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Explore The Oldest Mosque In Sumenep

Explore The Oldest Mosque In Sumenep
If you visit Sumenep, do not miss to visit the oldest mosque there. It is Jamik Mosque or Sumenep Great Mosque. The mosque which was once only devoted to the worship place of the royal palace of Sumenep turned out to have the beauty of the interiors and architecture of the various cultures of China, Europe, Java and Madura.

Sumenep Great Mosque is a mosque that located in Sumenep, the eastern most region of Madura Island. This mouque faces the town square of Sumenep, which is just across the east of the mosque. Sumenep Great Mosque, formerly called the Jami mosque, became one of Sumenep's city markers.

The location of this mosque which is in the middle of Sumenep city is very easy for visitors who want to come to see firsthand the beauty of the oldest mosque on this island of Madura. It is easy to find the location of this Sumenep Jamik Mosque.


For visitors who come from outside the island of Madura can use public transportation to get to Sumenep. From the direction of Surabaya, if you take a bus you can pass Suramadu Bridge, until finally arrive at Arya Wiraraja Sumenep station.

After that, continue the journey to the Sumenep Jamik Mosque that is located in the middle of the city by public transport, pedicab or ohek. The rates are pegged depending on the distance traveled to be traversed.

Therefore it is advisable to smart-bargain price, the estimated costs is around there Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 25,000 for motorbike rickshaw to the mosque.


Formerly, this mosque was built after the construction of Sumenep Palace, as an initiative of Duke Sumenep, Prince Natakusuma I. According to Sumenep's historical record, the construction of Sumenep Jamik Mosque was began in 1779 AD and finished 1787 AD.

Then Prince Natakusuma I ordered Lauw Piango an architect at that time to rebuild the mosque for enlargement again.

The architecture of the mosque's own building, largely influenced by Chinese, European, Javanese and Madura cultural elements, one of which is at the gate of the main entrance of the mosque whose Chinese architectural style nuanced.

For its interior, Java carvings in the influence of various cultures decorate 10 windows and 9 doors of magnitude. When observed carving on the main door of this mosque, it is influenced by Chinese culture, with the use of bright colors. Beside the front door of the Sumenep Mosque there is a large sitting clock branded Jonghans, above the door there are inscriptions Arabic and Javanese inscription.


In the mosque, there are 13 pillars that are so big that interpret the pillars of prayer. The outside there are 20 pillars and two beautiful sermons. Above the Sermon, there is a sword from Iraq. Initially the sword there are 2 pieces but one of them lost and never returned.

The most interesting part of The Great Mosque of Sumenep is the gate of the mosque which also has an interesting philosophy. The Jamik mosque and its surroundings use a wall fence with a gate-shaped gate. 

The Jamik Mousque is in the form of a Gapura from the Arabic word "Ghafura" which means the place of forgiveness. This gate is a requirement for ornaments that have much philosophy as one of the expectations of the Panembahan to his people when running worship.

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