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Traditional Market that Enchanting The Travelers from Bangkok to America "Papringan Market"

Traditional Market that Enchanting The Travelers from Bangkok to America "Papringan Market"

Temanggung is a regency in Central Java Province which is capitalized in Temanggung and borders with Kendal regency in the north, Semarang regency in the east, Magelang regency in the south, and Wonosobo regency in the west.

The History of Temanggung Regency

The history of Temanggung is always associated with the ancient Mataram king named Rakai Pikatan. The name Pikatan itself is used to mention an area that is located in the spring in the village Mudal Temanggung District. Here, there are relics of ruins of ancient rocks believed to be the king of Rakai Pikatan.

Temanggung history began to be recorded on the inscription of Wanua Tengah III in 908 AD which was found resident of Dunglo Village Gandulan Village Kaloran Temanggung Subdistrict in November 1983. The inscription depicts that Temanggung was originally in the form of the rich kademangan where one of the area is Pikatan. Here was established a Hindu monastery by the younger brother of the ancient Mataram king Rahyangta I Hara, the king was Rahyangta Rimdang (King Sanjaya) who ascended the throne in 717 AD (Mantyasih Inscription). By Rake Panangkaran the heir to the throne who ascended the throne on 27 November 746 AD, the Pikatan monastery obtains a crook in Sawah SIma. If it is associated with the Gondosuli inscription there is a clear description that from Temanggung District extends westward to Bulu sub-district and so on is a fertile and serene region (marked by Pikatan temple).

King Sanjaya's successor was Rakai Panangkaran who ascended the throne on 27 November 746 AD and reigned for approximately 38 years. In Angling Dharma legend, the palace was estimated to be in Kedu (Bojonegoro Village).

In this village found relics of ruins. In the Kedu region was also found Kademangan village. Rakai Panangkaran's successor was Rakai Panunggalan who ascended the throne on 1 April 784 and ended on 28 March 803.

Rakai Panunggalan enthroned in Panaraban which is now Parakan area. Here is also found kademangan and ashes in Pakurejo Bulu area. Furthermore Rakai Panunggalan was replaced by Rakai Warak who is estimated to live in Tembarak. Here found ruins around Menggoro Mosque and the ruins of the temple and there is also Kademangan village. Rakai Warak's successor is Rakai Garung who reigned on 24 January from 828 to 22 February 847. This king is an expert in temple and astronomy.

He made a prey order that is still used today. Because of his versatility so King Sriwijaya want to use it to create a temple. But Rakai Garung does not want to be threatened. Then Rakai Garung replaced Rakai Pikatan who settled in Temanggung. Here found Inscription Tlasri and Wanua Tengah III. Besides that many ruins of ancient objects such as Lumpang Joni and sculptures scattered in Temanggung area. Here there is also Demangan village.

From the history book written by I Wayan Badrika mentioned that Rakai Pikatan as the king of Mataram Ancient wished to control the region of Central Java. But to seize power from the king of Bala Putra Dewa as ruler of Syailendra kingdom did not dare. So to achieve that purpose Rakai Pikatan made a strategy by marrying Dyah Pramudha Wardani brother of King Bala Putra Dewa with the aim to have a strong influence in the kingdom of Syailendra.

In addition Rakai Pikatan also collected the strengths that exist in the region both the soldiers and senapati and raised the costs derived from tributes demangs. At that time, who was entrusted to collect tribute was the most widespread Demang Gong. Rakai Pikatan gathered an army and went to the kingdom of Shaykendra on May 27, 855 AD to attack. In this attack Rakai Pikatan assisted Wood Fragrance and handed over the kingdom to the beliefs of the rank of demang. From the name demang and kademangan area then came the name Ndemanggung which eventually changed to the name Temanggung.

While Kedu name is a district in Temanggung Regency, Central Java Province. Kedu is at an altitude of 638 m above sea level, and is 200 m from Kedu sub-district and 6 km from the district capital. Kedu covers an area of 350.74 ha, divided into 244.87 ha of paddy fields and 105.87 ha of non-cultivated land. Non-cultivated land used for building / yard, fields / moor / pond, ponds, community forest, plantation country / people and others.

