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History of Establishment of BPK Museum

Post-Proclamation Independence of the Republic of Indonesia, the condition of Jakarta's security as the center of the state capital is not conducive. This led to the beginning of 1946 the government at that time moved the central government to Yogyakarta.

The impact of the transfer of the central government, several ministries / agencies at that time also moved. The location of his office spread in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas. From some of those offices, Magelang included one of the selected places. Magelang was chosen as the seat of the BPK.

In Magelang, the office of BPK has experienced several displacements. At the beginning, it was located in the former office of the general company of the Dutch East Indies, then moved to the Magelang Customs Building and eventually moved to one of the buildings in the residence complex Kedu and moved again to the Klooster Building.

The BPK Museum was inaugurated on 4 December 1997 with a building area of 163.80 square meters and expanded in 1999 and its area also changed to 260.16 square meters. Until now, the total area of BPK museums reaches 3,880 square meters.


BPK RI Museum in Magelang City is located in the Karesidenan Kedu complex on Jl. Diponegoro No. 1 City of Magelang.


If from the direction of Yogyakarta, take the route through the Military Academy Complex in Panca Arga. After arriving at the traffic light which if take to the left towards Purworejo, take to the right towards the Military Academy Complex too. Straight northward to the town square of Magelang. After passing through Alun-alun, Santa Ignasius Church and Magelang Regency Civil Registry Office turn left to the west. At the end of this street is the location of BPK RI Museum in Magelang City

If from the direction of Semarang, you go to Jl. A. Yani straight south until meet pagoda to the south of Magelang Town Square. Turn right through the Magelang City Police Station. At the crossroads of Kauman Mosque the opposite of western square; take it to the right and pass through the Church of Santa Ignatius. From here the route is the same as the route above.

The Sections of the Museum

The BPK Museum includes several large rooms with their own naming. Starting from the lobby as the entrance to the museum, Audio Visual room, Facial Space of BPK, Zero Point Space, Supreme Audit Board Space, and Track Record Space.

In addition, within the BPK Museum there are also kids museum, library space, storage and conservation, temporary exhibition space, souvenir shop and cafeteria. And the end room is the office space for the employees who run the museum. In this museum there is also an open stage in the museum yard.


This is the first room encountered when entering the BPK museum. A room that introduces BPK in general. Inside the lobby there is a large inscription that reads "BPK Pengawal Harta Negara".

In the lobby, also features two important figures whose play an important role in the establishment of the BPK. They are Sukarno - Hatta.

The role of Moh. Hatta (Vice President) was the first person to propose that BPK be accommodated in the 1945 Constitution at the time of discussion of the State Constitution Draft in the Session of Indonesian Preparation Agency for Preparation of Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI). Ir. Soekarno (First President of RI) was the person who established the establishment of BPK through Government Decree No. 1946. 11 / Oem Assembling Establishment of BPK.

Beside the picture Soekarno - Hatta in the lobby, there is also displayed a long batik painting outstretched. This batik painting was obtained in 1980 when Umar Wirahadikusumah served as chairman of BPK period 1978-1983. This batik painting measures 7 x 2.5 meters and tells the philosophy of BPK duties.

Audio Visual Room

This room is made as a teaser for the visitors. The venue displays audio visual footage of the tasks and BPK audit results including three short films on important issues that have been reviewed by BPK.

The titles of the three short films include: “Cerita Kami " inspired by the results of the BPK audit of the management of the BOS Fund. "The Kertas Si Omas" was inspired from the inspection of the handling of Indonesian Migrant Workers and the "Uang Rujak Emas" inspired from the results of the examination on the management of Hajj.

Face Room of BPK

This space describes BPK profiles in general with an interactive, easy to understand, participatory panel design visualization. Starting from the position of the BPK in the constitution, legal basis, organizational structure, tasks performed, basic values and matters related to the duties and functions of BPK.

Zero Point Space

The summary of the existence of BPK at the starting point of establishment to date is in a space called Zero Point Space. In this room is shown a portrait of BPK's journey from the first stand in Magelang to the present. Starting from the introduction of the city of Magelang to BPK offices that always move from Magelang to Jakarta.

Supreme Audit Board Space

This room contains BPK profiles based on period starting from the early days of Independence until post-reform. It Also displays humanist side and memorabilia of the Chairman of BPK from time to time.

This room is divided into three parts of space, namely:

Part One, Chairman of BPK at the beginning of Independence with a big picture the first Chairman of BPK R. Soerasno. The Guided Democracy Panel was photographed by the Chairman of the Supreme Guided Democracy Council (1959-1965): Abdul Karim Pringgodigdo, I Gusti Ketut Pudja and Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX.

Part Two, the space that displays the Chairman's information during the “Orde Baru” and the Reformation Period. They are D. Suprayogi, Umar Wirahadikusumah, M. Yusuf to J.B. Sumarlin. During the Reformation, Satrio Budihardjo Joedono and Anwar Nasution were featured. Part Three, displays information about the chairman of BPK after the birth of the Np Invoice. 15 of 2006 on CPC.

Trace Record Room

This space provides a complete overview of BPK. In this room is also displayed information on Strategic Plans (Strategic Plan) of BPK and BPK activities in the international field. The influence of BPK audit result for the management and accountability of state finances in Indonesia can be found in this room as well. Also featured in this room are case findings from BPK checks and presented in a collection of newspaper clippings and newscastings via video media.

Kids Museum

This room brings the concept of serving the content of BPK lightly, participatory, interactive and interesting so it can be easily accepted and digested by children. The content contained in this room contains a simple and fun educational value for them. Play while studying.

Storage and Space Conservation

It is a storage space for collections that are not displayed in the museum spaces and as a conservation space for the preservation of collections of museumin the form of maintenance, maintenance and restoration of the collection. This room is open to the public.


It contains a collection of literature on history, the task of BPK audits and other BPK-related matters. This room can be a place for people to know more about BPK both for research and education purposes and only limited knowledge only.

Temporary Exhibition

Multipurpose room which is also used as exhibition space with certain theme at certain times also. Presents collectible information that is not displayed on a permanent exhibition dedicated to various communications pertaining to history, art, culture, education or otherwise. This room can also function as a meeting room or between communities, discussions, workshops, limited seminars and other activities.

Open Stage

Located in the courtyard of the museum building. Utilized for the activities of various communities and communities in general.

Entrance ticket

To visit this BPK museum, it is free of charge. Visitors can enter this Museum for free with opening hours starting at 09.00 WIB.

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