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SODONG BEACH, The Nature Beauty and The Mythical Muance

There is no other words that can be used to describe about the tourism at Cilacap especially its beach. Earlier, the tours at Cilacap was known with Teluk Penyu Beach and also the tourism at Nusakambangan island, the jail island but there was much of beauty.

The beautiful beach at Cilacap is not only Teluk Penyu beach but also there are many beautiful hidden beaches. One of them is Sodong beach.

At Sodong beach, there are some strong and big line up cypress trees. The trees move gently swept by the wind like said “Welcome here

When sun rises in the morning with the shy smile behind the hill likes giving the hope shine, when we walk down at the sand the roar of the waves at Sodong beach.

The scenery will be more beautiful if you come to this place earlier. You can enyoy the sun rises or at the evening when the sun sets.

The beach is so beautiful , clean and wide. And you can walk across the beach on foot without the boat when the beach subsides. You play there safely.

After you across the beach, there you will see the high cliff to the sky.

There is a cave under the cliff. The cave is not only beautiful but also there is some mystery and there is a legend around the people who lives on Sodong beach.

The Location of Adipala Sodong Beach Cilacap

If you feel so strange with the name of Adipala Sodong Beach of Cilacap it can be advised. It caused this place is managed seriously by the Cilacap Local Government just now.

The other reason is the exploitation of Sodong beach was lack. Some of the earlier media only expose the tours the beach near Teluk Penyu beach and Nusakambangan island. But now, Sodong beach will give you the other colour and nuance to the tourism at Cilacap beach.

The location of Sodong beach is on Karangbenda village, Adipala sub district, Cilacap regency. It is near the Selong Mountain tourism.

To take the location from Cilacap, Purwokerto or Kroya or it can be reach from out of town to Adipala, then after you are on the traffic light of Adipala station, you must go to the road direct to Srandil. Later, you will enter the area of Karangbenda tourist village.

If you go from the east, from the location of Widarapayug beach, you can go straight to the west.

Entrance Ticket

The entrance ticket to Sodong beach is very cheap. It just IDR 5.000 for the car or motorcycle. For the people who ride the bicycle, they can enter the beach free.

For the people who live around the Selok Mountain that has 126.26 ha, it is the sacred place. Some places that is used by the people to pilgrimage

The Shades of Horror at Sodong Beach’s cliff

There is a cave on the Sodong beach. It is the writer’s experience when visited Sodong beach.

Fist of all, I felt doubt to walk down th ecave, but finally I tried to enter the cave.

When I entered the cave for a moment, I smelt the hard incense on my flat nose. The cave was so dark and lack of lighting. The floor was sandly and at some corners there was some places to meditation.

When I tried to walk down the cave, my foot tripped something and evidently, it was a person who did meditation.

I felt afraid and nervous. But because the people who did the meditation was just kept silent and still on his meditation position.

I continued to walk down the cave. And I found some people did meditiation liked i saw on the films. I didn’t know what did their air did the meditation here.

The important thing that must you reember when you visit the cave, please be polite here. We will so safe. Don’t do reckless activities when you visit the Sodong beach Cilacap.

There were much tragic stories from the people there caused their habit that done on the Sodong beach Cilacap.

So, I suggest you if you visit Sodong beach Cilacap please take care your polite habit both the attitude and speech.

Hubungi Kami


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