The Legend of Kedu

Once upon a time in a village called Purwokondo lived a family. The family consisted of a widow and her child. Mbok rondho Purwokondho once the old lady was known. He has a son named Joko Teguh. A dumb-looking young man and a mockery of his friend. Although a mock object, but in fact its existence was favored by the surrounding community. Joko Teguh was known as a young man who had a noble mind and mannered manner, in addition he was also known to have knowledge of treatment. He knew various types of plants that could cure diseases.

Stepping on the age of adulthood, Joko Teguh intended to wander leaving his village to deepen the science of treatment that he wanted to. True determined to improve his ability to treat others to help and alleviated the suffering of others. How sad the mother had heard that her only child planned was to wander that was not a habit in her village. But then Mbok Rondho realized that his son must seek knowledge and experience for his life in the future better. For that he must go far from his village to deepen his medical science.

As a sign of affection, the mother gave a sparrow egg as a provision for her child. Before Joko Teguh left, the mother told if he wanted to study Joko Tegung told to serve to Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh in Ngargo Sari area.

As a dutiful son, Joko Teguh obeyed his mother's advice. He left for Ngargo Sari to do what his mother mandated. Joko firmly headed Ngargo Sari village on foot. He passed the village roads, mountains, forest paths Cross the river, past the mountain slopes, down the ravine. The journey that he traveled for days and even months until one day he managed to reach the area he was headed.

Unfortunate Mother of fate Joko Teguh, such a long journey seems to be the lightest test. He must be willing to swallow the bitterness of disappointment when facing the offering. His desire to serve Panembahan was a condition. Requirements that he considered very heavy. Joko Teguh had to offer a congregation horse, a horse that can fly with wings. It was as a condition to treat sick princess Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh, namely Dewi Sri Lintang Katon.

Joko Teguh felt discouraged, could he possibly got a horse congregation. However her determination was unanimous, he was more embarrassed to return to her village with failure. He was determined to search for the flying horse wherever he would seek.

The requirement of Panembahan, a congregation horse was actually a requirement for the healing of his very poor daughter. Dewi Sri Lintang Katon was a beautiful princess like an angel but suffering from blindness. Her pain could only be cured with the coming of the congregation horse.

Disappointed, Joko Teguh continued his journey. The purpose of his wandering was no longer clear. He did not know where the legs would be moved. Where did a horse he should seek? His hopes became dashed with despair. However, in his heart still longing to meet the horse that the heiress wanted.

The ultraspable shoot arrived. like tattooed, he met a wealthy merchant from Ngembuh Kawuryan. The rich merchant was also wandering. The goal was to seek treatment for both his sickly parenting daughter. The two daughters were named Endang Gadung Melati and Endang Rantam Sari.

The merchant said that if he could heal his two daughters, then whatever he asked will be granted. Finally he asked for a horse priest if he could heal two daughters of the rich merchant. Unexpectedly, the request would be met. So go Joko Teguh went to Ngembuh Kawuryan. Joko Teguh had the belief that sparrow eggs could heal illness paralyzed.

With that provision Joko Teguh treated illness suffered by the merchant's daughter. How happy the rich merchant and his family saw his two daughters recover from paralysis. Then Joko Teguh was given a beautiful horse. Even for the happiness then by the merchant Endang Gadung Sari and Endang Rantam Saripun handed over to Joko Teguh to be a wife.

With joy, Joko Teguh and two beautiful princesses left Ngembuh Kawuryan. They rode a horse crane to Ngargo Sari facing Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh.

After the arrival of Joko Teguh, Dewi Sri Lintang Katon heard the coming of the congregation horse. Unexpectedly Dewi Sri Lintang Katon was shocked. Miraculously, his vision pain gradually improved. Healing thanks to the skill of Joko Teguh about medicine. Thus it was accepted Joko Teguh devoted to Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh.

After the healing of his daughter, Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh presented Sri Lintang Katon to be Joko Teguh's wife. They were then given a land of worship called Kembang Madu. After marrying, Panembahan Hardo Pikukuh also gave the title of Joko Teguh with Panembahan Makukuhan. And for some time, Joko Teguh taught various versatility in terms of farming.

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