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Traditional Game on Full Moon – Jamuran

Traditional Game on Full Moon – Jamuran

Jamuran ya gégé thok
Jamur apa ya gégé thok
Jamur gajih mbejijih sa ara-ara
Sira mbadhé jamur apa

Nnowadays, the children are more lulled by gadgets and advancements of the times so that children today have started to forget the game that is not less interesting.

Jamuran - a game that comes from Java Island. Jamuran can be played by 4-12 children. Jamuran is usually held in the evening and evening when the full moon. Children who play jamuran are from 6 to 13 years old. Jamuran can be played by boys, girls or mixes. This game does not require many kinds tools, requiring only a large field.

How To Play

The game begins with hompimpah. The winning children will then form a small circle while singing a song. While one losing child will stand in the middle of a circle. The contents of the verse are more or less like this:

Jamuran ya gégé thok
Jamur apa ya gégé thok
Jamur gajih mbejijih sa ara-ara
Sira mbadhé jamur apa

Jamur Montor

If the child answers Jamur Monyet, it means that the children who make up the circle must imitate the style of the various vehicles.

Jamur Patung

When the child answers jamur patung means, all children should be styled like a statue. Should not move, should not smile, should not speak despite being tempted or talked to. If there is a child who laughs, smiles or speaks, then that child should replace the child who lost earlier.

Jamur Putri Malu

The ddemonstration is all children will be tickled his waist. Who cannot stand it, so that child will replace the losing child.

Jamur Parut

The demonstration is that all children face the wall by lifting one leg. Then the losing child will tickle the legs of his friends. Who cannot stand the tingling, the child will replace the losing child.

To lure a scratched child to laugh, a scratching child may tease her by showing funny gestures or teasing her with humorous words. If such ways cannot make the child laugh, he goes to other children and is treated the same way. If the other child still does not laugh then the punishment stays on him, repeating standing in the middle of the circle.

Similarly, the game is held and repeated many times from the beginning, and each time mentioned different mushroom names by 'so' children.

Simple, cheerful, cheap, and educational. Excellence brought about by this game provides the possibility for children to reveal the richness of fantasy and sense of humor by mentioning a wide range of mushrooms that sometimes 'magical'.

The Value Contained In The Game "Jamuran"

Jamuran is one of the children's games coming from Java. That's because the song used to accompany the game using the Java language. Jamuran is a tartan boy bow from Sunan Giri who is one of the members of Wali Sanga. Apparently he created the game not only for the fun but also the educational values that he taught such as togetherness, the agility of motion according to the rhythm, the ability to express, to the ability to understand the command.

In addition to the arena of fun, Jamuran game can be an introductory event that familiarize each other. Children are also required to run and keep moving the body so that their bodies become healthy. No wonder my time was always the kids always look cheerful and agile because they spend their days playing together, singing together, moving together.

Jamuran game is one of the children's games that carries the values of Indonesian culture. The Jamuran game is unique. One thing that may not be missed when this simple game is created that encourage children to be able to develop multiple intelligence, namely the skills of motion, sensitivity, and ability to express with rhythm, the ability to understand and control yourself and the ability to understand and utilize the environment.

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