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Touring While Playing in Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur

Touring While Playing in Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur
Borobudur, famous for its most magnificent Candy. Besides known by its temple, Borobudur also known as Language Village in Ngargogondo Village, Borobudur District, Magelang Regency. But who suspects, it turns out in the District Borobudur also there is another tourism potential that is also interesting. Kampung Dolanan Nusantara is the place.


Sodongan, Bumiharjo village, Magelang regency, Central Java, develops itself as a center of traditional game tourism especially for children.

Every Saturday-Sunday, Kampung Dolanan Nusantara, located about two kilometers west of Borobudur Temple, has received an agenda of educational tours of school children from several cities.

Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur is, among other galleries of traditional games from various regions in Indonesia, various rides of traditional games are educational under shady trees, culinary villages such as traditional beverage named beras kencur, cassava badek, kelepon, and celorot.

The visitors can also get souvenirs in the form of various forms of traditional children's games are prepared at the souvenir stalls at Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur.

Various rides of traditional games developed in that place, among others, bamboo gasing, egrang shell and bamboo stones, clogs, rubber jumps, seesaws, swings, and dakon. In this place also has prepared a special place that worked in the village atmosphere for visitors to take a photograph.

Historical Journey

The stronger development of the era towards the modernization; makes some local people forget the history of this archipelago. Modernization greatly impacts people's lives. The impact can be either positive or negative, depending on how the community responded to it. Modernization seemed to poison the minds of the people and make them as if amnesia about the history of the archipelago. Such a small example that has occurred in Indonesia today against the traditional game.

Once upon a time, people flocked to join and play traditional games such as hide and seek, Gobak Sodor, tug of war, Rope skipping, and others. At night they are still engrossed with the game Jamuran. Even when the full moon night, the home page will be crowded with people who play Jamuran and hide and seek or in Java is often called Golekan.

The traditional games are now rarely found in the community. They prefer to play the Gadget. When they need a game, they can get it in an instant way without having to run around in the yard with great joy. That's what makes the Indonesian people today tend to be more selfish than the people of old. Now there is no more jokes laughter of people who play Jamuran at night.

To prevent the loss of historical value of traditional games in Indonesia, Borobudur has a tourist attraction that offers a variety of education in the form of traditional games of antiquity. The place is named "Kampung Dolanan" located in the village of Bumiharjo Borobudur District, Yogyakarta. The distance is about 2 km to the east of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park area.

"Kampung Dolanan" was established since 2013 on the idea of the artists from Jakarta and also Abbet Nugraha who is an artist from Semarang. The goal is none other than as a tourist attraction that introduces and offers a variety of traditional regional games. Bowo Sutrisno, Activist of "Kampung Dolanan" revealed that the establishment of "Kampung Dolanan" in Borobudur is aimed at the artists can dig and keep the traditional game, so that will not be lost in the era of modernization in Indonesia. Because through these traditional pernainan, can be obtained various educations that can build the character of the nation, such as honesty, hard work, cohesiveness, courage, agility, creativity, logic and so forth.

In addition, the "Kampung dolanan" is also aimed at improving the tradition of gotong royong and also to bring a sense of njawani or preserve the Javanese customs and culture. "Kampung Dolanan" is now beginning to attract some domestic and foreign tourists.

Tour in Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur

Some of the rides provided at Kampung Dolanan Nusantara Borobudur are:
Traditional game:

  • Gasing bamboo 
  • Stretching shell and bamboo stilts 
  • Clogs 
  • Rope skipping 
  • See saw 
  • Swing 
  • Dakon 
  • Gobak sodor 
  • Bentik 
  • Marbles, 
  • etc.

Roaming Nature:

  • Walking the streets of the local village 
  • Past the embankment of agriculture 
  • Enter the house to see residents' activities such as the manufacture of sugar Java, bamboo carving, picking fruits, and others.

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