting foreign tourists to come even directly involved in this activity.

Graha Bhinneka – Tidar Campur Warna-Warni

Tidar Campur presents other tours for the tourists who come to this village. As mentioned above that in Semarang there is Kampung Pelangi, in the city of Malang there Kampung Warna - Warni then in Tidar Campur Magelang managed to clean themselves make up his village face into a beautiful village with ornaments of various colors and shapes.

RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur, Magelang City - Central Java has conjured up almost half of the walls of the previously painted houses like house paint in general to be different than others.

What distinguishes Graha Bhinneka Village - Tidar Campur Warna – Warni with Kampung Pelangi or Kampung Warna - Warni?

In RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur - Magelang City, in addition to coloring the colorful shapes of each color are also different. It can even be possible between one house with another house there is no similarity of form. This is what makes RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur different with Kampung Warna Warni at Malang and Kampung Pelangi at Semarang.


Actually, Who has the idea painting the wall like this in RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur Village of Magelang City?

The chairman of RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur - Sudadi Waluyo (55) said that this idea is purely spontaneity of residents. This stems from the work of mutual cooperation cleansing the environment in welcoming the 72nd Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

When working together, people with spontaneity want to paint one wall belonging to a citizen named Pak Is whose wall is located on the side of the road. After finished the painting, the result is good and interesting especially used as background to take pictures.

From the rest of the paint is used to paint other places with the same theme. The target is the Soya Mekar Trash Bank. And the results obtained were beyond expectations. Without the concept of a definite shape and a patent color but resulting in an unexpected masterpiece.

Based on the result of the painting, the residents of RT. 01 RW. 1 Kampung Tidar Campur agreed to change and give up their house walls painted with the same theme.

Precisely from the different shapes and colors this appears a beautiful harmonization. Residents of RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur together doing mutual cooperation and alternately paint the walls of citizens. In this work, the fund collected comes from the self-help of the residents of RT. 01 RW. 01. Residents whose walls will be painted voluntarily to buy paint at their own expense. While residents who paint also sincerely do the painting without any reward. Cooperation and Sincerity that has been embedded in the residents RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur Magelang.

Residents of RT. 01 RW. 01 both old and young, children, Moslem or not mingle together with a determination to change the face of the RT. 01 RW. 01. So Graha Bhinneka's existing title is not without reason or basis.

Graha means home or residence. Bhinneka is derived from Sanskrit which means different. Graha Bhinneka contains meaning, although various shapes, colors, ideas and also different painting but produce a beautiful work. Although different but if placed in the appropriate place and position it will produce an amazing work. And this is proved in RT. 01 RW. 01 Tidar Campur Village of Magelang.

Tidar Campur Warna- Warni - this is based on the wall paint on each of the colorful residents' houses. Although colorful but still produce a beauty and color harmony.

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