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Climbing Hill and Winding Road Achieving Beautiful Seloprojo Waterfall Ngablak Magelang Regency

Climbing Hill and Winding Road Achieving Beautiful Seloprojo Waterfall Ngablak Magelang Regency
Traveling using a motorcycle or often we are familiar with touring is an exciting activity. On every trip we can enjoy the beauty of nature, stretched fields and other beauty that cannot be described with words. Especially, if this travel route through a winding road, uphill, and combined with the beautiful nature and fresh air.

This is done by masifan.com, by riding a motorcycle from Magelang City splitting the streets with his iron horse climbed to the foot of Mount Andom to Seloprojo - Grabag Magelang Regency.

What's in Seloprojo Ngablak?

Seloprojo village consists of several hamlets namely, Dusun Seloprojo, Dusun Pernolo, Dusun Ngaglik and Dusun Pranten. Each hamlet has several arts such as sorengan, warok, shalawatan, jatilan, jaranan and so on. These arts are usually displayed each hamlet in big ceremony in particular. Each hamlet has an event called Merti Dusun, a tradition to give thanks for the harvests that people have gained over the years. Merti Dusun is held on different dates in each sub-village. But have the same day that is senin pahing.

Based on conversations masifan.com with one of its citizens told that the village was formerly named Seloprojo Torok Village, which stands for Watu Ngorok which means the stone snoring. It is Called like that because in this hamlet there is a very large stone approximately as high as two-story house, said residents often hear the sound snoring origin of the stone.

However, the name Torok was replaced by the Regent in the 1930s into Seloprojo. The big stone is now gone because some religious leaders have destroyed the stone.

Seloprojo Nature Tourism

Dusun Seloprojo is famous for its waterfall tour. They are Sumuran waterfall and Ngesong waterfall. But the surrounding community there is more common with Sumuran waterfall. This waterfall was called Sumuran Waterfall because a few meters before the top of the waterfall there is a well-like hole with a depth of about 8-10 meters. This waterfall is located in the foot of Mount Telomoyo and has a water widening height of about 35 meters.

At the bottom of this waterfall there is a water reservoir that consists of two levels. On the front side of this shelter contained lion head ornaments. From the head of the lion is the overflow of water flowing into the pond below and channeled again to the ditch used by the community for the sake of irrigation. An iron fence bridge is to decorate this waterfall.


Masifan.com traveled about 44 km from Magelang to Seloprojo Waterfall. To go to this waterfall masifan.com had found no difficulty. If you are from Salatiga or Kopeng, you can pass Ngablak Market. Then turn right past the front Office Ngablak District to the Village Seloprojo.

Meanwhile, if from the direction of Magelang or Semarang, you can pass the front of the Grabag Health Center to Seloprojo. The condition of the road to get there is paved but winding and many inclines with a rather sharp bend. This is where the fun of masifan.com trip to the village Seloprojo. Overlays of natural beauty as if we were on a cloud.

After masifan.com arrived in the Village Seloprojo, followed by walking down the path. For those who drive a car, it can be park the vehicle in the yard of the people there. The distance from this village to the waterfall is about 1.5 km. If you ride two-wheeled vehicles, it can be parked near the ticketing booth or driving down a dirt road to the pine forest area, not far from the waterfall. Not only waterfalls and sendang course that makes masifan.com feel at home here but the view of Mount Andong, Mount Telomoyo and Mount Merbabu seen from this place. What a stunning view plus the fresh air of the mountains.

Tickets and Parking

The price of admission to the Sumuran waterfall of Seloprojo is arguably very cheap. You do not have to spend deep wallets to play on Seloprojo tours. The price is Rp 2,200 each person and motorcycle parking is only Rp 1,000.

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